Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD Edition Tips

Easy Jungle Journey With EVA
When you are trying to escape after your encounter with the Shagohod, you are back on the bike shooting at the bikers. Before long, you get in a wreck and EVA gets impaled by a tree branch. After curing her you have to walk through the jungle with her. What is hard about this is that EVA is the biggest pig on the world. She gets hungry every two minutes and there are guards coming after you searching the premises.

The best way to get through this without getting seen by the guards and feeding EVA is to simply knock EVA out with a tranquilizer dart and drag her. But knock out the guards a little up after the cutscene of them spotting the bike debris. Then go back to her and start dragging her after she is knocked out.

Her stamina stays where it is because she is resting.

Now, after a minute there is another group of four guards coming. Drop EVA and take them out before they get too close to you to see you and they bring a bunch of reinforcements. They always come in fours. After you take them out, just drag EVA some more until another minute passes. Then take out those guards.

You will do this routine for a total of 4 times until you get to a cliff. Don't forget to wake EVA up or you can't go over it.

At the next location, just leave EVA where she is and take care of the four guards in the area you ate. Then just walk with her until you get to a jump down. There is another 4 guards, but you really have to take care of 3 in order to not be seen. Be careful though, one of them in a pile of grass and cannot be seen without looking in First Person View.

Now just walk with EVA to another cliff.