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Metal Slug X Combat School Guide

by Linkman214   Updated to v1.0 on
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                                              COMBAT SCHOOL GUIDE

Version 1.0
By Nick Montefusco (Linkman214)
September 19, 2003
Copyright 2003-2004

Hey! And welcome to my Metal Slug X Combat School Guide. I've decided
to make a guide for one of the Best 2d shooter games ever, I hope you
enjoy. If you find any Errors in the guide, give me an e-mail
( and you'll be given credit. That e-mail also
goes for any comments or suggestions you have. Anyway, please enjoy the

    Table of Contents

   I: What is Combat School?
II: Joining the Army/ Discharging the Army
III: Rankings
IV: Pin Point
V: Survival
VI: Personal
VII: Top 5
VIII: Chatting with Instructor Meg
IX: Conclusion
X: Contact Info


I: What is Combat school?

Combat School is one of the many extras, Put into Metal Slug X. It
tests your skills as a Metal Slug Player, and can only be enabled
after beating the first sage in Arcade mode.  In Combat school,
there is an Instructor named Meg. Who will act as your drill
sergeant. The higher your rank, The More she'll come on to you ;);)
In Combat School, there are two Modes. Survival and Pin Point,
Completing these modes will be the only way to raise your Ranking.

II: Joining/Discharging the Army

This is where it all begins, or....Well ends depending on what you
choose. When you join the army, you must have at least completed the
first stage in Arcade, Now if you already have done that. (Which I'm
assuming you have) There is the Registration form. Which will, make
you fill out the following
[Name]  Obviously, you're going to fill out whatever name you'd like
to be called. Not much to say there.

[Birthday] First you must fill out the Year, Then the Month you were
born. Then the day.

[Blood] Yes, you are asked to fill out your blood type. Type ranges
from, Rh+,Rh-, A,B,O, And, AB.

      [Sex] Male or Female.
Well, after filling out the form, you're now enlisted! Woooooo *party
music plays* Hold up, you may have joined up, But your rank is just a
simple low recruit. And Meg isn't going to treat you so well, until you
start showing some real performance.

Discharging from the Army

Giving up already huh? Well Discharging from the army is basically
deleting a registered name, now sometimes Meg will try and talk you out
of it. Depending on your rank, you'll get comments from. "What? (You're
Name) You just got here, Talk about fickle" And other harsh comments.
Or," I was rough on you (Your name) you got a future, don't give up
yet! I believe in you" Well whatever Meg may say, The Choice to leave
is yours. Just remember, once you go. There's no way to come back.

III: Rankings

Ah, probably what you've all been waiting for. The Ranking is as

In Order from Highest to lowest
General of Army
Lieutenant General
Major General
Brigadier General
Lieutenant Colonel
First Lieutenant
Second Lieutenant
Chief Warrant officer
Warrant Officer
Sergeant Major
Master Sergeant
Sergeant first class
Staff Sergeant
Private First class

Unfortunately, I'm not entirely sure. What rank needs what points, if
anyone finds out any info on this. Please give me an E-mail, and you will be given full credit.

IV: Pin point

In Pin point, you choose stages 1-6, and clear them as quickly as
possible. Although there is a catch. Here's a little list of rules that

>	No matter the setting in the Option Menu, the default number of
lives is three. The game ends when all three lives are lost, and
you will be given no points.

>	Vehicle Armor has been decreased; one hit is enough to blow up
your vehicle.

>	All Weapons (Not including Your Vehicle cannons, or grenades)
Have unlimited ammo, this is extremely helpful. So open fire, And
run like hell

>	When the game is paused, the following options are available.
Continue Retry, Mission Select, And Exit.

In Pinpoint, Every time you clear a stage, you are awarded points.
Depending on how fast you clear it, the more points you get. Here are a
few tips for each stage.

Stage1: This is the easiest stage to clear, you should be able to ace
this using your own style, and at least clear it in 2 minutes, Or less.

Stage 2: This can get tricky, especially during the boss battle. But
the trick to success, is grabbing the super shotgun at the beginning of
the stage, and grab no other weapon. With this, you'll be able to beat
the boss with 10-15 hits.

Stage 3: This level can be tricky and frustrated as well, or extremely
easy. Once again, Grab the super shotgun that appears near the
beginning of the stage and nothing else, plow through everything and
you'll be fine.

Stage 4: A pain in the A** this takes practice, Make sure you grab the
heavy machine gun from the POW hanging by his hands, Then quickly plow
through everything with guns blazing. (Make sure you jump over sandbags
and cars) If a Motorcycle is coming at you, Fire a few rounds in its
direction, or simply run under it. And you should be okay.
Throw grenades to quickly dispose of the tank that comes, and throw
grenades at the trolley car to get it out of your way. When you come up
to the missile wells, just run like hell over them. Your jumps should
be timed perfectly; you can either avoid or knife the soldiers, but
just keep on the move. Afterwards when the wheelie cannon comes at you;
quickly throw grenades to dispose of it. You'll approach the final
well, and when you do. Be sure to duck down and grab the laser from the
POW there. This will be extremely helpful. Once you dodge the Scuba
soldiers, Keep running, and either throw grenades over the sandbags. Or
Jump and take out the middle row of soldiers, Then Aim up and take out
the mortar men, Then down for the snipers. Now, the next part can be
extremely tough. But it can also be extremely easy.  When you take out
the first UFO, Do not grab the Heavy, Instead Just run forward with
your laser blasting, don't jump or anything. Just keep moving forward,
with your laser blasting. The only time I recommend jumping is when you
make it to the sandbags the snipers are behind. Or simply throw a
grenade over the sand bags, and take them out. Hop into the Metal Slug,
and take out the remaining UFOs, I recommend taking the super flame
shot, One of them drops. After you plow your way through the rest of
the enemies. You'll come across the boss, which is fairly easy. If
you're fat, then you have an Advantage in fire power. So just take him
out, quickly.

Stage 5: This can be a real toughie, but take your time on your first
shot. As soon as the level begins, Release your chute. And once you hit
the ground, Blow up the car to your left. There are two items you can
get, The Rocket Launcher or the Laser. We want the laser, so if you get
the Rocket Launcher, Simply just retry the stage until you get it. The
laser will help greatly.  Pretty much, just plow through everyone.
Carefully dodging soldiers trying to knife you, and helicopter fire.
You should make it through without losing a life, if you're good
enough. If you lose one life, then don't worry. Once you get to the
tunnels. Grab the Super laser from the POW. And pretty much use the
same strategy of dodging and blasting. Once you get to the last Train,
and destroy it. There will be a Super Grenade. The Ultimate Weapon in
the game. Grab this, and nothing else. With this Weapon you will be
unstoppable.  So once you make into the Mutant Sewers. Simply ignore
the cranes, and plow through everything. (All mutants will die in one
hit by the super grenade) Just keep plowing until you get to the end of
the stage, Hop into the slugnoid, and use all of its cannons on the
sub, if your Cannon ammo depletes, Then Self destruct it into the Sub,
Then Fire like a mad man with your super grenade. And the boss will be
dead in a matter of Seconds.

Stage 6: At the beginning of the level, When you parachute in. Look on
the left hand side and there should be a sign, if you shoot the sign
while jumping and aiming down. A POW will come out and give you a heavy
machine gun, this comes in handy. Continue through the level, dodging
as many missiles as you can. If you lose a life before making up to
Allen 'O' Neil (The big bulk Rambo commando guy) then restart the stage
over. Once you get up to the twisty bridge, their should be a sign.
Jump up and shoot down on the sign to receive the Iron lizards. And
make a mad dash across the bridge while firing, Avoiding as many
missiles as possible. Once you get to the end of the bridge and take
out the squad behind the sand bags. Continue on until you come up to a
shield solider dressed in a yellowish tan uniform. Kill him and take
the heavy machine gun. This is extremely important. You will be in an
are with several platforms that look something like this

     <Commander comes here        <You want to be here
 ----------           ----------

------             ---------

I marked where you want to be, the commander will begin to laugh and
taunt you, Get ready to jump. Cause he'll fire straight at you right
away. The idea is to stay on the top right platform at all times,
shooting in the direction the commander is, His grenades cannot reach
you. But just be sure to dodge his bullets by jumping. After practice,
or if your skillful enough, you should be able to beat him without
losing a single life. Continue on through the level. Up until a point
where you meet several snipers upon a metal girder, There should be a
POW right underneath it that will give you Enemy chasers, Be sure to
hang on to these. As they will come in handy. Basically continue on
through the level with the enemy chasers, and once you come upon the
area. In which you see a super shotgun right before the aliens start
coming. Grab it immediately and don't grab any other weapon. Use the
super shotgun against the final boss and you should be fine. Don't
worry if you lose a life here. Just try and beat it without losing your
initial 2 lives. Once you beat this, your rank will increase

V: Survival

Absolutely no mistakes are allowed in this mode. This mode can only be played when
you have completed all stages in arcade mode. There are rules that apply to this mode,
and they are as follows.

>	All Weapons (Not including Your Vehicle cannons, or grenades)
Have unlimited ammo, this is extremely helpful. So open fire, And
run like hell

>	Vehicles are not available

>	One mistake, And its game over

>	When the game is paused during this mode, the following Options are available.
Continue and Exit

I don't really have any tips for survival; it's mostly based on skill. But try to do grab the
weapons that I listed in Pin Point.

VI: Personal

Select this to view, Individual scores. Instructor Meg will make comments, Depending on
how well you've done. This also displays your rank, Badge, Distance traveled in
Survival, and Your times for each stage.

VII: Top 5

Click the Top 5 to view the best five scores in Pin point or Survival. Meg will comment
depending on how well you do.

VIII: Chatting With instructor Meg

When the Combat school Menu appears, Press the Square button. To Chat with Meg, in
this mode, you will find out a lot of info about Meg, (Weight, Measurements, Height,
Etc) She will ask if you have a girlfriend at one point. I believe there is a bug, that saying
Yes, Will mean No. And saying No will mean, Yes. How much Meg talks, and tells you
about herself. All depends upon your ranking. So the higher you go, the more she
becomes to like you. And what happens when you get the highest rank? Well, you'll just
have to find out and see.

IX: Conclusion

Well this concludes the guide; I hope you have found it helpful. If you would like to use
the guide, for your site, or whatever. Feel free to, but just be sure to give me credit. And
an E-mail saying. "Hey I'm going to use your guide, that's okay right?" Something along
the likes of there. You can get my e-mail from above, or from the Contact info which will
follow below. Now I'd like to give a Special thanks to...

SNK: For making such a great Series known as Metal slug, God bless you SNK!

Agetec: For publishing such a great game

Myself: For actually finishing this guide

You: For reading, I hope My Guide helped you

X: Contact

Questions, Comments, Suggestions. Whatever it may be, my e-mail is any praise would be greatly appreciated. Please try to use as
much proper English as possible, so it is at least readable. Thanks! Hope you enjoyed


"We choose our own Paths in life, we don't need anyone to guide us or give us a map"