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Guns Akimbo, Hard As Nails


Metal Slug is a series that gained popularity on SNK’s Neo Geo, where it became known as a hard as nails side scrolling shooter that only the elite can even hope to get through relatively unscathed. While the Neo Geo may have faded away this series hasn’t and so the PS2 is home to the third instalment of the run and gun so hard it has brought burly men to tears.

The game has a certain goofy charm about its visuals. There is an air of exaggeration with the designs with the intention of making it look silly and it works a treat. There’s just something about green garbed soldiers running around...


Old-Skool gaming at best.

The good:

Flawless gameplay
2 minigames
Great weapons and power-ups
Slick 2D graphics
4 characters
Budget price
Cool vehicles
Varied enemies

The bad:

Really short
Some my diss it for being basic


Metal Slug 3 is really good game. SNK invented the Metal Slug series in the early 90's and they are still classic gems to play. Metal Slug has been known for frantic, crazy and frankly mad gameplay. This is still in this game.

The game is in 2D making it simple to control with square to fire and circle to throw your bombs. You are thrown into the first beach level with your handgun and bombs. Then you'll need blast the hell out of everything in your path. You will be killing zombies, crabs, snails, soldiers, robots, clones and it doesn't stop. This game is incredibly varied. Ocean, forest, s...

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