Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty HD Edition review
Amazing game...

The good:

Everything! The graphics, the gameplay, the weapons, the characters, the voice acting, the character animation, the fun factor, the extras, the replay value....

The bad:

Not very stealth oriented....


This game is great. I found myself beating this game over and over again. It just doesn't get old. The replay value is through the roof!

They have a great storyline to go along with it as well. Its a fun, addictive game. A sure buy for any adventure game lover. I can guarantee you won't want to put this game down for hours to come.

The only beef I have with it is that it isn't very stealth oriented. You can basically just run into a room with 10 guards and blow them all away within seconds without even getting shot once!

To add to that, the A.I. in this game isn't very good either. You can walk in front of a guard and stand there for 3 seconds before he takes notice of you and shoots you.

Overall Outcome: Buy It!

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