Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD Edition Tips

'Hind' Lets Destroy It
When you are climbing up the mountains and on your way to grozny grad and ur at the part where the hind (helicopter) is flying around everywhere well you can stop this from happening way way further on in the game...

Go to bolshkia past base, or summat like that just after the electricfences at the begining when ur on your way to the research facility for Sokalov, out side the base there is a hind say there if you destroy it there with some tnt preferable so you can be straight out of site, it wont appear in the game.

Note: they are replaced though by soilders on flying platforms.
This is much harder as the hind will only se you if a soilder has first, the soilders on platforms have a very good range for sight, so therefore by doing this you are making it harder for yourself..

Anyway i hope you understood me and i hope this has increased your Mgs3 knowledge byeee