Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD Edition Tips

Beat the Boss Easily
I've found a way to beat the boss easily. At the start of the fight, put on your best camo besides the Scienctist outfit due to its ability to not allow you to use weapons. Immedietly, start slashing with your knife (Square reapetivly). The Boss will run right into it. Then either run and hide when she's down or wait till she gets up, evade her shots, and wait for her to run. When she appears from behind a tree, use the EZ Gun to "snipe" her from a distance. If she is hit three times in a row, she will fall down, get back up and hide again. When she appears, she'll, most of the time, let you reapeat the process. When she faints, she drop the snake camo, but be quick. If you take too long, the game will continue on and you can't get the camo. It's easier then anything I've heard of.

Notice: Only Works on Very Easy Mode, Because the EZ Gun is only available in that Difficulty Mode.