Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD Edition review
Pain. Sorrow. Joy.

The good:

  • Graphics are improved slightly over Sons of Liberty/Substance.
  • Boss Battles are nothing short of legendary.
  • The new CODEC screen layout makes it fun to learn again.
  • I like how the actual politics of 1964 and this game intertwine.
  • Cutscenes are done excellently, with excellent voiceacting and gripping plot twists at every turn.
  • Gameplay remain true to series roots. New mechanics are cool.
  • Using animals for food is a genius idea.
  • Jungle is vibrant and fluent. A total difference of the past.
  • Ending needs to be seen to be believed.

    The bad:

  • CQC. It has nice sides, like slitting thorats, Interrogating, and that throw is sick. But there needs to be more. I like that the series is stepping in this direction, but it needs to be worked on a little bit before it is on par with the rest of the game.
  • Stealth Camo is so disappointing.


    I was pushed into Metal Gear by a good friend of mine when I lived in New York. I then bought Substance, and loved every minute of it. Except Raiden naked, but that's a nother story for antoher day. So I got Snake Eater, and within the 3rd cutscene there was already a plot twist. My stomach was sent to hell and back during that 5 seconds. I knew right then and there that this was a game for the ages. I made my way through the jungle, and got the backpack. Wow. I find Camofluage, which is an incredible tool to use in the jungle, the mechanic is done so well. Also the food mechanic can either feed you, poison you, which is cool. I also like the Cure feature, it is something I've wanted to see in MGS for some time. There should be more different types of injuries, and more diseases like Malaria and West Nile, all contracted in the forest. But the ones in the game are enough. The backpack feature organizes Items and Weapons nicely, it was a breeze to learn and use.
    The boss battles are legendary. The bosses themsleves are a bit bland. Prime examples are The Fear and The Pain. Not too much BG info, just a boss battle. End, Fury, and Sorrow are the big ones that really made an impact. The Boss... is what I would call the star of Snake Eater. Forget Big Boss, she stole the spotlight, with her PWNAGE of Snake and whatnot, she is incredible,and her story needs to be seen to be believed. Same with Ocelot, you finally learn who the hell he is in MGS 1 and 2. As for Snake...well you'll learn why Big Boss has only one eye, in the most dramatic torture scene I've ever seen.

    There is a whole lot more to cover, but I won't do it. I am afraid the game will be offended. On the whole, PLEASE go out and get this game. You won't put it down until you finish the game, unless you're a really weak person who must sleep....well you get the idea. Get it.

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