Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty HD Edition review
Almost made it.

The good:

*Game Play
*Two stories
*Wide Weapon Selection

The bad:

*Game length
*2nd Story


Summary-After the first game, (Metal Gear Solid), Snake, and his friend Otagon are looking for a new type of Metal Gear, after snake is disbaned from his old military group. (Fox-Hound.) Later in the story Another Hero, Raidan, a member of Fox-Hound meets up with snake, going under the name of Pliskin. Raidin has to battle and beat members of a terrorist group to help secure Metal Gear.

Review-If you haven't played the first game, you really should. The Graphics are good, showing you even the little details on the hostage terrorists. There is a wide selection of weapons, but I try and stick to non-leathal weapons, like a tranq. They should have also took some of the blood out of the game. I mean it's ok when you shoot someone and blood goes on the wall, but shooting them after there dead, and then they spray blood, thats unreal. There are two story lines, short though. This is a game I recommend you rent more then buy. You really have to play this game though, The ending is quite mysterious.

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