Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD Edition Cheats

Funny Radio Coversations
(Note:The asterix I put in each coversation depends how funny it is out of 10)

"REAL WOMAN"Conversation:******
Catch a Green Tree Python and call Para-Medic.

"ENGLISH TRADITION"Conversation:********
Equip Choco-Chip Uniform And Call Sigint.

"SHIT" Conversation:**********
Play The "Guy Savage" Nightmare Mini Game And call Sigint.

"MORE POPULAR"Coversation:***
Wear Major Uniform And Mask And call Major Zero.

"IT'S CUTE"Conversation:***
Equip GA-KO Uniform and call Sigint.

"BELIEVE WHAT YOU WANT" Conversation:******
Catch a Russian Glow Cap and call Para-Medic.

"WHERE I BELONG" Coversation:*******
Equip a Box and call Sigint.

"I THOUGHT I HAD A GOOD IDEA" Coversation:***
Go Into Chyornij Prud And call Para-Medic.

"UNLIMITED AMMO" Coversation:***
Equip The Patriot And call Sigint