Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty HD Edition Tips

Find Ames Without Interruption From Guards
When you get to the part where your mission is to find Ames, go to the B2 floor of the shell 1 core. After grabbing the Directional Microphone, go to the right of that room where there are 4 lockers. If you look in First Person View, you will see a Book on top of it. Punch at the locker it is on top of. After Raiden performs his spinning kick, 5 Books will fall to the floor. Grab them all, and head to B1. Watch the Guard's path. Find an open spot that he goes to, that also has no hostages nearby (such as in between the tables, or by the counter), and put one book down. He will stop and look at it, giving you a few minutes that you can use to find Ames. After a bit, the book disappears, and you can just put another one down for him. This also helps, because he won't hear it if you ask the wrong hostage and they make noise.