Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty HD Edition review
Another Solid Snake

The good:

Hey, c'mon it's Metal Gear!
Stealth, stealth, s t e a l t h!
This is a good place for a stick-up!
Graphics are explosive
Amazing Storyline and cutscenes
Dog Tags

The bad:

Raiden is a little on the 80's glam rock tip - looks too much like singer from Poison
Shoulda just stuck with snake
Guys you just can't scare by sticking a gun in their faces
Respawning enemies that you've already done away with
A little short and dare I say easy


Solid doesn't appear in the title of these games for nothing. Metal Gear has shown what it means to be a staple game series. I remember all the way back to NES, when we were first introduced to hiding in a cardboard box(let's see #1 or #2.)

Loaded with a new storyline and some new features, this game is basically just an add-on to the earlier "Solid." It plays virtually the same, and works practically the same as the PS One game (which I might add is a damn good thing.) Stick with what works I say, especially when you have a winning combination.

Perhaps, this is why the main character - Raiden is a kind of disappointment. Yes I did say Raiden - not Snake, even though they call him Snake at first. He's like the offshoot of a sperm cell of big boss or something like that, a twisted sister, if you will, of "our" beloved Snake. He looks a tad girly and is a bit too whiny for my tastes. I was kinda hoping that running into the real Snake would straighten him out a bit, but he still whines. Don't worry though - he's just as strong as Snake and can move just the same. He even has a flipping girly gymnastics move that can prove to be very useful. Don't get me wrong though, Raiden is okay, he just ain't Snake - dammit!

The gameplay and graphics are stand-out top notch. The stealth seems as if it has been enhanced from the earlier PSOne game, and the weapons are all here again, with the addition of a new non-lethal dart-gun. I really wanted confirmed kills, so I break necks and toss the suckers overboard. Don't worry they respawn when you go inside, so your kills are never permanent for all you sinner types - I find this a little lame, personally. When you are dead meat, you are dead meat, right?

Anyhow, the game is split into two parts. the very quick Snake flashback part, and the much longer Raiden part. The Snake bit is the coolest, especially sneaking past row upon row of elite soldier to photograph the all-new and improved metal gear. But Raiden gets his share of fun too, especially with that sword.

The only real problem with this game is that it's not all that challenging. I beat it fairly easily with no real hair pulling, fist punching, or controller cracking. The only really difficult boss was the final all-out assault by a million and one metal gears. But, there's a simple trick to that and once you master it - it's like taking candy from a sixth grader.

There are some really cool effects though, and some of the levels are very challenging, just not too challenging. There is great scenery throughout this game, especially in the lockers. There are probably a few 12 year olds spending an inordinate amount of time in the locker rooms of MGS:SOL, watch out moms of the world, your children are being corrupted.

Don't be a dunce, buy this game - this is a must have. You can't live or breathe without it.

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