Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Tips

Dark Samus Battle(All Modes)
When your fighting Dark Samus(or DS) on hyper mode she tends to use attacks that will prolong the battle to make you take damage more often(Like the attack that makes her spin around like a tornado with her other 2 clones). The aurora-unit battle that comes after that one is a doosey as well, but, at points in the battle you'll see a little robot bobble in-and-out of each of the 4 vents...SHOOT IT!!!! If you destroy this thing it'll give you a freebie at dealing damage to the aurora, making it droop its head and wave it back-and-forth. Basically, its putting a "SHOOT ME" sign on its forehead(And the funny thing is, you can do this over and over again, until you defeat it). The next stage of the battle will entail you fight a floating head(This will be deja-vu for anyone thats played Metroid Prime 2:Echoes). All you have to do is get behind it and shoot the shiny red spot, simple right...? WRONG!!! It floats around and above you, so you lose your lock-on when you try to dash around it(Frustrating...I know). What you do is shoot the mouth when it opens up, before it fires 1 big-az shot at you; or you could shoot this box-like thing that pops out from the bottom, before it shoots a blast at the floor to make a shockwave. The main attack you should watch out for is the attack that shoots 4 gold beams out in random directions. Oh, and to make this battle alittle can't regain any health during the last phase of the battle, you only get health back at the beginning of the floating head battle and thats it. Good Luck! Your going to need it!

P.S.: In hypermode his attacks do triple their usual damage.

P.S.S.:I wonder if I'm the first to beat this game on hypermode???