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Wolfenstein is turning in its cryogenic tube


I hate hype. I really do. It makes any game look like the second coming of Jesus, but in the real world, the game is either crap or average. There are some exceptions, like Kingdom Hearts and Infamous, but generally speaking, hyped games are never really all that they're cracked up to be, especially when the hyped product is a pile of jizz. Meet Metroid Prime: Hunters, yet another victim of undeserved love. Just because there's access to online amongst some good graphics and music scores, does not mean that it's a good game. I'll go as far as saying that Metroid Prime: Hunters is a bad game...


How Not To Do A Metroid Game


When it comes to the long term main Nintendo licenses, Metroid has always stood out a little from the others. While the likes of Mario and Link have mostly come across as pure fantasy, and often colourful and bright, Metroid was the gritty realistic one (well, as realistic as sci-fi could be). There's no faraway kingdom of mushroom people, no young kids setting out into the world to defeat evil organisations and magic is not the answer to basically everything. Although I entered the series fairly late (Gamecube/Gameboy Advance era) I quickly came to love the series and what it delivered. Th...


Could Be the Best Shooter on the DS

The good:

There are many good things about this game, the graphics being one main importance, the online is another. There are also many game modes, which I’ll go into more depth with, later in the review.

The bad:

There are some bad things too, which come with a really competitive online game such as this. One thing is the game hackers. Everytime you go online, you basically get a hacker, which pretty much ruins any fun there might have been. Also, the game has glitches, which people also exploit online. Even though the game’s greatest point online, it’s probably it’s worst point too, I’ll elaborate on that later.


This game is a pretty good game overall, one of the best on the DS, but I don’t like it as much as most people do. The game feels as if it were a little rushed to me, coming out with a lot of glitches, and I don’t know why they’d rush, they had plenty of time. The graphics are really good, for the DS at least. Really one of the better looking games on the DS. The lines seem a little rough at times, but it’s nothing too horrible, game’s still pretty good. It’s pretty good stating that this was one of the earlier games on the DS, but the graphics are as good as those coming out. They were one...


Samus scans the DS and blows it apart...

The good:

-Amazing Graphics
-Amazing Sound
-Massive Single Player Mode
-7 Bounty Hunters To Unlock
-Addictive Wi-Fi Deathmatches
-Full Touch Screen Compatibility

The bad:

-A lot of going backwards on forwards in story mode
-Hackers make online play frustrating
-Some levels have annoying glitches in them.


With compelling games before Metroid Prime Hunters, it has big boots to fill, but trust me, Metroid Prime Hunters does the Metroid series a lot of justice.

The first thing you will notice before you even get to the main menu, is the stunning graphics. In the opening cut-scenes we are introduced to all of the bounty hunters in the game, each presented in crisp 3D graphics, and if you thought this was the start, you were so wrong!

In the story mode you play as the main bounty hunter, Samus Aran, who is sent to the Alimbic Cluster, when the Galactic Federation pick up a message from the cluster ...


Metroid Prime Hunters


While many are out there playing Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 for the Xbox 360 a select few remain loyal to the Nintendo DS. Why, because of Metroid Prime Hunters.
Metroid Prime Hunters is a first person shooter for the Nintendo DS that utilizes that touch screen a great deal. This game has the same first person perspective as the other Metroid Prime Games (not Metroid Prime Pinball). As in every other Metroid game you take role as Samus Aran the Galactic Federation's best bounty hunter. The GF receives an odd message saying that the Secret to Ultimate Power lies in the Alimbic Cluster.
The s...


Bounty Hunters Unite: Metroid Prime Hunters

The good:

7 different bounty hunters
a somewhat lengthy and challenging story mode
6 different affinity weapons
a choice of about 28 levels
Nintendo Wi-Fi compatible

The bad:

hackers on Wi-Fi connection
glitches in levels
the chance of fighting a foe of your skill level is low


Samus Aran is back in action once again! After receiving a telepathic message, she travels to the Tetra Galaxy in hopes of finding the weapon of ultimate power. She happens to meet multiple other bounty hunters along the way, including Kanden the Enoema, Spire the Diamont, Trace the Kriken, Weavel the Space-Pirate, Noxus the Vhozon, and a mysterious bounty hunter who hates Samus a great amount named Sylux.

There are various bosses along the way, and the other bounty hunters are somewhat of a mini-boss. They each have a specific power from their Affinity Weapon, including freezing, a sniper,...

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