Medal of Honor: Rising Sun (GC) Cheats

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Cool Glitch
While in the American building on Calumpit Choas or church level stand in between the two windows and press A. Now you should be on the gun at the top. If not someone from your team is already using it.
Funny Way To Get Achilles Head
In singapore sling, near where you rescue the first pow, on the floor is a grate leaning on a wall. Press A next to it and you will unlock achilles head.
hidden multiplay skins
play as col. kandler: get a medal on a level then go to singapore sling level and in the bedrooms near the end go in the one on the left and there will be a chest so go up to it and press "A" and it will say you unlocked kandler.
how to get a rocket launcher
hi people. u may know me from the tips i put on runescape.well this time i'm here to tell u how to get a rocket launcher in the level FINDING HARISHIMAS GOLD. when you eventually find the temple go in side and folow the paths untill u see a huge statue and there will be 2 guys standing on it. look to ur left and u'll see about 4 boxes. brake the and BOOM u got a rocket launcher. i think this code goes well with the invinceibility code(bengal) and infinet bullets/rockets/grenades(discus). but it's even better if u have the cheat snipe-o-rama(leleupi)on too.have fun killing japaneese lol see ya p.s look at my runescape hints to see how good i am lol.urik out.
If you reach all of the bonus objectives and have good enough stats you will get a medal for the level.

Here are the requirements for a medal on each level:

MISSION 1: Complete 2 Bonus Objectives (Assist Engineer - Save Crewman)

MISSION 2: Complete 2 Bonus Objectives (Shoot Down 20 Planes - Shoot Down 75 Planes)

MISSION 3: 75% Accuracy, Less Than 100 Hits, Complete 2 Bonus Objectives (Find Shima's Photograph - Find Golden Buddha)

MISSION 4: 75% Accuracy, Less than 50 Hits, Complete 2 Bonus Objectives (Collect 5 Documents - Disable Generator)

MISSION 5: 75% Accuracy, Less Than 50 Hits, Complete 2 Bonus Objectives (Storm Pack Howitzer - Save Lt. Harrison)

MISSION 6: 75% Accuracy, Less than 51 Hits, Complete 2 Bonus Objectives (Rescue 3 POWs - Find 3 Additional Evidence)

MISSION 7: 85% Accuracy, Less Than 50 Hits, Complete 2 Bonus Objectives (Destroy Radio Equipment - Destroy Sake Supply)

MISSION 8: 85% Accuracy, Less Than 90 Hits, Complete 2 Bonus Objectives (Eliminate 10 Enemies at Blockade - Disable Barge Dock)

MISSION 9: 50% Accuracy, Less Than 150 Hits, Complete 2 Bonus Objectives (Send False Radio Transmission - Find 3 Imperial Orders)

There you go. The game gets harder when you try and beat the levels while maintaining good stats.
Skins in the Game
There are hidden skins in this game that once you find them you can use them in multiplayer. Here is where you can get them:

MISSION 1: Day of Imfany : NAVY ENGENEER The first skin can be found in the barber shop, right across the bathroom.

MISSION 2: There is no skin in this level

MISSION 3: Fall of the Philippines: "GUNNIE" LAUTON You'll find a skin on the second floor of the building with the locked iron gate to the town center and the machine gun on the roof.

MISSION 4: Midnight Attack on Guadalcanal: GUAD NATIVE You can find a skin in that huge last builing befor the ammo depot.

MISSION 5: Pistol Pete Showdown: Lt HARRISON You'll find the skin in the POW camp. It's in the biggest hut.

MISSION 6: Singapore Sling: COLONEL KANDLER This one can be found in the room after the kitchen in the hotel.

MISSION 7: In search of Yamashita's Gold: FLYING TIGER PILOT" In the prison area. After it's one of the side rooms on your right. You'll need the skeleton key to access this room.

MISSION 8: A Bridge on the River Kwai: CHINDIT Once you have met up with the Chindits, you'll find it in the first cave.

MISSION 9: Supercarries Sabotage: COMMANDER SHIMA This last skin can be found be in the strategy room. (After being held captive)

Have fun with these.


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all codes
discus-unlimited ammunition never reload

bengal-gives you immortality

gourami-bullet shield

pleco-silver bullet shot killes enemies

moor-rubber grenades

leleupi-snipe-O-rama snipe with any gun

loach-all replay items gives you all skelleton keys so you can get skins and open the secret doors.

botia-perfectionist enemies kill you in 1 hit

tetra-hat mode make all people wear wierd hats.

zebra-ivisible enemies

cichlid-achilles head mode only head shots count

albino- all missions

note all codes only effect 1 player campaign
Bullet Shield
Enter the password GOURAMI for Bullet Shield. This makes you invulnerable to Bullets. Explosions & shrapnel can still hurt you, though.
Silver Bullets
Enter the password PLECO for Silver Bullets. This will give you the power to kill all enemies with 1 bullet hit.
Unlimited ammo
go to options passwords and type --DISCUS
it makes all soilders invisible exept for the helmets and gun