Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty HD Edition review
Medal Gear Solid 2

The good:

I plot of this game and what you have to do.
The weapons in this game are great.The game has is very real from weapons to facts.

The bad:

Takes some stuff from the first Medal Gear Solid but change it.The AI could be better.This game was short to, but I'm very good at this game and beat it in three to four hours.


You first start off will as snake on a tanker.ON the tanker you must get pic's of a new Medal Gear for the U.S. Marines. Terriestes take over the ship.This point
make no sense how about 120 to 240 terriiest take over this ship will over 1000 U.S. Marines and the marines don't even know.Some after you take the pic's Revoler
from the first Medal Gear Solid blow up the tanker and steals the new Meadal Gear.

Everyone think Snake is dead.Terriestes have taken over an oil plant with the preinent of the U.S.A. and
you Raiden stop them.The U.S has depoyed SEALs.Atfer
you make the two SEAL teams are killed and you meet
up with Snake but you don't know it's him because he's
dress up like a SEAL.TO say the rest of the game well that would be ruin the story for you.

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