Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Tips

Three Gold Credits
When you first start the game, scan everything in your ship. When you land, keep on scanning. You talk to some Federation Troopers, next to them is a gold platform. Step onto it and play the game. You shoot the targets and keep them in the air. When you get ten points, you should get a gold credit. DO NOT SAVE!!! This is critical to your gold credits. If you save you will not get them. Move on and scan everything in sight. Go up the ramp and keep scanning until you get to the flag bridge. SCAN!!! There will be 3 computer people. Shoot one of them multiple times. A defense turret comes down. Destroy it and a level 2 will come out. Destroy that one and a level three will come out. Destroy it and you will get 2 more gold credits. GO SAVE NOW!!!!