Metro: Last Light

  • Released on May 14, 2013
  • By for PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Metro: Last Light (PC) Cheats

Metro: Last Light cheats, Unlockables, and Codes for PC.


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Diary Page Locations
Throughout the game you have opportunities to collect pages from Artyom's diary; there are 43 in all
UnlockableHow to unlock
Chapter 1-
Page 1Atop a chair next the elevator you need to use to continue; grab it before entering
Chapter 2-
Page 2Hidden in a corner at the end of a path past the ladder leading out of the sewer; clear away the webs in the way by using a lighter
Chapter 3-
Page 3Atop a wooden crate across the room from the corpse with the throwing knives
Chapter 4-
Page 4In a desk near your starting point in the chapter
Chapter 5-
Page 5In the second story of the building you fight your way to after separating from your partner; once inside, find it atop an old terminal
Page 6On a desk near the man who surrenders, before you exit the area
Chapter 6-
Page 7Atop a desk in a room near the switch you need to activate toward the end of the chapter, before meeting up with Pavel
Chapter 7-
Page 8Found on a skeleton to your right once you climb the subway car
Page 9On a corpse to the left of the entrance of the nesting ground, accessible once you need to split up with Pavel
Chapter 8-
Page 10On the bar countertop near the start of the chapter
Page 11On the ground near Pavel, after experiencing a flashback cutscene
Chapter 9-
Page 12Locate a blanket you can step through after getting past the sentries to find some bunk beds; the diary page is on the lower left bunk
Page 13On a bench just outside the theater; grab it before going inside
Chapter 11-
Page 14On a desk near the exit door at the bottom of a staircase, after getting past three enemies but before encountering the next group
Page 15At the back corner of a room where the soldier is working out
Page 16On a desk near the switch used to de-activate the fans
Page 17On a desk near the two talking soldiers
Chapter 12-
Page 18Locate a doorway blocked by water leading to a flooded area; the diary page is found on a corpse next to a vent cover toward the end of the path inside. You will be ambushed shortly after reaching this area, so grab the page before that happens
Chapter 13-
Page 19On a suit found in an open bathroom past the irradiated areas
Page 20After reaching the fork in the main railway, head right and locate a room where a man is being tortured; defeat the hostile enemies, then find the page next to the victim
Chapter 14-
Page 21On a boat near the beginning of the chapter
Chapter 15-
Page 22In a box to the left of the desk you are lead to by an NPC
Page 23Right by Pavel, near the strip club
Chapter 16-
Page 24Inside a building guarded by creatures, near the wrecked tanker; go inside and find the page on a desk in the rooms to the right
Chapter 17-
Page 25In the building where you find the night-vision googles (toward the beginning of the chapter), locate a room to the left of a fallen wall ramp; the page is on the floor to the back of this room
Chapter 19-
Page 26Inside a subway car in a large room; a guard will have his back facing toward the car you need to locate
Chapter 20-
Page 27On a desk in the opposite direction of a crowd you will be lead to by some NPCs; grab the page before turning back to the follow them
Page 28On a desk across from where you meet Khan
Chapter 21-
Page 29In a locker near a corpse; grab it while Khan is looking in a curved chamber
Chapter 22-
Page 30Atop a box to your right after boarding the train car
Chapter 23-
Page 31Found amidst corpses in an alcove to the right of the stairs which you are directed to climb
Page 32Atop a sunken boat frozen halfway into the sheet of ice you need to traverse
Chapter 24-
Page 33On a desk inside on office to the left of the escalators; grab the page before ascending
Chapter 25-
Page 34Once you have access to a newly opened passage after the appearance of a mysterious figure, continue and enter the first door to your left; the page is in the back corner of the room with bars
Chapter 26-
Page 35Next to a phone on a table near the beginning of the chapter
Page 36Near the mutant's nest on the roof of the building after using the ladder
Chapter 27-
Page 37Found amidst the skeletons in the catacombs to the left of where you start the chapter
Page 38Locate a tunnel entrace once you enter a flooded room where an enemy runs past you; the page is near a corpse inside this tunnel
Chapter 28-
Page 39Near a corpse to your left after your encounter with the Mother
Page 40After ascending a flight of stairs near the end of the chapter, look to your left to find the page
Chapter 29-
Page 41On an old couch to the left of the double doors leading into an area full of people
Chapter 30-
Page 42Near a radio next to the weapon merchant, accessible after the speech
Page 43Near an ammo cache to your right, before jumping onto the final platform after destroying the tanks