Metroid Prime 3: Corruption review
Metroid Prime 3: The Game Every Wii-Fiend Should Have

The good:

-Upgraded graphics that are compete-able with the PS3.
-Great Controls with more of an immersing 1st person shooter feel.
-New upgrades and the ship control module allows you to fly to other planets.
-And now there is actually life where you go, not leaving you as the lone-hero on a desolate planet destined to kill hundreds of baddies.

The bad:

-Very few new upgrades and weapons, leaving you with very few "toys" to annihilate your foes.
-Very short storyline, meaning less game-play.
-Friend Voucher System is meaningless if you don't have any friends.


In this new installment of the Metroid Prime series Samus is put on the Wii console, giving people the "Intergalatic hero feel". The graphics of the game are astounding, enough so that you would think this is a PS3 game. Also, with the fact that you can communicate with other people, it gives this game a more realistic feel. The enemies in this game also have that touch of darkness that makes the Good Vs. Evil Ploy come to life. With the new ship control feature, your love of blowing things up soars through the skies, and this also allows you to fly to other planets and experience the diversity of animal life and history across some of the metroid galaxy. Boss fights are also more detailed and realistic in terms of combat.
On the other hand, with these new ideas of weaponry and what-not you have less at your disposal. For instance, in previous Metroid Prime titles you have a huge arsenal of weapons and "toys" at your command that you can use to obliterate the enemy. But, in this Metroid...you have very few weapons to use in primary combat; basically all you have is your gun and missiles (And on the occasion, ship bomb-raids). This is a severe setback that is usually accompanied with a short storyline (and believe me it is). The storyline is so short that you most likely could beat the game in eleven-and-a-half hours on your first try! Also, with the new rewards and unlock-ables system their is a flaw...Friend Vouchers!!! Their is absolutely no way of technically beating the game if you don't have any friends on your friends list, this presents its self as an annoying problem. Boss battles bieng visually stunning are to short and to the point, as the only time you get any real challenge is when you play extreme mode(or hypermode for those that have beaten it).
All-in-all, I give this game a 4.4 because of its great game-play and wonderful graphics, but it is to short. But, think of this game as a solar-eclipse, it rarely comes, but when it does, its a wonderful work of art that should be appreciated...although of its very short. Thanks for reading!

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