Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD Edition Tips

Defeating The End With Pure Skill
When you first start with the battle head towards the south part of the forest. When you get there you should see a large tree with vines. Climb that tree and just wait. After a while you will see The End run underneith you. Don't shoot you'll blow your cover. If you face directly behind you you will either see a tree in the distance with vines or a clearing. If its a tree then just wait for the screen where it shows a picture of you in The Ends crosshairs. If there is a clearing just watch with the sniper with the 1x view. In a bit you will see him run by and stop by a little bit of tall grass. Note that that place that he stops will be his place to shoot almost everytime..if lucky. Just pop him a few times with the sniper. If he sees you then get down and run to that other tree on the other side of the mountain thing in the middle. Repeat this till The End is Killed.

NOTE: When you are first starting out in the tree listen as hard as you can right after he runs by you. He will actually run to the other tree and go to the tall grass and fall asleep. You can try to sneak up on him and get his camo.