Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD Edition Cheats

Info On Unlockables In the game
H.T.G:Stealth Camo Is Unlocked by Shooting 64 Kerotan Toys In the game, OR Finshing The Game With No Alert Modes.When You finsish the game.
It will Say NEW ITEM UNLOCKED and you'll Receive Stealth.If you've shot 64 Kerotans Succesfully,Your grade will be KEROTAN.Also,There is no actual way to find out how many Kerotans you have shot.

Game Play:
Stealth Camoflauge is labelled as STEALTH And Is A light green And Very hard to see.
Your Camo Index Will stay at 100% Always Unless You
A:Grab Somebody In CQC Chokehold
B:Go into alert mode
C:Are Fighting A boss or Special Enemies(Eg.Ocelot unit Or Pursuers)It will turn to 95%
The Stealth Camo Will to off if you get electroctuted or run into an Enemy.
For the Virtuous Mission,Snake will be invisible.
On Operation Snake Eater you can see the Bandana,If you dont like the Bandana There You Can Either Switch to Tuxedo or Put On MASK.

How it Works:
Stealth Camoflauge Is Placed On the left Shoulder.It Constantly injects Into Your shoulder a LCD Mirror Wave through your body.It takes the Exact Shape of your Body,And bends all Visible Light Around,Than Switches to the opposite direction Causing the body to take on the exact Shape of The background,depending on where it is Viewed.
It turns the body ALMOST Invisible.
Informally;Making the body Look like water,shaped into a human shape.
Because The LCD waves Are Streaming through your body,It drains your stamina and energy alot.
The Reflection Systems are straining so much.
So when Lots of motion is in Use,The Camoflague is more visible.
Light Picks up the Different to Waves Around the body parimater,So The shadow is showen very lightly.
-Information By Kanlirikkun Fox-Me!