Medal of Honor: Allied Assault review

The good:

It does nothing wrong and adds nice touches to the FPS book. The only game to ever have a proper use of ladders.

The bad:

Nowhere near as good as Return to Castle Wolfenstein and nowhere near as atmospheric as it claims. Weapon models pretty shoddy.


Apparently, this game has been hailed as 'Being better than Half-Life'. But do I agree?

Well. No. Not really. There's no denying that MOH:AA is a good game, but I can name at least three First Person Shooters that run rings around it.

The face modeling in both good and bad. The face models have been made to take on virtually every expression - a first in this genre, however, at the expense of this, the faces look pretty stupid. They're all pretty much the same gormless face, albeit sometimes sporting a dodgy moustache. Their helmets don't look like they should be fitting on their thin, yet incredibly round and tall faces, and there is little variety. For th lastest in faces, check out RtCW.

That said, the AI is superb. German troops run around, hide round walls, sticking just their gun arm out into view, and randomly blasting in a very realisticly inaccurate way. The one or two brave/stupid soldiers that there are might lunge onto a grenade to save their companions, and other such moves of great programmed intellegence.

However, there is more to insult the game about. When told in a mission to shoot the searchlights so you can escape under cover of darkness seemes like a good idea. It's obvious that this'll attract attention, but you won't be spotted, right?


As soon as the searchlight is shot, a hail of bullets cut you down, despite the fact that you are pretty much invisable.

There is a very saving-private-Ryan style beach landing in the game as well. This is supposed to be very atmospheric. Not so in practise. The Q3 engine will not allow more than about 30 soldiers to storm the Omaha beaches, when in reality there were hundreds. Not atmospheric, just boring. You die a lot, but not to worry, apparently the game won't let you die if you hide behind two planks of wood. Seemes very effective. It's just stupid.

The game itself is very good, but I have to reccomend other games before this one. If you do want a great WW2 first-Person-Shooter without the zombies of the fantastic Wolfenstein, then this is the path to take. If you want something better than this, then good on you, this game is nice but the pc has more to offer.

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