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[edit] Background

In 1986, Metroid was released on the NES, telling the story of Samus Aran's first mission on Zebes. The Galactic Federation had sent out an emergency order to destroy all Metroids that were on Planet Zebes, and to eliminate their leader, the life form known as Mother Brain.

Now, the story of that mission is about to be retold like never before in Metroid: Zero Mission.

[edit] Game Play

Game play is similar to recent 2-D titles in the Metroid series, which really serves to enhance the gameplay from the original Metroid. along with a welcome upgrade to the graphics and enemy sizes. For example, Kraid, which originally appeared to be Samus's size in the original, now appears as large as it did in Super Metroid.

One of the biggest changes in Zero Mission involves the Chozo Statues that appear throughout the game. In addition to receiving items from them, at times Samus will have to enter Morph Ball mode in its hands to find out where the next location to go is. This can also be done at almost any Chozo statue to restore Samus's Energy to its maximum.

Also new to the franchise: items that are incompatible with Samus's current Power Suit. While this hasn't been done before or since, it offers a nice sense of intrigue for those who don't know what those powers are.

While there are many similarities to the NES Metroid, there's one major difference. An entirely new area awaits where the original Metroid ended!

[edit] Features

  • The legendary NES Metroid gets a massive upgrade and expansion to its graphics, sound and game play!
  • Several new Power-ups were introduced to the franchise after Metroid was released on the NES. Many of those power-ups are also included into this game to further add to Samus's classic arsenal, including the Ice Beam, Morph Ball Bombs and Screw Attack alongside the Speed Booster, Super Missiles, and the Jump Ball attachment that goes with the Hi Jump Boots!
  • While the game play and areas will seem similar to the game in which this is based off of, everything is expanded to tell the full story of Samus Aran's "Zero Mission," including cut-scenes with a little bit of narrative.
  • Each environment will feel like a unique part of the game thanks to excellent graphics and brilliant soundtrack!
  • Hours of fun for one player

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  • North America: Feb 9, 2004
  • Japan: May 27, 2004
  • Europe: Apr 8, 2004
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