Metroid Prime 3: Corruption review
Corruption At It's Finest

The good:

  • The innovative controls used to play this game

  • Compelling storyline

  • The all new Hyper mode!

    The bad:

  • The game is a bit too short


    Samus Aran makes a return with the latest game in the Prime trilogy, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


    A lot of new innovative controls were introduced to Corruption, and it's all thanks to the Wii's motion sensing controller. You can aim by moving the controller to the specific enemy you want to shoot, just as if you were in Samus' power suit. There's also certain parts of the game that make use of this feature, such as pulling things out, turning them, and putting them back. It's a really unique and great feature to play with.


    Nintendo has outdone themselves with the graphics done on this game. The environments are truly astonishing and will leave you in awe. The characters are done in great detail, including Samus' power suit. Also the power suit's visor is reflective enough so that you can see Samus' eyes, and how the corruption is getting worse and worse as the game progresses (I'll get on that later) and the enemies are also designed just as well. This graphics can be compared to that of a PS3 game.


    Now let's get down to the most important part of the game: Gameplay.

    Gameplay here has been improved far beyond its predecessors. In the beginning, you start off by controlling Samus' spaceship, and by using the controller, you set course toward the planet where the Federation are. Soon after getting there and meeting the Admiral, the place gets ambushed by space pirates. You, along with a few other bounty hunters, have to fend off these pirates. Then you find out there's an object that's on a collision course with the planet, so you have to get the generators back online. After getting all of them online, you and the other hunters are attacked by, you guessed it, Dark Samus. Just before you go into a coma, you activate the defense mechanism and destroy the object.

    After some time you wake up to find that all the other hunters are gone, but haven't been heard from. You also find out the you have phazon in your body, but that it's controlled with a device that allows you to use it as power. So now you're on a mission to find the other hunters, but as you progress, you'll soon know that there's more to the mission than meets the eye.

    There are new weapons abound in the game, and since they're stacked one upon another, you won't have to worry about losing one. An example includes the Nova Beam, which combined with the new X-ray visor, can make a deadly combination. Another visor, called the commander visor, allows you to control the ship and shoot down anything that gets in your way, which will happen.

    Now let me tell you about the Hyper mode. It's basically the greatest aspect in the game period. It makes your shots much more powerful than normal, gives you the abilty to actually attack while in morph ball, and can be used in conjunction with the grapple beam. Just make sure you don't stay in it for too long, or else you'll be fully corrupted and the game will end. Not only that, but some of the pirates can go hyper mode as well, so watch out for that.

    The boss battles are great but are either not that challenging or can be too difficult at times. Of course Ridley makes a return and you'll have another epic battle with him. There will also be a lot of other battles, some a bit surprising, up until you finally fight Dark Samus itself.

    There are so many other things that are worth mentioning that I may have forgot, but you'll have to play the game to find out.

    Overall this game is a must-have for any Wii owner with it's great gameplay, awesome graphics, and unique controls. I give it a 4.5 because it's an awesome game that is worth buying a Wii for.

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