Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD Edition Tips

long range pistol/sniper
i just discovered a way to shoot a pistol, as long range as you would a sniper. if you know this then good, if you dont i think this will help you a lot. you can use even if your sniper's unloaded and will be good if your going for no kills, ok...

step 1---- spot your target, usually a guard.

step 2---- aim the crosshairs at his head using L1 (THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE WHILST THE GUARD IS STATIONARY)

step 3---- now release L1, make sure you dont move!!

step 4---- as fast as you can, hold R2 and select the pistol, release R2, DONT MOVE AT ALL!!!

step 5---- now just press sqaure (without moving the gun at all) pulling the trigger on the pistol and watch the guard fall down

NOTE: make sure that when you are changing guns, snake doesnt move and his aim does noy move, this is vital to getting the accurate shot.

this is good to use when your going for no kills or you want to kill a guard from far away but without getting a caution, that leads to reinforcments

Spikey, Watford, England