Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD Edition Tips

Alternate Ocelot & The End-Endings
Ocelot Duel:
Snake Misses Shooting Endingick Up Right gun
& start shooting away from Ocelot.Eventually a bullet will come out and Ocelot will laugh and say It missed.
Snake Loses EndingIck Up Left gun & Eventually ocelot will shoot. The cutscene will show Snake grunting and Ocelot Will Laugh and Say "It's A blank".
Snake Wins Ending:
Pick Up Right Gun and Shoot Ocelot By Continuously Pushing the Fire button. The scene will have Ocelot Grab His own Chest,Then Snake will gasp
Ocelot will laugh and say it's a blank

Bad Endingick up the Right Gun and Dont shoot.
Eventually Ocelot will ask Why you didn't shoot.

The End Sokrevenno & Svyagotornyj Endings:
You Dissapoint Me,Young Snake, Ending:
While fighting the end,
Fall asleep,Push L1+R1+L2+R2+Select+Start
To exit then reload.It will show Snake with anaimals all around him and he's sleeping.
When he wakes up he'll be shot in the head with a dart and The End will come up and take him away.

End dies:Kill The end
W/ Guns/ Tranquilizer

The End dies of Old Age Ending:
When you Fight the End Save And Reset W/ The disc taken out. Go to System Configuration And Change the ps2 Clock forward a few years.
Then Reload to get a Movie where you find The End Dead of Old Age-
With his face All Wrinkly and the leaves are Orange

Reckless Boy Ending:
Reduce your Stamina to Zero Percent And you'll fall asleep.
The End will take you to The cell In Graniny Gorki Lab

Ocelot Unit Mode
Before you get to the Ponizovje Warehouse
Go to the Crevice nearby to get to Ponizovje West. Go through the Armory to Find A Sniper Rifle.
When You Get to Ponizovje Warehouse After the Movie,Pull out your Sniper Rifle And Shoot the End On the Weelchair In the head.
You'll Hear "The End" In the Wind And he'll blow up.
When you get to Sokrevenno,Instead of Fighting the End You'll Fight men from the Ocleot Unit.