Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty HD Edition Tips

Johnny's double appearance!!
You guys remember Johnny from MGS1 with the stomach ache problem? Well, it turns out he's 'heard' TWICE in MGS2! There's an older cheat telling you where the 1st appearance is. I'll tell you both.

1st appearance: In Shell 1-Core where the hostages are being held. Once you found Agent Ames and start to listen in on the conversation between Ocelot and Solidus (fake Solid Snake), turn the Directional Mic somewhere towards the left to the corner of the room. You'll hear Johnny complaining about his stomach ache in the lavatory. haha

2nd appearance: I found this out by accident following up on the "Dirty Thoughts" cheat on this page. When you're in the sniping position for clearing the path for Emma Emmerich (E.E.)at the oil fence, you can listen in on Snake's "dirty thoughts"..Now, instead, when E.E. reaches the second "Checkpoint" (it's the big tower) on the oil fence, point the Directional Mic towards the tower she's at and you should be able to hear a conversation between E.E. and Johnny! I personally thought this was more hilarious than the other one! haha!