Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD Edition Tips

Starving soldiers ( ILL )
Throughout the game, you will find several storehouses of food, like where you can find weopons and calarie mates, noodles. If you have some TNT in your inventory, plant a piece inside a storehouse, stand back, and detonate it. You'll know the trick worked if the room becomes charred and black.

If you destroy afood one, tey will moan about food making it easier for u to spot them, they will be easier to kill and knockout, tranq. Tey are weaker and mmore rubbish to fight. IF you destroy a weapons one they will have one clip for a AK and then they will either go to there pistol or to a knife...

This helps alot during the game just try not to get caught blowing it up,, keep ur distance