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Medal of Honor: Underground cheats, and Codes for PSX.

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Medal of Honor: Underground Cheats

Unlock all Missions, Characters, and Secrets
Enter "ENTREZVOUS" as a code. If you entered the code correctly, the screen will flash green. Return to the code entry screen and enter "PORTECLEFS" as a code. All missions, multi-player characters, and secrets in the game will be unlocked.

Ulimate Cheat
Long cheat,try to keep up! Before the game starts,hold L1,R2,press start to pause the game,press Left 6x,then press O twice,and press start.To activate the cheat screen again,hold L1,select,and press triangle.If this work properly,quit the game,and check options.If all goes well,the difficulty should be set to Hard.
submitted by Jack Midwinter (

Panzernacker Unleashed mission
Enter "ENTREZVOUS" as a code. If you entered the code correctly, the screen will flash green. Return to the code entry screen and enter "LEMONSTRE" as a code.

Mission Skip
Press Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Start.
submitted by ZERO (


DreamWorks Interactive personal screensDWIECRANS
Team galleryMOHUEQUIPE
Cartoon galleryMOHDESSINS
4x firing rateBALLESVITE
reflecting shotsRICOCHET
- wacky taxi mode -
60 secs to kill enemy?????
Note: ** - the one hit kill cheat also applies to you, so you can die with one hit too.

some codes submitted by carcharodon carcharias, ZERO ( and Jimmie Patterson.

Civil War and Podolski Modes!
If you are rated excellent in all missions in two of the campaigns, you will be able to use "Civil War Mode" and "Podolski" mode. In Civil War, all Germans fight themselves and you. In Podolski Mode, one shot = one kill. This is true for you and the Germans! Try it, it's very difficult, and puts a whole different spin on the game. On one hand, scoring kills is easy--but if you are hit just once you die. Health kits are not an issue at all.
submitted by R. Palmer

Dodging Missiles from tanks
When you're up against a Nazi Tank, pick the weapon you will use and press L1 to move left and R1 to move right. This will let you dodge their missiles. (You should stop sometimes so the enemy tank will move the nozzle towards you, then you should move the opposite way the nozzles is facing and throw a grenade or whatever weapon you have.) submitted by ssgoku9000

Head Hunter
In Missions 2 and 3, when you come to one of the rooms with two guards and they both ask for your I.D., you have 4 or 5 seconds before they start firing at you. Get in line with them so you can cap both in the head and take them out quickly.

Mission: Valhalla, aka (Mission 4, Level 2
As you near the end of the Level, refrain from going down the last staircase that leads into valhalla. Take the hallway that looks like it is a dead end. Do u see the three truncheons on the wall? Turn them in this order: Middle, Beginning of hall, End of hall. if yo do this correctly, a hidden doorway will open up, inside the hidden room is enough health to cover for any woes you may have encountered. Also, theres plenty of Stg44 ammunition in there to give you a hand in the end of the level, and the next, where you will definitely need it.
submitted by Jimmie Patterson

Extra Levels
After you finish the regular missions, receive the dreamworks medals, etc, there is a whole new mission tacked on. Just click on Next Mission, and you revert back the Jimmy Patterson and play a new mission on a bizarre level never seen.

There is an insane german scientist who has taken over this castle and filled it with his mindless inventions. The first level features fighting german shepherds who do a little dance until you come into view. My suggestion is to use the shotgun exclusively, the pistol takes at least 7 shots to kill the damn dogs. Just take it slow, the dogs make noise as they are coming at you, and are easy to pick off. Beware of the dogs toting machine guns and bazookas. If you see a dog hanging back and standing on his hind legs, take him out first. The next level is about the toughest I have ever played. You fight these crazy ass zombies and more jacked up knights in armor. The zombies explode after you kill them, so step back.

If you are lucky, the zombie exploding will kill another attacker. The BAR comes back for this mission, if you had missed it the whole game like I did. This is the best weapon ever in my opinion. Use the BAR on the zombies (they die hard so aim for the head). Use the grenades for the knights. The best tactic I found was to run backwards while getting a grenade ready and throwing it as I ran. It is very important to conserve grenades and medical supplies on this level because you will probably need ever piece you can find. I found the shotgun worked well on the knights in very close range to the head (2 shots usually did the trick). Dont waste the BAR ammo, because youll need it on the next level.

There are also motorcycle zombies, who have some .44 caliber machine guns that will rip you to ribbons. Again, a grenade will dispatch them easily, but watch out because it explodes after you kill the motorcycle. The next level is something out of a frickin Christmas story or something. All the while you were picking up parts in the previous 2 levels, now you assemble the parts into a panzerknacker, or what really resembles a nutcracker. This nutcracker will help you fight through an army of other nutcrackers. This is another tough level. I found that the BAR was the best weapon. It was amazing how dreamworks put such work into this extra level. The bullets hitting the panzerknockers really sound like you are hitting metal. They constantly repeat some strange incantation in german, something like you must die mother trucker or something like that. It is insane.

After fighting all of these nutcrackers, you make your way, finally, against a last panzer tank. Save those grenades for this one. The machine you built is really helpful, so protect him as much as possible until the end. You get a special memento at the end, a nutcracker of course.
submitted by J. Walters

Easy way to kill Knights
In level 4,2 When up against nazis in knight armour use the STG44 and take head shots but don`t get too close!!
submitted by Cameron (Camsmithzz)


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Cheat Mainia!! - MOHU
Team Screens:
Enter the following as a code:

Cartoon Screens:
Enter the following as a code:

Developer Screens:
Enter the following as a code:

There are more i have roughly over 100 codes for this game lol..

Enter "ENTREZVOUS" as a code. If you entered the code correctly, the screen will flash green. Return to the code entry screen and enter "PORTECLEFS" as a code. All missions, multi-player characters, and secrets in the game will be unlocked.

Medal of honor: Underground FAQ/Walkthrough
[-Medal Of Honor: Underground Walkthrough Version 1.1-] Author: X-Dragon

**********************Legal Copyright Info*****************************

This Walkthrough is copyrighted and may not be used for any profitable
purposes. If you'd like to use this walkthrough on your website, please feel
free to do so without my written consent, just don't try charging people for
its display on your website is all I ask.
**********************Legal Copyright Info*****************************


[-Jacques Locket-] You get this in the first mission level 1 from
Manon' brother Jacque.

[-Foreign Legions Badge-] You Receive this Badge for getting an
excellent rating on all Mission 2 levels.

[-Photograph Of Knossos Ruin Being Defaced-]

[-Captured SS Ring-]

[-la Medaille de la campagne d'Italie-]You Receive this medal for
completing the 5th mission
levels on excellent.

[-Piece Of Destroyed V-1-] You get this upon completion of the Mission
6 Level 2 near the end.

*****************Medal Of Honor Underground****************************
Mission Name: Occupied
Number Of Levels in Mission: 4

May 10,1940

[-Mission One: Midnight Rendez-Vous-]

Mission Objectives: 1. Find Your Brother 2. Open Garage Door.

You start this mission in an alley with some stairs to your right. Go straight
to the middle section where 1 guard walks in from the left and circles around.
Walk out just a bit and another guy walks in from the right so shoot him first.
Shooting this guy alerts the first guy you saw and another from the right to
run in and attack you. Shoot them next fast and keep your distance so they
won't hit you. After eliminating them, collect their ammo rounds and head to
the middle section where there is a fountain.

Go around this circled area near the fountain and there is 2 Medicinal Canteens
to collect if you received any damage during the first attacks. Collect both or
1 if needed and then head around the fountain. Walk up to where there is a
store front that says Eoulade and collect a petrol bomb. Now head left around
this corner and go to the right side of the alley and under the overhang is a
small med kit, if you need that take it, otherwise keep on going forward.

You'll see a clearing to the right so slowly go around it and blast the guard
around this right corner and if you get damaged this time, which could happen
at closer range, go and get the med kit. If the guard manages to get a shot off
this will alarm a guard through an opening where there is a bridge so run and
hide if so. Now go right, where the guard at close range was, and back here is
a steel fence and another small Med Pack if you need it. Now turn around and
hug the right side of the bridge and sneak to the right side of the bridge
wall. Use your aimer button and you'll see a guard ahead and to the left. You
can make a safe kill from this distance using the aimer button and not getting
more attention than you need.

Once you shoot this guard collect his ammo in this forest area with park
lights. Head up either side and eventually you'll see the words "Brother Under
Attack" in white letters and it gets kinda hairy. Head up the middle section of
small walls and shoot the guard here. Head left to the small wall and pick up
another Petrol Bomb. Now walk left around the wall and your first objective is
complete, when you find your brother. He will have some things to say so listen
to him and then follow his lead.

Follow him closely all the way around and he will make most of the kills so
collect the ammo. Now keep following him and there will be a section to the
left where a guard is going to pop out, help him this time, or you'll get the
message, Brother Under attack. Go left around the corner and he will kill off
another guard, you'll now hear him picking the lock to a building so wait for
him to open the door and follow him in. This part in the building is kinda fast
but nothing to kill. He will get to another door and start picking another lock
so just wait for him to open it and then quickly turn around and shoot 2 guards
approcahing from behind and he finds the truck. Go through the door and open
the garage door. The truck goes through and you must follow it out and shoot
guards in this section. The truck crashes so now turn left and go down the
steps here to end this level. Save if you like.

*****************Medal Of Honor Underground****************************

1 May 1942
[-Mission 1 Level 2: Amongst The Dead.-]

Mission Objectives: 1. Seal Catacomb Entrances. 2. Find Forged Papers.

In this area you'll go down some winding stairs in a catacomb. I was crouched
down in this section so do that till you see a guy standing at the bottom of
the steps on the right. Use the aimer and shoot at his head to make a fast and
easy kill, then collect his canteen, like you need it. Head right now in this
small hallway. Crouch down once again till you get to a wall on the left and
stay crouched. Crawl out around the hall and you'll see 2 guards just ahead so
aim quickly and shoot them fast from that safe distance. The guard on the right
is really easy to kill with the aimer so kill him and then bravely crawl around
the left side and shoot the guy hiding on the left side.

Move in and collect ammo from the right guard and a medicinal canteen from the
left guard. Now head up the middle section of the hallway to another hallway to
the right. Head up here slowly and you'll see to the right a wall of skulls.
Head up the second section and shoot the guy on the small wall of skulls. This
triggers another guard and a general to run in so make quick work of them and
collect their ammo. Head around this corner going left and enter this long
hallway going straight. When you can make your first right, so so and collect
some pistol rounds, petrol bombs, and a small med pack after shooting the guard

Turn around now and take a right out and then an immediate left to yet another
hallway. Quiclkly shoot the guard that pops out here or you can get big time
damage if you are shy on the trigger. Collect his ammo and then head up the
sloped ramp. Make your way to an area to the right and when you do run back and
hide after this guy shoots at you. Allow him to run after you and then blast
him to next week when he runs after you. Now head back from where this guy ran
from and you'll see some rocky area and a section highlighted in red. Use the
action button to set the charges and then run for cover while the bomb ticks
away and finally detonates and you will now have 1 entrance sealed.

Now turn back around and leave this area, turn right and fall off the small
ledge here. Head around the corner going right. Once around this corner you'll
see another area going right, so just peek yourself around it to get the 2
guards attention. Turn around now and run back hugging the right wall, and wait
for the stupid guards to run into your line of fire and blast them. Collect a
canteen and some ammo and now head around the right corner into what other,
then another hallway. A general runs up when you make the turn so blast him and
collect his ammo if needed. Head up the hallway and hug the left skull wall.
Turn left around this area and back here is some Sten Ammo and a small med
pack, collect if needed.

Turn around now and head out right and go up this hallway. I reccommend
crouching here and mosying your way up and hugging the right wall. 3 guards
approach from the left wall so blast them and collect a medicinal canteen and
some ammo. As soon as you can take your first right in this section, do so and
then hug the wall. Go up this section and turn right and blast a guard ahead
and to the right here. You can easily stay crouched and use the aimer to shoot
at the head and make a fast kill. This alerts the guard standing left so shoot
him before he has a chance.

Now go and collect a medicinal canteen from the right guard you killed and some
ammo from the left guard. Now your in a room with a ladder to climb, so climb
up here and crouch to enter the tiny crawl space. Crawl on through and you have
now reached what I call the Goodies room. Collect a petrol bomb a small med
kit, 2 sten SMG rounds and complete objective 2 of collecting the forged papers
and collecting a small medicinal canteen also. Turn around now and head back
out the way you entered to the main hallway going right. Go to the next open
section where a guard on the left and right stand watch so blast them next
using the aimer button aiming up at them for easier killing.

Go up the ladder and collect his ammo and immediately kill the guard to the
left qnd you'll see another area to use your detonator charges so use them here
and take cover for when they blow up. You'll now get the message, One entrance
left so go down the ladder now and head right up this hallway. Here you'll see
a round looking bunker and a guard runs in from the left so take him down and
collect his canteen he drops if needed. Go around the stone bunker and head
right into another hallway and take your first left. Go up the small winding
staircase here and once at the top, stop and look ahead and left to see a guard
standing there. Use the aimer button and take out the first guard easily and
keep the aimer positioned in the same are and easily shoot the other guard.

Now run in and collect the medicinal canteen, the small med pack and the petrol
bombs where the guards were standing near some kegs. Now head out the main
hallway and hug the left wall and peek around the corner and a guard will
scream something in German. Hide behind the wall and then go back there and
blast him when he pops his head around the corner. Take your first left and
you'll see 2 guards ahead running into position so turn back around and run to
where you shot the last guard and wait for one guard to run into your line of
fire and blast away.

Another guard follows in behind and when he sees you when you go around the
corner he runs to the right wall for cover. Stay near the wall your next to and
blast him from safety distance. Collect his medicinal canteen if needed and
stay on the main path. Head up this next section and a guard runs in from the
left. Again, when he sees you up close he runs away to another hallway further
down and to the right for cover. Use the aimer button here to shoot him and
make an easy kill and then collect his ammo. Up the next section is a kind've
bridge section where another guard waits for you. Aim up and left and you can
make a rather easy kill. Another gaurd begins shooting at you as soon as you
kill that one so run for cover.

Run up the hall and you'll hear footsteps, so wait for the guards to run up and
point-blank range practically and blast them easily. Up the next section you'll
see a chessboard and some kegs stacked to the left so keep running straight
here. Go up the sloped hall and then take your first right around this hallway,
around the left corner is a guard so shoot him and collect a Field Surgeon
Pack, a medicinal canteen, some petrol bombs and some sten ammo. Turn around
now and go to the left side and shoot a guard up and to the right wall. Collect
the Petrol bomb and Field Surgeons Pack if needed. Equip the Petrol bomb now
and aim around the left corner. Hold it down a bit to throw it further and
release when ready to blast the guy around the left corner. After blowing this
guy up go collect his ammo and then set your last explosive on the final
entrance and run for cover. Your second objective is now complete so turn
around and take your first left to an open section.

Go left around this next section and I don't know about you, but this corner
was majorly bugged for me as 2 guards shoot at me, no weapon is showing and I
can't shoot? Anyways try your best to shoot these 2 guards here without getting
too badly damaged. This section is extremely hard so try surviving it and just
go nuts with the Sten shooting everything that freakin moves. There is an area
on a higher ledge where more guards drop down from and it seems like they won't
stop dropping but eventually they do. Keep using that Sten on them and then
collect all the goodies here. My advice is to stay in a crouched position and
wait for them to run into the line of fire.

Now after killing off all that you can climb back up the ledder at the entrance
of this area and collect more goodies by jumping on the stone ledges in the
middle of the room and then collecting ammo, health packs and bombs on either
side. Go up the furthest ledge now with the small ladder and turn right and go
up another tiny ladder. Follow this hallway around until you hear a guy yell
something and head back into position and shoot him. Go around the right hall
and go up here. Take a right and you'll see some more winding stairs and then
you'll hear another guy yell something. This is your Queue to find cover and
shoot 2 more guards.

Go up the steps till you reach an outside area with an iron gate and a guard
walking around to the left. Head to the first right and then left and a guard
is running around here so blast him first. Another guard runs in from the left
behind the iron fence so blast him next and then collect ammo from the first.
As soon as you run to the left to collect ammo, shoot another guard that's
behind the iron gate. To your right is a car parked so now go to the back of
the Hearse to end this long level.

*****************Medal Of Honor Underground****************************

10 May 1942
Mission 1 Level 3: Without A Trace

Mission Objectives: 1. Destroy Distribution Evidence 2. Check Distribution
Trucks 3. Hide Printing Press 4. Find Hidden Machineguns

You start this mission in a small hallway so head straight and crouch down and
when you turn right you'll see 2 guards standing near some crates. Use the
aimer button and shoot the left guard first making an easy kill. The second
guard runs out and it's a pie kill here so blast him next. This is actually a
large outside alter and you'll see it when you go and pick up the ammo your
foes left behind. Head to the back section where there is a big opening and
some buildings and lights.

Head left here and collect some sten rounds and a petrol bomb and then head
back to the main section. Go up one small section and to the right is a guard
so when he takes cover make the easy kill. Another guard comes in suddenly and
hugs the right wall so since you're already positioned this way, killing him
won't be a big hassle. Collect the ammo and then stay to the right while going
straight and you'll hear some guy on a magaphone speaking german.

Go right now and head to the end section and look left and you'll see a guard
behind a bunker. The best way to take him out unnoticed is hug the small
right-most wall and then stay against it while crouched. Use the aimer button
and shoot when you got the easy headshot range. Now head up this alley and turn
right when you get near some doors and use action button to open tham.

As soon as they open start blasting moving objects shooting through anything
that moves and in the end you'll have killed 2 guards. Now just collect their
ammo and a Petrol bomb on the counter where there used to be a crate. Now shoot
the other 2 crates. The left crate on the counter has some Sten rounds in it
and the one on the floor has a small med pack in it. Collect all you need to
collect here and then go around the counter and you'll find some evidence in a
kit. Shoot the red kit or box on the ground and you'll have 2 more to destroy.

Head through the opening now and go right and then left to a larger opening
where wayyy in the background you can see a guard in green going nuts running
around. Use the aimer button and aim in his direction and wait for him to run
into your line of fire and blast him from a nice safe distance. Walk up this
road and you'll hear some gunfire but not to worry it is just a background
noise effect for now.

Go to the back area where you shot the green guard and wait here for a few
seconds till you hear some footsteps. Turn around and ease on out looking left
and hugging the wall. You'll see a guard running around behind the steel fence
so make a quick kill from safety. Now make your way across the small yard to
the next fence opening taking a left. Go around here and you will want to equip
a Petrol bomb here so don't make your way around this corner going left. Throw
that bomb around the corner and blow up the 2 guards beyond that wall.

Now go around and collect the ammo from these 2 guards and then once you walk
down this area you will complete objective 2 and work on Objective 5. Instead
of wasting your ammo on the truck take your first left to a small section that
has sloped areas leading up. Shoot the guy in this room and now open the large
crate and operate the large machinegun. Shoot all the guards and the truck and
now collect 1 Sten Ammo, some pistol ammo and a field surgeons pack. Now head
back down to where the now blown up truck is and to make things easier after
destroying the truck head up the path and allow the enemies to see you. Turn
back around and hide beside the left wall nearest the truck and wait for the
green guard to run in your line of fire for a nice easy kill.

Collect the medicinal canteen he drops if needed and then head out left to the
main road again. To the left is another guard so kill him when you see him and
collect his medicinal canteen. Head further down the road and to the right
you'll notice a small crawl space but don't enter it yet. Head to the back wall
here and turn left and get the small mdicinal canteen and petrol bomb if
needed. Now enter that crawl space and crawl through it.

Once through the crawl space you turn left and find another evidence box so
destroy it and now only 1 distrubution location left. Head left here and hug
the right wall. Around the corner is 2 guards and can be difficult to kill at
close range so blast them and the boxes back here to get some Sten rounds, a
field surgeons pack and a medicinal canteen. Head to the fron section of the
building your near and collect another medicinal canteen if needed.

Head out to the road now and face right and back a ways behind a wall you'll
see a green guard running around. Use the aimer button to shoot safely and make
the kill and then turn around and head up the left portion of the road. Stop
when you get to the fork and ahead and to the right is 2 guards walking around.
Wait for the guard on the left to walk off screen before shooting the right
guard. This makes it so his buddy won't notice you killing him. Hug the right
wall and then go right again to the inner most part of the wall.

The second guard will walk by so get him before he dissappears behind the wall
again. Collect the ammo off the 2 guards and then head right to a back section
being patrolled by a green guard. Hug the back wall here and equip your petrol
bomb to kill this guy off. Now turn back around and return to the path you
whence came. Head right and you'll see a small white wall to the left and
another Green guard here. Stand up quickly if crouched down and shoot this guy.

Go straight now and descend the ladder (I noticed the ladder was a bit tricky
so when you reach the bottom turn the other way to get off it and then turn
around to the main path.) Make your first right around the corner and you'll
see 3 boxes back here and some petrol bombs. Shoot the boxes to receive a small
med kit, a Sten SMG round and a pistol round. Walk up the ladder back to the
left and once up top fece right and quickly kill the green guard back here.
Turn around right away and kill a blue guard running at you.

Shoot the windows if you feel like it, it isn't necessary but now go around
thie section and pick up some Sten rounds, a Petrol Bomb and a medicinal
canteen. Now open the crate using the action button. It opens up a nice machine
gun weapon so use action button to get behind it and the fire button to start
your carnage. Just keep the gun moving left and right constantly, there is no
ammo limit once behind this gun so let loose all your anger and shoot at
everything. In the end you'll kill around maybe 10-15 guards.

After doing your damage head on out of that room to the right now. Stop when
you see a nice ways down the left side building and shoot the blue guard from a
safe distance using the aimer. You will want to crouch after killing this guy
just in case the gunfire you hear afterwards doesen't head your way. Go down
the stairs now and collect the medicinal canteen from the guy you killed. Now
head around left and go up a small flight of stairs and then go left. You'll
see another crate to open with another machine gun inside it. A truck below to
shoot with it and a army of guards to kill afterwards.

I will say, by far this is the most awkward controls on a gun I have ever seen.
The first time I attempted these controls I died horribly and with good reason.
The gun moves extremely slowly and there is just all around too much happening
on-screen at one time and it makes for a frustrating gaming expierience. All I
can say is just try shooting the best you can here and hope you make it alive.
Now either hop down the ledge where the machinegun is making sure the coast is
clear or taking the stairs back down and head left up the road. Crouch down and
crawl when you see the small wall and go to the small staircase and look right.

There is a green guard standing in a field by himself not aware of you being
there so make a quick kill by using the aimer button and get in an easy
headshot. Still staying crouched mosy down the steps and stop when you reach
the second to last stop just stop and look left. A guard walks in and won't
notice you at all if you quickly shoot him. Stay crouched and crawl down to
where he was and collect the medicinal canteen. Now still staying crouched head
down the right side of the stairs staying close to them and another guard walks
in from the right so blast him. You'll now hear louder deeper gunshot blasts so
stay really close to the right wall and look right and pick off the guard
shooting at you.

Collect the medicinal canteen he dropped and now stand if you like and climb
the winding staircase. When you reach the top you'll see some blue brick arches
and the one on the right has a Petrol Bomb and a Small Med Pack so collect
those. Turn around quickly now and shoot the green guard that has snuck up
behind you. As soon as you collect his ammo another guard walk out of nowhere
and attacks you so turn quick left and blast him. Just when you think the coast
is clear it isn't. Now back on the main road, a green guard is in laying
position shooting at you so aim down quickly or throw a petrol bomb at him and
take him out. Collect the medicinal canteen and then quickly aim up and left as
another guard is shooting at you from the safety of a Fire Escape. No sooner
you move a tad forward and collect his ammo another guard, far right on another
fire escape is shooting at you.

Aim quickly up and right to take care of this guy. Now as soon as you see a
door to you left enter here and destroy the final evidence box. Now shoot the
box only if you need a medicinal canteen, otherwise save your ammo and collect
the Petrol bomb on the right and then head out of this room and head left on
the main road. Now head to the right side of the road and enter another room.
Use the action button to hide the printing press and your final objective is
met. Collect the medicinal canteen from the guy you killed earlier if needed
and shoot the gas can if you feel like it, not necessary and then exit this

*****************Medal Of Honor Underground****************************

10 May 1942
Mission 1 Level 4: Tread Carefully

Mission Objectives: 1. Find A Panzerfaust 2. Stop The Tanks

Don't take this level too lightly it may come to haunt you it's not easy. Okay
you start off by headind straight and then turning right and blasting the green
guard. 2 more guards are ahead so shoot the left guard first, and another pops
out and runs right so shoot him next. Collect the ammo and then head to the
right where there is a machine gun and some petrol bombs and a med pack,
collect them quickly if needed and control that gun. Start shooting straight
ahead as there is a tank coming towards you. Aim for the big guns first and
just shoot like mad as these guns are unlimited ammo. You'll see a part of the
tank blow up so now aim left and shoot the machinegunner there and don't stop
shooting for a second. The tank will blow up once you shoot it enough and it
can be a bit difficult. If the tank gets too close just jump on the machine gun
you used to get around it.

Now head out of the bunker and go straight up the road, to the right is a tiny
corner with a small canteen in it so get it if needed. Now don't go around the
corner just yet, equip your Petrol Bomb and use your aimer button to throw it
farther and now hold the button down to throw farther. You'll throw it over the
small wall and make quick work of the guy on the other side of the wall. Now
just run out in the open for a second so the enemy sees you, and then run back
behind the same wall. This draws them out in the open, making a nice easy 2
kills on the green guards there. Now walk around the next right wall and kill
the guard here and another to your left hiding behind a pillar.

Now walk forward after collecting ammo and goodies and further back section is
a bench, next to it is a small med pack, take if needed. Now go left up the
steps and a guard will pop up from the right so get him fast. Walk up the
sloped area and collect his medicinal canteen and then head right through the
small entryway. Shoot the box in front of you to collect some Sten rounds, then
Pertol Bombs, turn right and another small med pack if needed. Now go straight
ahead and crouch down and enter the small duct. Once through it shoot the 2
boxes and collect a Field Surgeons Pack in the right box and a Panzer Faust
Shell in the left box. Head through the rest of the duct and you'll see some
guards legs, excellent oppurtunity to take the first shot before being noticed
in your safe spot.

As soon as you leave the duct stay crouched and 2 guards from the left run in
so quickly shoot them and collect their ammo. Now turn right and enter a goodie
room, which contains another Panzer Faust Shell, Small Med Pack and some Petrol
Bombs. Turn left now and operate the Machine gun here. Just keep aiming left
and shooting guards that pop out. When it's quiet start shooting again and this
draws out more guards to kill from the left. Once they are all dead head up to
where all the guards were popping out of and shoot the box here and collect a
Panzer shell. Turn right and head to the end of this walk and collect a small
med pack and another Panzer Shell.

If you filled up on Panzer shells and can't collect them all don't fret cause a
tank is coming. Equip your Panzer gun and shoot the tank before it notices you.
You'll use up your shells, so just collect more of them from the ones you
couldn't pick up here. The tank gets destroyed and now 2 green guards bail out
the tank and begin shooting at you so make sure you change to a lower caliber
weapon so the afterblast of the Panzer Gun doesen't kill you too. Now head up
the main road till you see a stone monument in the road. A guard is hiding
behind it so wait for him to run out and blast him. Collect his ammo while
shooting at the guard no appreoaching you and get his ammo next.

Hug the right wall here and go forward a small ways and kill the guard that's
to the right shooting at you. Now there is a barrel to the right side and one
to the left side of the road, shoot these to get powerups. The left barrel has
Sten Ammo and the right has a small med pack, collect if needed and then head
right. Run up the steps and draw the enemy out by letting them see you, turn
around and run beside the right wall near the small med pack and wait for them
to arrive and blast them. You probably also noticed a Panzer Tank in that mix
and probably low on Panzer Gun ammo too so heres what to do. Run up the left
side and collect some Panzer Ammo near the machine gun and then go back and
right where you entered here at. Make sure you lure the tank to the right first
and then wait for it to do a pass from the right while standing in the middle
area that's an opening. 2 blasts from the Panzer gun will destroy the tank.

Now a third tank is nearby so stand back and aim from saftey standing just to
the right of the machine gun and use your panzer gun through the clearing to
finish off the last tank and now both objectives are completed. Now take
control of the machine gun and start shooting right. Keep killing the guards
and shoot the barrel across the street for a health powerup. Go right now and
then back to the left is the exit of this level, watch the movie.

*****************Medal Of Honor Underground****************************
Mission Name: Hunting The Desert Fox.
Number Of Levels In Mission: 4

5 November 1942
Mission 2 Level 1: Casablanca

Mission Objectives: 1. Escape Hotel 2. Find Logistics Officer Dossier 3.
Find Location Of Supply Depot 4. Leave City By Truck

Start this level by going to the left dresser and collecting the 2 Sten Ammo
rounds. There is a dresser back right with 2 small med packs, but you just
started the level so you won't need them. Head out the door and shoot the guy
that tries entering the room. Walk out into the hall and then run back in the
room and a guy in white suit starts shooting at you. If he hits he does a great
deal of damage so collect the health packs if needed and then go out into the
hallway. Turn right and blast the guy near the next room over by the door. Turn
left and kill the guy hiding behind the pillar over here. Now just stand facing
left and you'll hear footsteps shuffling, so wait and another guard runs up the
steps. Shoot him right where you shot the last guy and collect the ammo.

Go down the steps going right and hide by the wall. Go around the corner and
start shooting like crazy like 4 guards here. In the next room is 3 more guards
to shoot and a medicinal canteen to get you through. More guards run in
probably 3 more and they hide by the left and right walls so kill them quickly.
Now entert the Kitchen and there is a box to the right on the floor, shoot it
and collect a small med pack, I'm sure you need it. Head to the door and look
right and you'll see a yellow guard smoking a ciggerrette so shoot him with
easy headshot and collect his ammo, you'll complete Objective 1 with 3 more to

The name of this next section is the silencer Pistol you have and only use it,
unless you want unneeded attention from other guards. Walk down the path and a
guy in white walks by so shoot him headshot before he notices you. Now head
right, into a small room which has a Field Surgeons Pack and some Sten ammo on
a small table. Shoot the box to your right and collect the Pistol rounds. Leave
here and shoot the guy to the left, collect his ammo and then turn around and
shoot 2 more guards here. Enter the room to the left and get the small med pack
to the right and collect the Dossier on the table to the left and complete
objective 2.

Leave here and head out the main road and then crouch now and crawl out to the
left and kill the white suited guard down the road. Go up the road a small ways
and look up and center and shoot a sniper in a window. He may not die so keep
shooting him till he does. Now enter the right entryway and immediately turn
left and shoot the guard in the blue doorway. Turn around qucikly where you
entered at and shoot the yellow guard now shooting at you. Collect the SMG
rounds and Small Med Pack that's here. Shoot the box and collect some ammo on
the table. Now enter the blue doorway and head through this alley and shoot the
white suited guard. Enter the right doorway now and before collecting the small
med pack on the floor, get out the big gun and shoot the 2 guards hounding you
from the rear. They will literally tear you apart if you aren't quick enough,
collect the small med pack now if they did do any damage.

Head through the small alley and hug the right wall, You'll see to the right a
yellow guard and not very far away either so take aim with the pistol and get
in a silent head shot. Turn around now and head back to the main road where you
shot the white suited guard and head right and then left to the entryway. In
this room is 2 boxes, one to the left on the floor which has SMG ammo in it so
use the big gun to destroy the box. The other box on the table has a small med
pack, collect it if needed. Turn around now and take a left to the main road
and head up a small ways till you hear some voices. Run back in the same room
you left and hide behind the wall. You'll encounter a white suited guard and a
Yellow. When there isn't any gunfire on you use the silencer gun and aim for
headshots and take these 2 out, then collect ammo.

Head down the road till you get to an opening, so hug the left wall and creep
on out. A yellow guard is to your immediate left, he will take time positioning
himself so shoot him first. In the back corner where he was killed off is some
SMG rounds and a small med pack, collect if needed. See the large Yellow doors?
Use action to open them and a guard jumps down from a ledge so get in a quick
headshot. Another pops up from the right wall, so headshoot him and that
section is done, now collect ammo. Head up the road a bit till you see a blue
with green trim, door to your right. Creep around this corner and a guard jumps
down from the ledge on the left so shoot him next. Go up left a small ways and
a guard will jump over a wall and surprise you so kill him quickly. Turn back
to the main road and a guard up and to the left is shooting at you so get him
killed off.

Go up a small ways till you see a doorway to you right, enter here but stop and
creep around the corner and kill the guard to your immediate left. Now, there
is a bench back here with some Sten rounds and a small med pack, collect if
needed. Leave this room and head out right and up the road till you go down
some steps. Stop when you enter a large clearing and look up and left, there is
a sniper up on the ledge so get in a headshot and kill this guy. Walk out a
small ways and back and left is another guard behind a wall, so shoot him and
collect a medicinal canteen if needed. Turn around and head back the way you
entered here and you'll now see another doorway to enter, but first a guard
runs in from who knows where. He's so fast you can't shoot him while he moves
so just wait till he positions himself behind the wall in that doorway. He
can't hit you from where your standing and that makes the kill all the more

Head through the doorway ahead now and be prepared for a good 3 on 1, you 1,
them 3. Anyways you'll see 2 yellows run into position allow the left guy to go
to the left wall and shoot him. Suddenly a white runs in from nowhere so shoot
him, he's on the right wall. The other yellow guard ran to the right where
naturally he cowardly waits behind another doorway so eliminate him by looking
at the right doorway, where he hides and collect his medicinal canteen. Head up
2 sets of steps now and turn right and you'll see another large clearing in a
building. You'll hear someone seemingly Yell TAXI so run back beside the right
wall and take cover. Run out now and aim and kill a yellow guard. To the right
of this area is 2 window sills or ledges, the first has a small med pack and
the other some Pistol rounds so collect both. Turn around now and shoot the
guard shooting at you from another building to your right.

Head around the corner now and up a small ways and when you can see out a
window to a ledge to the left you'll see a yellow guard running around there.
Run to the back section and stick to the back wall, look right and aim to shoot
a white suited guard. Head out slowly to the middle area where the window is on
the left, aim up and shoot the yellow guard on the ledge. Follow the walk
around till your at another clearing, you'll see a yellow guard standing there
kinda right in front of you so shoot him while he doesen't notice you. Creep
out a small ways and when you hear a guy yell run back to the right wall and
hide here, 2 yellows and a white appear from nowhere like this whole level has
been. Shoot the 2 yellows and then the white and collect their ammo. Once they
are dead head right now and to the right is some Sten ammo and a small med pack
collect these and then keep going straight.

When you can make a right around a corner do so and then stop, look ahead and
left and you'll see a guard in a doorway to the left and another to his right.
Shoot the right guard first with an easy headshot, and this makes another guard
pop out of nowhere right in front of you so kill hime next. The third guy will
be hiding beside the wall where you killed the first dude so aim left to kill
him off. Now go across the bridge and into the next room, taking a right and
center yourself near the desk with powerups. Press action button to locate the
supply Depot and objective 3 is met. Now collect a field surgeons pack, pistol
rounds, and a small med pack if needed.

Head left now where the stairs go down and then run back behind the wall in the
supply depot room. A white guy follows you so shoot him when he is preparing to
shoot you. Head around the corner going left again and blast the yellow guard
here. Head down the 2 sloped areas and you'll hear a guard yell something, aim
and shoot right to take him out. Go to the right through this room and head up
the hallway in the crouched position. Crawl till you see the exit and aim and
shoot left the guard standing watch. Go up a small ways around the corner going
right and a guard will jump off the bridge you crossed earlier so eliminate
him. Quickly aim up and right on the bridge is another guard so kill him and
he'll fall off the bridge.

Head to the right now and kill the guard standing next to the wall and then
stay in the area where the last guy you killed was and another guard approaches
from the left, kill him next. Go up a small ways and look right, you'll see
some powerup stuff, but first pay attention to the wall here. A white guard
jumps the wall so shoot him next and then immediately turn around and kill a
yellow guard behind you. Now collect 2 Small med packs after shooting the box,
some SMG ammo and some pistol ammo. Turn back around where you killed the last
guard and head right around this corner looking and aiming up at the sniper in
the ledge, shoot him and then take a left. Go up a small ways till you go right
and see a room with pillars all around it and a guard standing in the middle.
Kill midde guard and back and to the right another guard pops out, shoot him,
now turn left immediately and past the doorway to the left is another so shoot

Collect the Medicinal canteen from the farther right guy and another guard runs
in from your left so kill him next. Next go around the right corner and kill a
white guard and a yellow guard that pop out from the left corner, then collect
the guys medicinal canteen. Collect the last guards canteen and then walk into
the back of the truck to finally exit this long level.

*****************Medal Of Honor Underground****************************
5 November 1942
Mission 2 Level 2: Lighting The Torch

Mission Objectives: 1. Find Shipping Records 2. Find Disguise 3. Radio
American Fleet.

Walk out the back of the truck and face left, you'll see a guard approaching so
kill him before he notices you. Now turn right after collecting the ammo if
needed. Go around the right side of the truck and stop before getting around
it, look right and you'll see a guard walking up so hide behind the truck where
you exited it. Wait till he walks out of seeing distance and then walk on the
left side to the front of the truck and hide beside the right wall. Once he
approaches the scene aim and shoot him and 2 more guards run into place. Aim
and shoot them making sure you're using the silencer gun. Collect ammo now and
head around the left side of the back of this truck. Go around to the other
side and get beside the wooden crates and wait a bit here. Use your silencer
gun and take aim ahead of you, a guard will walk into place where you can shoot
him from behind.

Go left now around the back side of the next truck and collect the ammo from
that dude. Head straight back now and around the left corner a guard is
standing, he can't see you so shoot from saftey. 2 guards pop out the back of
the truck in front of you so shoot them next, quickly. Collect ammo and a
medicinal canteen from the one guard. Now take a right and there is a small
corner of crates with another medicinal canteen in it so get that of needed.
Now head out left following the main path and take your first left around a
corner and shoot a guard back here. Get beside the right wall and wait for the
other guys gunfire to stop for a moment. When it stops it gives you probably 3
seconds to get out, aim to the left wall, and shoot and kill the guy hidiing
beside the wall. Take a left where you just killed the last guard and another
is walking from the left so kill him and take both ammo.

Go around the right corner now and shoot the guard ahead and to the right,
next. Now go along the main path and when you get to an adobe looking building
take a left and aim up. There is a guard walking on a walk above so shoot him,
another guard comes in from the right of the back right of the building so
shoot him next. Now walk up where you shot the guy on the right side of the
building and aim up and right when around the corner and shoot a guard back
further. Next go to the right where there is a door in this building and open
the door, action button. Immediately shoot a guard standing behind the door,
then access the file cabinet in the back corner of the room use the action
button and you'll complete Objective 1. Leave the small building and go right
around the building and you'll see some doors opening and 2 guards heading
through it.

Take cover by hiding beside the right wall of the small building and shoot one
guard who isn't aware of you yet. The other comes running, so take him down
quickly. Enter the open doors the guards walked through and around the left
corner is 2 guards hiding. Walk out in the open for a second to draw them out
then hide beside the wall. When they come out of hiding quickly sweep the left
wall and come out blasting, with the machinegun of course. I reccommend for
this area of the level, the machinegun. Anyways head up a small ways and 2 more
guards pop out of nowhere so kill them quickly. Now turn around to the right
and back here is a small med pack to the left and under the boxes is Pistol
rounds and Smg rounds, collect them, I'm sure you'll need them.

Turn around and walk around the wall to the right and you'll see an area the
looks like a large bathroom with stalls, but it's just a warehouse type room.
Walk up a small ways and 3 guards pop out, one near you on the right. one
forether back right and one further back left. Shoot these guys quickly and
collect their ammo. Walk to the back left of this room and go up a ladder and
then follow the path. Once near the doorway, you will see a guard at a doorway
below, and just above and to the right in a window is another. Kill the bottom
dude first and then the top guy. You'll now hear someone shooting a rifle but
he doesen't see you cause he's down and to the right. Pop out anough so he sees
you then back away from the doorway. Crouch down now and mosy out to the
doorway, he'll spot you and take a few seconds to get positioned so take that
time and shoot this guy before he takes aim first.

Drop down the ledge now and go to the far back right corner of this area, look
back and left now and shoot the guard back here before he spots you. Now head
straight back to the ladder hanging down and climb up it. Once at the top
you'll see a case with the disguise kit in it so collect it and objective 2 is
met. Walk up to the door now beside the bed and use the action button to trap
the photographer and now objective 4 is met. Walk down the hall and use action
to open the door and enter the hallway. Head around to the left and show
credentials to the guard and then walk back to the end of this hallway and
enter the goodie closet. On the bottom shelf, 3 medicinal canteens and on the
top by jumping to get it is some SMG ammo and pistol ammo. A guard will
probably walk up after you get all the stuff, so wait till he tunrs his back
and then shoot him while he isn't looking. Equip the camera right away after
shooting him and collecting his ammo.

Walk up the right side hallway now and use the same tactic with the camera with
these 2 guards near here. Walk on the main path to some double-steel doors and
exit here. You'll clearly see here with camera equipped a guard standing at the
doorway ahead, and another guard to the right of you. As soon as you walk a
small bit forward show your credentials to the right guard, He'll wave you on.
Go to the guy on the steps and do the same, He'll wave you on as well. Now wait
till the guard gets to the left side of the stairs and blast him with the
silencer. Quickly shoot the guard you past a moment ago and then enter the
doorway. Walk up the stairs here into the lobby and then go left where there is
a radio on a table. Use action button to use the radio and your 3rd and last
objective is met. Now you'll start hearing gunfire so equip your camera again
and go to the left when you get the chance.

This will alert a guard to pop out so take cover on the left wall and wait for
the gunfire to stop. Head out in the open when the fire stops, aim left and
shoot the guard here. Enter the room to the left now and back behind the table
is a window, enter here to end the level. Save if you want to.

*****************Medal Of Honor Underground****************************
5 November 1942
Mission 2 Level 3: Burning Sands

Directions for taking pictures: Use your aimer button to bring up the camera
view. To take a snapshot while holding down the aimer button, press x button
and it takes the shot.

Mission Objectives 1. Get Access To The Armory 2. Find Explosives 3. Destroy
4 Fuel Trucks 4. Photograph Cypher Key Book.

You begin this level with camera equipped so head out straight towards the door
and a guard pops in from nowhere so equip a silencer and take him out. Climb
the ladder equipping the camera again and once at the top a guard will be
shuffling at the bottom of the other side so equip the silencer, jump down,
turn around, and blast him with a quick-close ranged blow. Turn right now with
silencer still equipped and look down and below the barbed wire fence. There is
a guard down there so use aimer to get head inline and shoot him. Walk on
across the bridge and go down the stairs to an open area. Go left up the next
area with stairs now and you'll see a whte guard and yellow guard walking the
other direction. Use this oppurtunity to blast them from behind and collect

Now go right, and up the hall, equip the camera and when you go left around the
corner take a snapshot of the guard, He'll block his eyes and won't be able to
see you. Equip a weapon and blast him. In this hallway is a door to your left,
enter it and another guard is there so show him your papers. He'll wave you on,
so take his picture and then blast him. On the table is the armory access
papers so get that. Turn around now and there is a table in the back right
corner with a book on it. Walk back here and the game will prompt you to take a
snap of the cypher key, so do that and Objective 4 is complete.

Head back to the main hall and this time go left at the section I mentioned to
go right from earlier. Enter the hallway and you'll see a guard to the left so
show papers and take a picture to blind him, equip weapon and blast away. Now
go right and you'll need to shoot the lock on this door to get it open. Use
your silencer when doing this as you don't want to attract unwanted attention.
The lock will fall down and you can enter the door now. In this room is powerup
items, to the left is a shelf with Sten ammo on the top shelf, the one to the
right has pistol ammo. On the back table to the right is 2 small med packs,
collect if needed. Leave this room and head out right and descend the stairs

Take a right and use the credential, snapshot, kill method on this guard.
Another runs up from some steps so kill him next. Now descend the stairs the
guard just tan up and open the door here by shooting the lock. This makes
objective 1 complete with 2 more to go. Enter this room and on this first back
shelf is some sten ammo and a small med pack. Go around the right side of this
shelf and collect the explosives on the next shelf. This somehow prompts a
guard to run down after you so equip the silencer and kill him. On this last
shelf is some sten ammo and a medicinal canteen. Look straight ahead now and
ascend the ladder straight ahead. Once at the top of the ladder there is a
guard up here now outisde so show him your papers. Aim the camera at him and
He'll pose for you LOL. Take his picture and then blast him.

Fall down the ladder and stand close to the wall. Look down and right and near
a opening is a guard shooting at you so quickly take aim and kill him next.
Fall down next to the truck with the palm tree and Nazi symbol on it and climb
up the ladder in the back, drop an explosive in the hatch automatically and
then run for cover. Head left now and Enter the area where you killed the last
guard and follow the pathway up. When you get to a truck with a ladder on the
back of it, look left up a staircase. 2 guards start walking down the steps so
shoot one, the other runs after you. Now shoot the other and then climb the
ladder of the truck and walk up to the hatch. Use action button to
automatically drop an explosive inside the truck, Run away behind a wall and
wait for the explosion. A guard runs down the steps and may take the farther
left wall to hide behind, if so take aim and shoot him next. Another guard is
just above the steps the 2 other guards descended earlier so aim up and right
to take him out.

Head up the stairs now and enter the doorway on the right and descend the
stairs now. Once to the bottom show the guard your credentials and then blast
him. 2 more guards ahead start around frantically so crouch and shoot them
easily. Collect the medicinal canteen one guard drops and then head around the
path to another clearing. In this area is the last 2 fuel trucks but first go
left and approach the guard here and use credentials and then blast him. Now
get on top of the right fuel truck first and drop the explosives, jump straight
ahead to get off the bombed truck and take cover where you first entered this
area. You'll hear gunshots now so equip the machine gun and then head left back
to this same section. A guard immediately runs up so blast him, another runs in
and heads back to the left wall and hide and shoots. Walk over there to him and
get him next.

Behind this wall is a small med pack if you need it so now destroy the last
fuel truck to complete your final objective. Jump over the truck and where you
got the last med pack another guard pops out so kill him and then enter the
right doorway to end this level.

*****************Medal Of Honor Underground****************************
5 November 1942
Mission 2 Level 4: Ally In The Desert

Mission Objectives: 1. Disable Antiaircraft Bombs 2. Turn On Landing Lights
3. Esacpe Morroco By Plane

Satrt this level climbing the steps and entering the room with 2 SMG ammo
rounds, a small med pack and 2 grenade packs.. Just remember this room for
future reference if you need health powerups or ammo/grenade powerups. Follow
the path up to a an area that looks like the top of a castle and there is a
tank below so get into crouch position. Crawl Right now to in bewteen the 2
barriers and get the yellow Panzerfaust tank in view. Equip the grenades and
chuck one down at the tank and enemies below and the barriers may disintegrate.
Just follow the tank around using the barriers as protection and try avoiding
gunfire the best you can from enemies below. It will take 6 grenades to destroy
the one tank and these must be direct hits or it will obviously take more

Once you destroy the tank go back to the artillery room and collect the other
grenade pack, you'll need it and whatever health powerups you need. Now switch
to the machine gun and kill the guard below. After killing the first guard 3
more run out randomly every time you kill another foe. Go down the right area
down the stairs and when you get down here turn left and kill a guard here. Now
go right, where there is a large opening. Upon turning right you'll see 2 large
palm trees, on either side hiding behind the palms is 2 guards so quickly aim
and kill them from safe distance. Turn left now and there is a guard over here
also so kill him and then walk back against the wall, turn around and look and
aim up at a guard in a window, shoot him next.

Back at the right palm tree the guard you killed dropped a medicinal canteen,
collect it if needed and then the ammo from the guy hiding behind the left
palm. Now go up a small ways where there is another doorway ahead, 2 guards pop
out on either side, left and right, take them out quickly and the left guy
drops a medicinal canteen, right guy sten ammo, collect. Turn right and then
your first left through an arch but don't go all the way through it yet. When
you make your presence known to this area a guard runs up so run back to the
left wall, aim and fire at the left guard and collect his medicinal canteen if
needed. Head around the corner and immediately turn left, look up and kill the
guard shooting at you from snipers position off the ledge.

Head up a small ways till you see an arch and some stairs and stay beside the
wall. A guard runs in to your left, blast him quickly. You'll now hear some
gunshots, and Yes they are directed towards you, peek around the right corner
to get an idea of where this guy is. Get caddy cornered and you'll have no
problem shooting him with aimer. Hug the left wall now and you'll notice a
guard in the right window but he's hiding. Let out a few warning shots to send
a guard from the left running towards you, blast him when he rounds the corner.
Aim up and right now,cause the other guard hiding in the window was alerted to
your presence too so blast him next. Go to the stairs next and look straight
ahead, you'll see a large hole from probably where a tank shot through. Look
further down and you'll see a guy who looks like he's using binochulars so aim
and shoot him from a safe distance.

Head on the main path and when you can, take your first left up a flight of
stairs. Once to the top you'll notice this was where you killed that one guy on
the ledge and some good powerup items are here also. Turn around quickly if you
walked to the window to look out it and turn around quickly and shoot a guard
cheaply shooting you from behind before collecting stuff. In this room you'll
find a medicinal canteen, a field surgeons pack, some grenades and some SMG
rounds. Look out the window now and get to the crouched position, you'll see a
plane fly overhead and bomb the guard below shooting at you, very cool. Turn
around now and leave the same way you entered and go to where you killed the
binocular dude.

Once here you'll see one of the antiaircraft guns, use your aim button to lob
the grenade further and these guns take only 1 grenade to destroy it. A guard
may run in from the left, kill him if he does and then if the tank is all the
way right either lure it to the left by running in front of it as bait or just
wait for it to drive by you. Run right quickly and take control of the machine
gun back here. Shoot the tank and hit the big gun first and take it out and
then the machinegunner to the left and save your grenades. Run now across the
bridge and kill 2 guards that get in your way. Run up a small ways now to a
large arch and you'll see another watchmen by the antiaircraft guns so shoot
him next. A guy gets out of the gun and attacks so shoot him next and then
quickly aim and shoot right at the gunner behind the .50 caliber bunker.

Run up to the side of the antiaircraft gun and shoot a guy who is cowering in
the corner and then quickly use a grenade on the antiaircraft gun. Hide behind
the gun too,collect grenade pack and medicinal canteen and small medpack back
here and wait for the tank to pass, then take control of the machine gun and
shoot at the tank. You'll also get some more grenades behind the machine gun
and a small med pack if you didn't notice already. Head right now and through
the large arch. A tank starts driving up towards you and a plane overhead helps
you out by dropping a bomb on it. You still must destroy it with grenades and
it's tough so run back for cover once in a while and pop out when the shooting
stops and lob a grenade on the tank, this takes 4 grenades thanks to the help
of the bomber.

Now once the tank is destroyed run to the right and take control of the machine
gun and shoot at the antiaircraft gun and all the guards that run out. Takes
quite a few shots to take the gun out but when you do objective 1 is complete.
Go right now through the fenced in area and up and left is a guard hiding, so
take him out. Another guard runs out after you kill the first so kill him next.
Collect their pistol rounds and a medicinal canteen and then enter the left
door. Once you take first step in this hallway stop and look ahead and left,
you'll see a guard attempting to shoot at you. Stay put as he throws 2 grenades
at you, then allow them to blow up and when the smoke clears shoot this dude.
At the end of the hall is a door and the game prompts you to use action button
to open the door but it's locked. Head left up the hall now and You'll collect
some grenades from the guy who was first throwing them at you. Up this hall aim
left and shoot another guard, collect more grenades from this dude.

Up the next hall look and aim left again and shoot the guard behind the wall
and collect some gun ammo now. Turn left at the top and you'll see a table with
some SMG rounds and a small med pack, collect if needed. Go up the stairs in
the back of this room and once at the top immediately take a left and shoot a
guard up here. In this room go to the back left and activate the light switch
here to turn on the landing lights for your escape plane to land and now the
2nd objective is complete. Remember where you couldn't open the door before, go
this way now as it's open. When you go out here 3 guards infiltrate the area
shooting, so quickly take aim or just go crazy using what I call the sparay
pattern and work it left to right or right to left shooting everything in your

Collect ammo, turn right and exit this level by boarding the plane by simply
walking up to it.

*****************Medal Of Honor Underground****************************
Mission Name: Undercover In Crete
Number Of Levels In Mission: 3

12 June 1943
Mission 3 Level 1: Getting The Story

Mission Objectives: 1. Get Photo Pass 2. Get Restricted Pass 3. Get
Archaeology Pass 4. Photograph Map 5. Find Supply Schedule

You begin this mission equipped with the camera, making me wonder where it was
for the previous level, mysteriously it reappears in this one. Walk up to the
one window on your right and a guy will say Welcome to the Island and then
strike a disco pose LOL. Take his pic and then shoot him fast. Now enter the
room towards the back and another guard is standing there, aim your camera and
he says " How about this one"? Does that disco pose, LOL shoot him next.

Turn left now and shoot all the boxes and collect a bunch of pistol ammo, it
only takes you to 19 ammo so it isn't much help. Collect the Photo pass nearby,
now turn around and enter the ventilation duct by crouching and crawling
through it. Once through the duct get up and face a guard, who asks for your
papers, show them to him and he announces " Hey, you are not a photographer"
To unlock the MG66, you need to swich to a weapon that does little enough damage so you can hit them in the left leg, right leg, right arm' left arm, groin, and head. Hit them like that 60000 times. I know it takes a F*UCK of a lot of time, but is very effective if you make multiple files. It should all add up to your total. The MG66 has enough power to tear the SH*T outta a tank with less than six rounds. It is a fantastic weapon that the programmer hid on the disc. It is not an easy cheat to unlock and is not always successful.
One shot kills
this is for the infamous one shot kills cheat. enter this at the code area.

" whatyouget "

Some Cheat Codes
LATIREUSE - One shot killing
PUISSANCE - Invicibility
RICOCHET - Ricochet Bullets
BALLESVITE- 4x Firing Rate
The secret codes
The first code is DWIECRANS. It unlocks some altered photos. It's hilarious.

The second code is MOHUEQUIPE. It shows pictures of war stuff that the programmer put on the disc.

The third, and last code is MOHDESSINS. It shows a bunch of drawings and comics.
Turn on all Legal Cheats
dawoiks - When typed into the password section this will activate all legal cheat codes for the game automatically.
Unlock All Missions
go in multiplayer and press,up,down,left,right,triangle,square(must do fast). Then exit out and go in load, save game and pick mission select. You now have all missions!