Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD Edition Tips

Camo locations
Here are the locations of camouflage uniforms and face paint.


Woodland - Backpack
Water - Ponizovje South
Splitter - Backpack
Kabuki - Tikhogornyj ( In the waterfall after meeting with EVA )
Oyama - Graniny Gorki Lab 1F
Green - Get all best times for Normal Duel
Infinity - Finish game with live Tsuchinoko
Country Facepaints, UK, USA etc, - Backpack
Black - Backpack
Desert - Ponizovje Warehouse
Snow - Bolshaya Past Base ( Under the wooden bridge near the front )
Zombie - Rassvet - ( On the side of the warehouse )
Raikov Mask - Backpack
Brown - Get it off the CD single of The Snake Eater Theme


Olive Drab (OD)- Starting uniform
Tiger Stripe - Backpack
Leaf - Backpack
Tree bark - Backpack
Choco Chip - Bolshaya Past South, Graniny Gorki Lab 2F
Splitter - Bolshaya Past South, Krasnogorje Mountaintop
Raindrop - Dolinovodno ( On the cliff under the bridge )
Squares - Backpack
Water - Bolshaya Past Base (On the roof)
Black - Backpack
Snow - Chyornaya Peschera Cave
Sneaking Suit - In the locker you hide Raikov
Ga-Ko - Chyornyj Prud ( In the shallow water on the right )
Fly - Graniny Gorki Lab 2F


Scientist - From EVA at Rassvet
Officer - Groznyj Grad East Wing ( From Raikov )
Maintenance - Opposite the locker when you hide raikov ( When you come back on the 2nd time )
Tuxedo - Finish the game

  • = Non lethally
Animal - Defeat Ocelot ** - Infinite Benzodiazipine Effect

Hornet Stripe - Defeat The Pain ** - Control Hornets and Spiders and leeches will not come near you

Spider - Defeat The Fear ** Have 80% camo effect though it will severely drain stamina

Moss - Hold Up the End ( Sneak behind him, get close and yell Freeze! Keep aiming at his head. He will Refuse to give you the camo but eventually he'll give it to you then throw a Stun Grenade. - Photosynthetic effect. Stand in the sun to recover Stamina.

Fire - Defeat the Fury ** - Protects you from burns and halves damage from fire and explosions

Spirit - Get all the way to the end of the Sorrows river ( When you find his corpse walk into it to die and then use the revival pill )

Cold War - Defeat Volgin ** - Soviets will hesitate to shoot you when you face them.

Snake - Defeat The Boss AKA The Joy ** - High level of Camo againt pretty much any background.

Banana - Beat all Seven best times for Snake Vs Monkey - Makes any morsel of food taste excellent

DPM - Beat all best times in Special Duel - Doubles the natural life recovery rate and provides excellent cover in forested areas such as syvyatogornyj and sokrovenno.

AUSCAM Desert - Get it with the Snake Eater Soundtrack - Provides good cover againt white backgrounds and drops damage to 2/3

Desert Tiger - Get it off the Snake Eater single same as the Brown face paint - Unlimited Supressor function with the currnet weapon