Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty HD Edition review
Best MGS game

The good:

- Two playable characters
- Graphics
- Unlock items
- Bosses
- Storyline

The bad:

- Short game


Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, followed from the big hit Metal Gear Solid on Playstation. This adventure follows Snake and a new character called Raiden, where you fight to defeat Solidus. The storyline is very more indepth within this game, rather than the last and leaves the game open to so much more.

Despite the game having a very involved storyline, it's a short game, which seems to be the only down point to this game, for me. I enjoy playing the game, each time, but I can complete the game very quickly, as there isn't a great deal of tasks to do and when you think about it, it may seem long, but it's in fact, a very short game.


The gameplay is much like Metal Gear Solid, where you access your weapons, rations etc. by press R2 and L2 to bring up each menu. The camera angle is very similar, but a lot more accurate. The newest option is able to aim your gun in First Person view by pressing and holding R1. This helps for accuracy, and the ability to hold up guards easy.

The graphics from the gameplay and fmv's are stunning. For an early PS2 game, the graphics are nicely done. They're very smooth and bright, which gives the game a nice feel when playing.

The stealth aspect of this game is very nicely done, in comparison to the previous title. Yes, the classic hiding under a box is back in full swing, but you can hide in lockers, peak behind walls to shoot, crawl under a table etc. However, if you're spotted by an enemy, the alarm will go off and a team of enemies storm into your area to search for you. However, in this game, you can blow out the enemies radios so that they can't call for backup, you can also take out one of their arms so they can't shoot you either, which helps.


There are some new enemies in this game which makes the game a lot more interesting. Every boss is different, some are even supernatural. Depending on which mode, some of the bosses come across as very hard, especially to new players. You even get the chance to fight off many Metal Gears which is a tough fight.

Unlock items:

The unlockables in this game are similar to those in Metal Gear Solid, more so in Snakes chapter than Raidens chapter of the game. Snake still has the Bandana and Stealth camoflauge after unlocking them, whereas Raiden has 4 unlocks. Those being; Brown wig, Orange wig, Blue wig and Stealth. Each wig is different, the brown wig giving you infinite ammo, the orange wig giving you infinite grip when hanging and the blue wig giving you infinite air when underwater.

Every one of these items are a lot of fun to use, and some are harder to unlock than others.

Playable Characters:

A lot of fans were disappointed they didn't get to play as the Legend himself, Solid Snake for the majority of the game. Since Snake is only playable in the Tanker chapter of the game, which is the shortest, old fans of the MGS series were disheartened. The second chapter introduces the new character, Raiden who you play the biggest majority of the game as.


Overall, the whole game is amazing and definitely one of my favourites of the MGS series. For hardcore MGS fans, it's not rated highly and isn't considered one of their favourite of the series, because of the lack of game time you play as Solid Snake. Apart from this, it's an excellent game and completely worth the play.

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