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Escape From Monkey Island cheats, and Codes for PC.

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Escape From Monkey Island Cheats

Hidden sequence
Complete the game and wait until the end of the credits rollout to see an epilogue sequence.


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Evil Murray's Laugh
To hear and see Murray laugh, type in the following anytime during the game:


(Note: you may have to press the [U] key to get him to go away)
Murray Ball
To play, you must first find Murray (This happens about half-way through the game) sitting outside a restaurant on a stool. When you are done talking to him, Try picking him up, over, and over again. Each time you try, he will spin around and say something. Keep trying until he starts to repeat the same phrases. No turn Guybrush in the opposite direction, and type the following:

#1 As in the previous MI games a cheat code is available.
Anywhere in MI4 you can press CTRL+ALT+W and the game will ask "Are you sure you want to win? (Y/N)" Press Y and you have won the game