Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD Edition Tips

how to acquire scorpion
when in groznyj grad east weapons lab (only can do this your first time in groznyj grad) when you steal raikov's clothes, you have access to doors you wouldn't normally have access to. go to the closest room by the stairs where you take raikov to the locker room(not the library or bathroom first floor)go to the northeast section of that room(on the map) to find a scorpion. this room is full of crates so it may be hard to find at first and if you go into that room it will be on your far left. you can also enter that room by going behind the stairs (when you first enter the east wing its the stairs that is right in front of you)and going to the second room on your left. if you go ths way it will be immeditely on your right. i prefer this way it will be easier to find.