Metroid Fusion review
Metroid 4 - Fusion... Perfect?

The good:

New suit, good story, new weapons, great music, cool new ennemies, and old ones too! What more could you want???

The bad:

Though Samus returns with a new suit, not everyone likes it. Graphics aren't great... but they aren't bad either.


Metroid 4 marked the new line of Metroid games in the year 2002 as the first Metroid game to be released in the new melenium. In this adventure, Samus ( the Heroine ) returns in a new suit ( yay? ) and is ordered to investigate an unknown explosion on a research station. Upon her arrival, it soon becomes clear that the entire station has been infected by parasites, and it's up to Samus to destroy them... or die trying.

This installement in the Metroid series came with new weapons, including the Diffusion missile. New ennemies, namely the X parasites. New challenges, new puzzles, new allies, and a great finish that will leave you speechless... or close to it, because you'll still need to tell all your friends about how great it is, right?

In conclusion, this game is a must have for any GBA collection, and get's a 4.5 out of 5 from me.

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