Metroid Prime Boss Guide v1.06
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Metroid Prime Boss Guide

by metroidude477   Updated to v1.06 on
    /      /--\/--\    E  T  R O I D            \
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Art by Metroidude47
FAQ Started: February 26th, 2009
Original Version finished: February 28th, 2009
Writen by Metroidude477
Current Version: 1.05

/               [      INTRO      ]                 \
Hi! I?。・m Metroidude477 and this is my first FAQ. I?。・m a true Metroid fan,
which led me into writing this Boss Guide. I will offer great stratergies for
you to use, and also abuse a few useful glitchs to make some bosses a whole lot
easier.  Bosses in the Metroid series are the meat of the game, along with
exploration and puzzle solving. I?。・ll also appreciate it greatly if you could
email me some tips, stratergies and corrections, and I?。・ll give you credit. My
email is Thanks! So, get ready to be whisked off into 
the world of Metroid Prime!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

|[--------------[Table Of Contents----------]|
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1. Intro                                     [0.0]
2. Controls                                  [1.0]
3. Boss Guide                                [2.0]
    a)Parasite Queen                         [2.1]
    b)Hive Totem                             [2.2]
    c)Plated Beetle                          [2.3]
    d)Incinerator Drone                      [2.4]
    e)Flaaghra                               [2.5]
    f)Adult Sheegoth                         [2.6]
    g)Thardus                                [2.7]    
    h)Elite Pirate                           [2.8]
    i)Invisible Sentry Drone                 [2.9] 
    j)Phazon Elite                           [2.10]
    k)Omega Pirate                           [2.11]
    l)Meta Ridley                            [2.12]
    m)Metroid Prime                          [2.13]
4. Weapons                                   [3.0]
    a)Power Beam                             [3.1]
    b)Wave Beam                              [3.2]
    c)Ice Beam                               [3.3]
    d)Plasma Beam                            [3.4]
    e)Super Missiles                         [3.5]
    f)Wavebuster                             [3.6]
    g)Ice Spreader                           [3.7]
    h)Flamethrower                           [3.8]
    i)Morph Ball Bombs                       [3.9]
    j)Power Bombs                            [3.10]
    k)Missiles                               [3.11]
5. End Guide                                 [4.0]
    a)Credits                                [4.1]
    b)Copyright Stuff                        [4.2]
    c)Contact Information                    [4.3]
    d)Version History                        [4.4]
    e)End                                    [4.5]   

                     [ Controls ]
The controls in this game are simple and effective. Lock on feature makes
aiming soo much easier, unlike those other first-person shooters. BTW, Metroid
Prime is not a First-Person Shooter, it?。・s a First-Person Adventure =D.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Control Stick 。ァC Move Around
              - Aim while in Manual Aim Mode

A Button 。ァC Fire Beam Weapon
         - Lay Bomb in Morph Ball Mode
         - Continue offscreen information in scan visor

B Button 。ァC Jump 
         - Hold down B and release for Boost in Morph Ball mode
         - Dash when in Lock On and when left or right is held on Control Stick

L Button 。ァC  Hold to Lock On when enemy is in range
         - Hold to walk sideways when enemy is not in range 
         - Hold to scan when object is in range in Scan Visor

R Button 。ァC Hold lightly to activate Manual Aim Mode
         - Hold down till it clicks to activate Manual Aim Mode and activate
           Targeting Crusor

Y Button 。ァC Fire Missiles
         - Lay Power Bombs in Morph Ball mode
         - Activate Missile Combo when A button is held with appropreiate beam

X Button 。ァC Switch in/out of Morph Ball Mode

C-Stick 。ァC Change Beam Weapons (Up for Power Beam, down for Ice beam, right for
Wave Beam, and left for Plasma Beam)

D-Pad - Change Visors (Up for Combat Visor, left for Scan Visor, right for
X-Ray Visor, and down for Thermal Visor)

Start/Pause Button 。ァC Bring up Menu

Z Button 。ァC Bring up Holographic Map


                   [ Boss Guide ]
The reason this FAQ was created. Bosses are the meat of this game, so let?。・s
get to work! For quick reference, use the shortcut words below in Search
(Ctrl + F, considering your using Windows) to quickly find a boss.

Parasite Queen 。ァC PRTQN
Hive Totem 。ァC HVTM
Plated Beetle 。ァC PLTBL
Incinerator Drone 。ァC INCTDRN
Flaaghra - FLGRA
Adult Sheegoth 。ァC ALSHGH
Thardus 。ァC THRDS
Elite Pirate 。ァC ELTPR
Invisible Sentry Drone - IVSTD
Phazon Elite 。ァC PHZELT
Omega Pirate 。ァC OMGPRT
Meta Ridley 。ァC MTRDLY
Metroid Prime 。ァC MTRDPRM

                    [ Parasite Queen ]
[Location] Reactor Core
[Difficulty Rating] */*****
[Reward] Explosions and a nasty countdown
[Recommended firepower] 
  Charged Power Beam shots
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
First bosses are always easy, and this guy is no exception. Parasite Queen is
basically a shoot-it-till-it?。・s-dead boss, but there?。・s a catch. A rotating
barrier surrounds PQ, so you can only shoot through the wide openings between
the barriers. First off, scan PQ. Not only will this gain you a logbook entry,
but will also allow you to lock on to her mouth, causing more damage then
firing at her body. PQ only has one main attack, which is to fire an acid beam
at you. Simply dash out of the way and you?。・ll be fine. A good trick to use
against PQ is to rapid fire missiles. To do this, hold up on the C-Stick and
press Y as fast as you can. This will cancel the reload time between missiles,
and allow you fire WAY faster. Also note that you MUST have the POWER Beam
equipped or the Rapid Missiles won?。・t work. This is key in several boss battles
in the future. Anyways, using this method, people have been able to beat PQ in
under 3 seconds 0_0.

                     [ Hive Totem ]
[Location] Hive Totem
[Difficulty] * or **/*****
[Reward] Missile Launcher
[Recommended Firepower]
  Power Beam shots
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
The reason this boss has two different difficulty ratings is because it all
depends on skill. The boss itself isn?。・t hard at all, but it?。・s the poisonous
water around the arena that makes it tricky. Since you don?。・t have the gravity
suit yet, if you fall in, chances are you?。・ll have a super hard time getting
out, taking a lot of damage in the process. First off, scan Hive Totem. Look
down a bit to scan him. Anyways, Hive Totem?。・s only attack is to summon a bunch
of Ram War Wasps. Make sure you scan these too, as they are one-time scans!
Now, start killing the wasps. The problem is, the wasps are constantly flying
fast in a circle around the platform you?。・re on. Look at your radar, and look
for the orange dots. Whenever an orange dot stops spinning, quickly face that
direction and lock on to the wasp, and kill it fast before it rams you. Like I
said before, the water around your platform is poisonous, and if a wasp rams
you, you might fall in to the waters (Bad). So look out and try to stay in the
center of the platform at all times. Once you?。・ve annihilated all of the pests,
a weak spot should expose on the Totem. Quickly rapid fire at it, which will
damage Hive Totem. The slot should close, and more wasps should fly out.
Repeat this process two more times, and the Missile Launcher will be yours!
Note that no other beam may damage Hive Totem other then the Power Beam, if you
did a sequence break. (Thanks to ShadowMario3 for pointing that out.)

                    [ Plated Beetle ]
[Location] Ruined Shrine
[Difficulty] */*****
[Reward] Morph Ball
[Recommended Firepower] 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
This is actually a miniboss, since Plated Beetle will become a regular enemy
later on, but whatever. As you step towards the Morph Ball, a wall rises and
block your path. Suddenly, a huge swarm of regular beetles will appear. Shoot
??em all to death, careful not to run in to other beetles. When you?。・ve owned
??em all, a larger beetle will appear. Scan this guy, he?。・s the Plated Beetle.
Plated Beetle?。・s weak spot is his tail (Glowing red, it?。・s quite obious), but
this oversized buggy knows it?。・s own weakness too. It will always faces you, no
matter how much you strafe, keeping you from attacking its tail. When it does a
ram attack, quickly dash to the side to avoid it. His tail should be facing you
now, so pump two missiles in to there (eww) and he?。・ll be dead. The wall
blocking your prize will lower, so go grab the Morph Ball!

                  [ Incinerator Drone ]
[Location] Burn Dome
[Difficulty] **/*****
[Reward] Morph Ball Bombs
[Recommended Firepower] 
  Charged Power Beam Shots
  Rapid Power Beam Shots
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Incinerator Drone, like the name says, is basically a rotating flame thrower.
Scan this guy first, and lock on to him. Dash to keep away from his flame, and
jump over them when you need to. After a little while, a red weak spot should
expose on top of the rotating pole. Lock on to it, and give it a few rapid
power beam shots. The drone should malfunction, and shoot flames vertically,
scorching a larger war wasp hive on top of the room. A bunch of barbed war
wasps should come out, so scan them (One-time scan!) Now, focus your attention
on the drone, only destroying wasps when they really get in your way. Continue
dodging the flames, and after a while the weak spot should expose again. Shoot
it, and it?。・ll burn the hive again. Repeat this two more times, and the hive
will be destroyed and the drone will explode, leaving you with the Morph Ball
Bombs! Note that if you somehow got the other beams, no other beam other then
the Power Beam can damage the drone. (Thanks to ShadowMario3 for pointing that

                      [ Flaaghra ]
[Location] Sunchamber
[Difficulty] **/*****
[Reward] Varia Suit
[Recommended Firepower]
  Rapid Power beam shots.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 The main boss of Chozo Ruins, and the source of toxic waters, can be quite
hard if you don?。・t follow the appropreiate stratergy. First off, scan one of
Flaaghra?。・s roots in front of you. Then look up and scan Flaaghra itself. Now,
Flaaghra has three attacks you need to avoid. One is lunging straight at you
and swiping at you with its claws, another is throw acid balls at you, and
finally is to create a line of poisonous plants that act like a wall to keep
you from going in one direction, which disappear after a while. This boss is
tricky. You can?。・t damage it directly, and if you shoot at it, you?。・ll see that
it flashes yellow, not red. Now, you?。・ll notice that one of the four solar
panels are shining light on to Flaaghra, keeping it up. Now, lock on to
Flaaghra and bash A to rapid fire at it, firing a missile ocasionally. Keep
this up and soon Flaaghra will be stunned. Now, while still in lock on, keep on
dashing around the arena so you?。・ll go faster then walking. Head over to the
solar panel, and you?。・ll see a small panel that you can shoot at. Still locked
on to Flaaghra, get in front of the small panel and fire a missile at it. This
will deactivate the Solar Panel, and Flaaghra will lose it?。・s energy source,
and collaspe. Make sure it dosen?。・t fall on you! By the way, make sure you stun
Flaaghra before you shoot a solar panel or he might reactivate it, which is 
super annoying. Anyways, after Flaaghra is down, it?。・s roots will retract,
revealing a Morph Ball tunnel, and a bomb slot at the end. Roll through and
bomb the slot, which will do a quarter of damage to Flaaghra. If you want to be
a little adventurous, and do a glitch at the same time, then try jumping at the
general direction of Flaaghra's bomb slot (You'll need the Space Jump from a
sequence break!) And morph in mid-air, then quickly laying some bombs near the
bomb slot. If done correctly, Flaaghra should be damaged, without the need of
deactivating the solar panels. However, this method is not avised unless you're
an ace at this game, since your jump is likely to fail, you'll land in the
toxic waters, which is Hive Totem all over again (If you don't get what I mean,
read the HT section.) Anyways, after you used whatever method to bomb Flaaghra,
he'll will recover, and activate two solar panels this time. Repeat the process
above, stunning and dashing and shooting missiles at the small panel, until the
two panels are down and Flaaghra?。・s roots retract. Bomb the slot again, and
Flaaghra will be hurt. Now, this time three panels will activate. Repeat the
statergy, and four panels will activate. Repeat the stratergy one last time and
watch as Flaaghra burns to crisp and the waters turn clean (You will no longer
take damage while in the waters now)! Go grab your Varia Suit.

                   [ Adult Sheegoth ]
[Location] Chapel of the Elders
[Difficulty] ***/*****
[Reward] Wave Beam
[Recommended Firepower]
  Rapid Fire Missiles
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
As you step in to the Chapel of the Elders, you?。・ll notice the Wave Beam on the
other side, in plain view. As you walk towards it, it will lower, and a two
Baby Sheegoths will appear! Quickly kill them, and two more will appear. Kill
them off, and a HUGE Sheegoth will burst through a wall. Scan him, and get
ready for a challenging fight (Unless you use the technique I wrote)! Now,
Adult Sheegoth absorbs all beam weapons with the cystals on his back (Save for
Plasma Beam, which you don?。・t have yet), so you?。・ll have to use missiles. Wait
for Sheegoth to do an attack, which is either a ram (Dash to avoid), ice breath
(Freezes you solid, press B rapidly to break free, dash to avoid) or ice energy
balls (Dash again), then fire Rapid Missiles in to his face when he is resting.
If you forgot how to do the Rapid Missile Trick, look in the Parasite Queen
section. After A LOT of missiles slapped in to his face, he?。・ll finally die,
exposing the Wave Beam for you to get. Also note that if you run out of
Missiles during the battle, you can always lay Morph Ball bombs on his
underside to damage him.

                       [ Thardus ]
[Location] Quarantine Cave
[Difficulty] ***/*****
[Reward] Spider Ball
[Recommended Firepower]
  Super Missiles
  Wave Beam shots
  Charged wave beam shots
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
When you enter Quarantine Cave, you?。・ll notice a huge pile of rock in the
middle. As you walk closer, the rocks suddenly come alive and form a huge
monster! This is Thardus, so scan him. Thardus has three attacks. One is a line
of ice that can freeze you if you get hit which is created when Thardus slams
the ground (Dash to avoid), another is a few boulders that Thardus will slowly
hurl at you, which you can destroy for Power Ups, and finally is to roll up in
to a ball and try to crush you, which you can dodge by boosting around the
arena. Now, to damage Thardus, flip on your Thermal Visor. You should see a
bright orange rock on Thardus, so lock on to it. Now fire a super missile or
charged Wave Beam shot at it (Make sure you have a clear shot) at it until it
explodes, which will white out your Thermal Visor. Switch back to the Combat
Visor, and you should see that you exposed a Phazon core on one of the rocks.
Lock on to it and shoot Super Missiles at it, or rapid Wave Beam shots since
they home in while dodging Thardus?。・ attacks. Once you?。・ve done enough damage,
you should hear an explosion and see Thardus crouch down in pain. Then, he will
roll up in to his big ball attack. Boost quickly to one of the corners of the
room, and wait. Thardus shouldn?。・t be able to hit you will his roll attack
here, but if you think he?。・ll hurt you, quickly boost to another corner. After
you use this stratergy three times, Thardus will summon a huge blizzard,
impairing your vision. Anyways, its still basically the same thing. Except when
Thardus is in his ball form, constantly boost randomly in one direction around
the arena since it?。・ll be really hard to see him. Repeat this stratergy a few
more times, and Thardus will be pissed. He?。・ll end the storm, melting snow in
the process, giving you even better view then normal. Though, he?。・ll also start
to use his roll attack much more frequently now, sometimes totally
unpredictably. Now, destroy his Phazon core once more, and Thardus will die,
leaving you with the Spider Ball! Also take note that if did a sequenece break
to get the Ice Beam early, it will have no effect on Thardus (Thanks to Shadow
Mario3 for pointing that out.) Also, if you got the Plasma Beam early too, it
will burn Thardus alive. (Also thanks to ShadowMario3 for that.) One last
thing. If you ALSO got the Power Bombs early (damn sequence breaks, too
darn many XD), you can break one of Thardus' Phazon Cores instantly by planting
one in front, allowing you to bypass the Thermal Visor completely. (Once again,
thanks to ShadowMario3 for the info.)

                    [ Elite Pirate ] 
[Location] N/A
[Difficulty] */*****
[Reward] None
[Recommended Firepower]
  Super Missile
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
?。絋lite?。タ Pirates look strong, but they?。・re really just pathetic loosers. Scan
one. The reason for this is cause they are damn easy to kill and have very easy
-to-dodge attacks. Elite Pirates only have three attacks. One is to create a
shockwave, which you can easily jump across, another is to fire energy blasts
at you with his Plama Artillery which you can simply dash away from, and
finally is to swipe at you if your too close, but you won?。・t be that dumb to
get that close, will you? EPs have special hands that absorb shots when their
hands are glowing, so don?。・t waste ya Super Missiles when they're glowing.
To damage one, shoot a Super Missile at his head when he slams the ground for a
shockwave. Two Super Missiles will own one. The reason EP dosen?。・t have an
exact location is because they appear in multiple rooms, so you?。・ll be fighting
quite a few along your journeys.

                [ Invisible Sentry Drone]
[Location] Central Dynamo
[Difficulty] **/*****
[Reward] Access to Power Bomb maze
[Recommend Firepower] 
  Super Missiles
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
When you drop down into Central Dynamo, you'll hear a sentry drone activating.
However, you can't see it, so don't bother trying to scan. Now, Invisible
Sentry Drone can be a little tricky, but it's lights and guns give away where 
it is. Now, if you want to use a cheap stratergy that costs a lota missiles, 
fire the Wavebuster. It will automatically seek the Drone out, and kill it.
However, if you wanna save missiles, just fire a super missile at its direction
and it should be dead. Easy really. Thanks to Flammer500 for reminding me that
this boss actually existed O_o.

                     [ Phazon Elite ]
[Location] Elite Research
[Difficulty] **/*****
[Reward] Artifact of Warrior
[Recommended Firepower]
  Super Missiles
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
When in Elite Research, lay a power bomb to blow open a stasis tank at the
bottom of the room. A beefed up Elite Pirate should pop out. Scan him. This is
Phazon Elite, a stronger version of Elite Pirates. Same stratergy, shooting a
super missile at his head when he does a shockwave attack, except he has much
more health. When he dies, he?。・ll leave behind the Artifact of Warrior.

                    [ Omega Pirate ] 
[Location] Elite Quarters
[Difficulty] ****/*****
[Reward] Phazon Suit
[Recommended Firepower]
  Charged Plasma Beam shots
  Super Missiles
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
When you enter Elite Quarters, you?。・ll immediately notice a HUGE stasis tank at
the back of the room. You?。・ll also notice three pools of Phaon around the room.
Flip on the Scan Visor, and lock on to the stasis tank, and scan Omega Pirate
when he?。・s still in his tank. Now, walk up, and OP will break out! This guy
makes the already puny Elite Pirates look even punnier. Now, if I?。・m correct,
the only attacks OP has are the classic shockwave attack, and swipe. However,
these are both very powerful. Now, to damage OP, lock on to one of his four
glowing Phazon Armour pads. OP also has a glowing hand that absorbs shots, so
fire charged Plasma Beam shots when he?。・s doing his shockwave attack. Be
careful not to step in to the Phazon around the room! Once you?。・ve destroyed
all four of OP?。・s armour pads, OP will crouch down and call in reinforcements
and disappear. Now, several Beam Troopers of any kind will appear, so dispatch
any as fast as you can within 10 seconds, then, quickly charge up your Power 
Beam and flip on your X-Ray Visor. Listen for a weird noise, and look around
the room for the three Phazon puddles. In one of ??em you will find OP, so fire
a Super Missile at him. You do a quarter of damage to him, and he?。・ll disappear
again. If you want to try out a glitch that Flamer500 pointed out, you can
Power Bomb OP when he appears in a Phazon Pool, but just make sure you flip on
your X-Ray visor immediately after. A Power Bomb apparently does way more
damage to OP then a Super Missile (Thanks, Flammer500!) Oh yeah, the glitch
only works in the PAL version of the game ... Note that you MUST have the X-Ray
visor on to do damage to him. When he disappears, more Beam Troopers will
appear. Ignore them, then wait for the weird noise again, X-Ray visor still on.
Once you hear it, look around the room again for OP. Fire a Super Missile at
him again. If you weren?。・t quick enough, OP would have regenerated all him
armour pads again, so you?。・d have to destroy those again, but if you were
speedy, you would have time to fire at him. He?。・ll disappear AGAIN, and when he
appears, QUICKLY find him or he?。・ll regenerate, and shoot a Super at him. OP
will die, and collaspe on Samus, infusing her suit with Phazon, giving you the
1337 Phazon Suit!! 

                     [ Meta Ridley ]
[Location] Artifact Temple
[Difficulty] *****/*****
[Reward] Access to Impact Crater
[Recommended Firepower]
  Charged Plasma Beam shots
  Rapid Fire Missiles
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
This is my favourite boss fight, mainly because of the Music and Meta Ridley
himself! This boss is also sickly hard because of Ridley?。・s lunge attack at low
health. Scan Ridley. Now, Ridley?。・s attacks are divided into two sections, one
for aerial, and one for ground. While in the air, Ridley can fire a missile
barrage, dash to avoid, a Plasma Pulse Beam, also dash to avoid, a bombing
attack when he flys past your platform (Boost to avoid), and finally a crash
landing into you when he is flying that does a large amount of damage which you
must also boost away from. Now, Ridley?。・s ground attacks are all melee attacks,
which consist of a biting attack, which Ridley only uses in very close range,
a ram attack, which is the main problem during this fight, which I?。・ll explain
later, and an attack which Ridley swings his tail at you, jump or back away to
avoid.  Now, to damage Ridley during his air phase, just lock on to his 
and start pelting him with Charged Plasma Beam shots, but if you like, you
could use Super Missiles, but I?。・d save my missiles for his second phase.
Anyways, continue pelting him with shots and he?。・ll starting flying around in
the sky. Lock on to him, and watch if he?。・ll fly past your platform. If you
think he?。・ll fly over, get in to boost ball and starting boosting around the
field, trying to avoid his aerial bombing attack. Sometimes he?。・ll do a crash
landing attack, so stay alert. If you want to try out a cool glitch that
automatically sends Ridley into his second phase, trying boosting into
Ridley?。・s chest when he does his crash landing. If done correctly, Ridley 
should automatically have his wings burned off and send himself into his melee 
phase, with a huge chunk of health missing. This glitch allows you to skip a
large portion of the air phase, saving time and health, but can also be risky
since you could take a lot of damage if the glitch doesn?。・t work. Anyways, keep
shooting Ridley and eventually he?。・ll have his wings burned off, leading to
the ground melee phase, which is hell during the last few minutes. During this
phase, Ridley will lunge you very often, which you must dash at the last second
to avoid for you?。・ll take huge damage. Ridley will also bite you if your too
close, or do a tail swipe that could knock you across the arena. To damage
Ridley, shoot his mouth when he is roaring with a charged Power Beam shot to
make him rear up. His chest will now be exposed, so release a crap load of
Rapid Missiles (If you forgot how, look in the Parasite Queen section) on him
until he come down again. He?。・ll continue ramming, so repeat the stratergy and
try not to get hit too much. Anyways, when he gets to the point that he?。・ll die
in a few shots (AKA a teeny bit of health left), Ridley?。・s rams will suddenly
be MUCH more frequent now, and way faster. This is when the fight gets super
hard. Constantly dash around the arena, and just hope for the best while
waiting for Ridley to roar. Your likely to lose several E-Tanks during this
point, so do your best not to die and when you get the chance, blow Ridley?。・s
butt apart. Ridley will back up in pain towards a clift, and a few laser Chozo
Statues will activate and blow the crap out of his chest. He?。・ll lean back and
fall down the clift, and watch thankfully as a bunch of Chozo Ghosts open up
the portal to the Impact Crater!

                     [ Metroid Prime ]
[Location] N/A
[Difficulty] *****/*****
[Reward] Finishing the game!
[Recommended Firepower]
  Super Missiles
  Ice Spreader
  Charged/Uncharged Plasma Beam shots
  Phazon Beam
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Metroid Prime is one tough cookie. Scan him. Now, Prime has an huge arsenal of
attacks. He can do an ice attack when he slams a leg that freezes you, jump to
avoid, a missile barrage similar to Meta Ridley?。・s, dash to avoid, a beam
attack, which varies depending on his color: If MP?。・s red, the beam will ignite
you and you will lose health rapidly for a short while; if MP?。・s white, the
beam will freeze you and you?。・ll take damage; if he?。・s purple, your visor will
malfunction for a while and you will be unable to lock on and fire your
weapons, plus take damage; and finally if he?。・ll yellow, you?。・ll just take a
lot of damage. MP can also fire a tractor beam at you to pull you towards him
and drain your health, similar to the way Grapple Guardian uses his grapple
beam in Metroid Prime 2, which I have yet to find a way to escape from. I
usually just pelt MP?。・s face as hard as possible until he releases you. MP can
also send out different coloured energy balls that slowly fly towards you, and
the effect depends on the colour, see the beam attacks for info. To evade this
attack, shoot at the balls with the appropriate beam (purple for wave beam,
white for ice, etc.) until they?。・re destroyed. MP can also fire acid grenades
at you, and when they explode, a wide range of poisonous gas will appear that
fades away in a while. MP also uses melee attacks up close, so stay away.
Prime?。・s most damaging attack is probally his lunge because if you get hit 
that, you?。・ll probally get hit by more attacks while being unable to fire.
Before Prime?。・s lunges, he?。・ll rear back a bit. Quickly take this time to get
into Morph Ball and roll into one of the ditchs in the ground and wait. When
Prime lunges, quickly boost to the other side of the arena via the pit. If you
do so too early, Prime will probally cancel his lunge and use his melee attacks
at you. Anyways, that?。・s just about it for attacks. Now, to damage Prime, 
you?。・ll have to shoot the right beam at him according to the colour he is.
When his face is yellow, shoot Power Beam shots, preferably Super Missiles.
When he?。・s purple, use the Wave Beam, preferably the Wavebuster since Prime
will probally malfunction your visor with one of his attacks so you can?。・t lock
on. When he?。・s red, use the Plasma Beam any way you want. Don?。・t bother with
the Flamethrower though, the range is too crappy short so you?。・ll just be
wasting ammo. When white, use the Ice Beam, preferably the Ice Spreader since
normal ice beam shots are too damn slow. When Prime is at low health, he?。・ll
start using his lunge more frequently (like Ridley), sometimes without warning,
so stay alert! During the battle, you and Prime will desend many floors since
Prime will run away through a wall everytime you?。・ve dealt enough damage.
Anyways, after you?。・ve finally depleted Prime?。・s health, he?。・ll fall down a pit
so jump in after him.

When you land, you?。・ll see Prime?。・s true form fly out of the Space Pirate
cocoon you just defeated! Get ready for an intresting fight. Now, Prime?。・s
second form isn?。・t hard at all, it?。・s just patience. Prime only has two main
attacks, one is a shockwave you can easily jump over, and a close range roar
that acts like a lunge which isn?。・t supposed to be an attack anyways. If you
want, you could look around for Prime's cocoon and jump on it. While on the 
cocoon, none of Prime's attacks will affect you, except for the roar, which
like I said, wasn't supposed to be an attack anyways so he rarely hits you (
Thanks to Flammer500 for the cocoon info.) Now, none of your weapons will work
on Prime, as they will just bounce off. Scan his second form, which will reveal
he is only vulnerable to pure concentrated blasts of Phazon. If you?。・ve read
about your suits in the logbook section, you?。・ll notice that your Phazon Suit
can do just that *sly smile*... Now, lock on to Prime and keep a charge on your
beam to reel in any powerups that might get released. Keep on dodging Prime?。・s
attacks, and eventually he will create a pool of Phazon along with a batch of
different Metroids (Hunter, fission, etc). To easy dispose of the Metroids, lay
a power bomb in the middle of the pool and they should all be dead. Now, walk
into the pool. Your arm cannon should now be charged with Phazon, and the words
?。紿yper Mode?。タ should appear on your visor *MP3 hint hint*. Now, lock on to
Prime and hold down the A button, and let that oversized jellyfish have it.
Don?。・t tap A like you would normally rapid fire, since the Phazon Beam doesn?。・t
have a charge feature, it will automatically rapid fire. Anyways, this is how 
you damage Prime. Oh yeah, during this process Prime will shift into different
visable spectrums, so if you can?。・t find him, flip on the X-Ray, Thermal, or
Combat visor and have a look around. Repeat this process for a total of three
times, and Prime will die! Congratz, you just beat Metroid Prime!


The weapons in this game are fun to use and there are plenty. In this part of
the guide I will cover every weapon in the game about it?。・s firepower,
effectiveness, etc.

                [ Power Beam ]
The power beam has been in every Metroid game to date, and all fans have to
come to love it. It?。・s a nifty little gun with infinite ammo (As with all other
Beams in this game) and a very fast rate of fire, perfect for dealing with
those scrab parasites. It?。・s charge beam is also very useful, dealing much more
damage then the uncharged shot, but the overall damage is still very low.
Rating: 2/5

                [ Wave Beam ]
The second beam you get is very useful as well. The wave beam shoots three
streams of electricity simultaneously that seek out their target with limited
effect. The charged version offers more damage, homing abilities, as well as
stunning the foe for a short time, perfect for dealing with those fast moving
Space Pirates. Rating: 3/5

                [ Ice Beam ]
The ice beam is ideal for freezing those pesky Metroids that always try to 
suck your brains out. The ice beam freezes most enemies (As the name suggests)
and a missile will quickly shatter them. However, good weapons often have a
drawback. The Ice Beam has a very slow rate of fire, and the projectiles move
rather slowly, so quick enemies can often dodge them. Rating: 4/5

               [ Plasma Beam ]
Think about a plasma radiator. Now make it portable with a good rate of fire,
and that?。・s the Plasma Beam. The Plasma Beam has never let me down, and I
always use it when in a sticky situation. The Plasma Beam has a great rate of
fire, and high damage, but a close range, making it hard to pick off enemys far
away, but the Charge Beam function eliminates this con. When using the charged
shot, the Plasma Beam will have its range greatly increased, as well as often
igniting the enemy. The Plasma Beam is ideal for dealing with enemies based on
cold (Example: Adult Sheegoth). Rating: 5/5

               [ Super Missile ]
The most useful weapon, in my opinion. This is my favourite weapon of all
time, and the Super Missile dosen?。・t disappoint. The missile combo of the Power
Beam uses 5 missiles, which creates a super-charged (no pun intended) missile
that seeks out the target with great effectiveness. Great watching Power
Troopers get blown away by the blast of a SM =D Rating: 5/5

                [ Wavebuster ]
The wavebuster is the missile combo for the Wave Beam. It takes 10 missiles
in activate this combo, and 5 missiles per second activated. What this does is
it creates a chain of electricity that automatically seeks out targets. It is a
constant firing weapon, and is quite costly. It is great for the invisible
sentry drone though.  Rating: 4/5

                [ Ice Spreader ]
The ice spreader is the combo for the Ice Beam. It?。・s basically a homing
missile that breaks into a huge sheet of ice apon contact of an object. Uses 10
missiles though. Perfect for surprise attacks on Metroids that are constantly
moving around. Rating: 4/5

               [ Flamethrower ]
The not-so-useful Flamethrower is the combo for the awesome Plasma 
Activating this combo costs 10 missiles, and 5 missiles per second activated.
The Flamethrower is extreamly close ranged, so there isn?。・t much use for it
except messing around with it for fun. Oh well, atleast the real beam is good.
Rating: 2/5

             [ Morph Ball Bombs ]
The Morph Ball bombs were never really intended to be used in combat, more for
puzzles and breaking blocks. The damage it inflicts is minor, and the range is
not very wide either. Rating: 1/5

               [ Power Bombs ]
The Power Bombs are weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION! These toys of nuclear
destruction can eliminate almost anything apon contact. They are limited 
though, and must be replenished through Power Bomb capsules. Their amount can
be increased using Power Bomb expansions. Rating: 5/5

                 [ Missiles ]
Missiles are probally the most reliable weapons when all else fails. The amount
of these can be increased with Missile Expansions, and there are plenty.
Missiles are used to dispatch almost any kind of enemy, and break open blast
shields. Have fun with this great weapon! Rating: 4/5


||                     [ END GUIDE ]                          ||

|                    [ Credits ]                     |
First off, I'd like to thank all the great guys on the Metroid Prime message
boards for their support and help on this FAQ, and also just for being chat

Me 。ァC For making this guide

Nintendo 。ァC For being the best game company and producer there ever was

Retro Studios 。ァC For making this elite game and introducing Metroid to 3D

Banjo_2553 。ァC For his/her great guide on this game that I used for my first
              time through the game and several Room Names within this guide
              that I couldn't get. Make sure to check his awesome guide out!

Nikta 。ァC For his/her great boss guide of MP2 I used to kill that stupid Boost
         Guardian and for a general example of format in this guide. Check
         his/her guide out!

Flammer500 - For several great tips and glitchs involving Metroid Prime, and
             Omega Pirate. Also great thanks for reminding me that I totally 
             forgot about Invisible Sentry Drone!

ShadowMario3 - For many awesome glitchs and tips involving Thardus, Incinerator
               Drone, and Hive Totem.

You - For reading this guide, thanks!

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