Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD Edition Cheats

The 3 way kill on The End
Now most people hate having to kill this old sniper rife pro but here are three ways to take him down.

"Shoot him as he sleeps"
Now this one lets you kill him with out a fight all you havbe to do is when you see The Boss talking about the The End to Vulcan as The End sleeps in his wheelchair right after the video clip pull out your Sniper Rife and shoot The End in the head and you don't have to fight him later but where you would fight him is a bunch of goons.

"Take him head on"
This one is the normal way to kill him this way you can get his camo and the normal video clip of his death now not much has to be said here just look for him look for his foot prints and follow him use your mic to hear him snoring or cursing (If you killed his pet bird)

"Old age takes it's toll"
This way is the most easyest and fastest all you do is when you first start up the fight with The End stop save your game and get out of the game then move your Playstations time forward one week (7 days) then go back in to your game and watch the clip

So there you have it the 3 way kill guide for The End pick which you will do and enjoy the game