Escape From Monkey Island review

The good:

Funny, hilerious, and cool. Another Lucasarts classic.

The bad:

Some puzzles slightly too hard, monkey fighting completely boring.


My third best adventure game, but that's high praise. Apart from a few parts where it just gets annoying, Monkey Island 4 is just too good for words. Its just brilliant. Its good to see that insult sword fighting has returned, as has many other things, like another real look around monkey island, never seen since the first game way back in 1990. If your into adventure games, and fancy a laugh, this is for you.

Taking a contraversial new stance, Escape from Monkey Island is now in a keyboard controlled 3D camera with pre-rendered backdrops, and the result is absolutely amazing. The graphics are one fo the best things about the game, and still retain the comedy feel that we've come to love so much about the monkey island series.

The game stumbles somewhat in a few areas - monkey fighting. Its utterly, utterly dull, you'll see when you'll see. Also, for the less intellenegt (aka moi), the puzzles may border on the hair-tearingly frustrating. Bah.

But see through that, and you've got a worthy swashbuckling sequal. Laugh so hard milk will come out of your nose. Yo-ho-ho!

(Edit 07/04/03 - added mroe onto the previously single-paragraphed summary)

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