Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Tips

Samus, "The Angel of Death"
This is for you guys that are having a really hard time trying to kill those pirate commandos on hypermode level. Well, until you actually the nova-beam your just a tad bit S.O.L. and will have to stick to hypermode attacks. But, if you have the nova-beam you can put on your X-ray visor and you'll notice a little red spot on the pirate commandos(or any other phazon based creature, like phazon metroids), that is their phazon-based brain. You simply lock on to them and shoot at it to get a instant-kill headshot(Which sucks for them due to the fact that your literally blowing their brains out of their head).

Hope that helps!!! I'm trying to look for ways to easily kill baddies!