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Tempered kill
In Prime 3, since you get beams stacked instead of multiple choices, and you get the ice missiles, that opens up a new possibility for dealing massive damage. Tempering basically means to change the temperature of an object from one extreme to the other. Here's how you deal damage to enemies like Hopping Metroids easily.
First, you need the Plasma Beam and Ice Missiles.
Next, you face the enemy.
Third, fire a slightly charged beam at the enemy.
And finally, while it is still on fire, shoot it with an Ice Missile. It should shriek and die on the spot. Some enemies however, may survive. They will more then likely burn up a few frames later.


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Satellite Lost
This may occur in the original Prime 3 as well, but in West SkyTown, in the room where you find the satellite pods that reveal map data for pickups, you can not unlock the hand scanner panel with the Nova Beam at the same time that you launch any other pod. If you do, then the hand scanner will become sealed up and unable to become revealed again and you can't launch the satellite that would reveal upgrades on the Pirate Homeworld.
The safest method to avoid this is to launch all other satellite pods as soon as you obtain the upgrades before getting the Nova Beam.