Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD Edition review
Preferred MGS2

The good:

- Graphics were brilliant as usual for an MGS title.
- Cure & Eating was a great addition and executed very well, thought it would ruin the game when I first heared about it but thankfully it made the game better.
- Camo was also brilliantly implemented into the game, it's a great feeling when there's an enemy just inches from you and he still can't see you.
- Story was intriguing, better then MGS2' story.
- That torcher scene. MGS is known for it's torcher scenes but this one really was a torcher, it had me crinching with every blow and was excellently portrayed.
- Sound effects. From the rustling of grass to the punches in the torcher scene, every sound sounded realistic and true.
- Originality. Loads of stuff in MGS3 hasn't been done before in any game which is always good to see.

The bad:

- Being forced into 1st person view when crawling in grass is annoying.
- Not enough dialogue for enemies. 'Must be my imagination' becomes annoying after the 10th time.
- No security cameras. I miss being able to shoot them out.
- Some physics from MGS2 were not in MGS2. For example: Being able to shoot your initials in a pane of glass, being able to shoot lights out, fire extinguishers, being able to shoot birds out of the sky (small birds not a vulture), being able to shoot magazines/books of a bookshelf, being able to go crazy in a food storage room and shoot all the bottles/bags of flour.
- Only a few FHM posters and the girls are ugly and misformed on the posters.
- There's not as much replay value as in MGS2, i got all the tags in the game but i don't feel the urge to get all camo in this.
- No completion code for website.
- And finally the biggest flaw in my opinion:
MGS has lost it's comedy factor, MGS2 had tons of funny moments: Guards in underwear, projector, otocons photo section, Emmas parrot, emma conversation going across the bridge, raiden slipping on birdshit, getting pissed on by guard, hostages pissing themselves, Johnny in the toilet, guards comments when seeing naked raiden pressed up against the torcher machine...the list goes on and on.
But in MGS3 there weren't near as many funny moments and that left me really disappointed.


Unfortunatly, i'm gonna be the outcast and say that MGS3 was the worst yet. My favorite list is:
1. MGS1
2. MGS2
3. MGS3
The games are getting worse in my opinion, i have faith for MGS4 though, can't wait.

GamePlay 7/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound/Sound tracks 9/10
Storyline 10/10
Visual Effects (e.g. Explosions, gun fire etc) 10/10
Replay Value 8/10

Overall Total 54/60

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