Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty HD Edition Cheats

Cool Things
Bathroom Problems - When listening to convo between Solidus and Ocelot, press left to direct
the mic at the bathroom for hilarious results!

Daze the Guards - When a guard spots you, a blue exclamtion mark will appera above his head.
Shoot it and you'll knock out that guard temporarily.

Extreme Mode - After beating the game once, you'll unlock this difficulty level.

Get digital camera - After beating the game, you can play the game over with the digital
camera in your inventory.

Get the Wig - Get every dog dag in plant and tanker episodes. Then start a new game and save.
You will then have the wig in your inventory giving you unlimited ammo and you will not have to

Stronger Snake - Any time hanging from a bar or edge, push R or L2 to do a pull-up. After you
complete 100, your strength will rise.

Skip Codec Text - Press the triangle button twice to skip all codec text.

Message from Otacon - Take pictures of the girl posters and upload them to Otacon instead of
the pictures of Metal Gear Rey and see his response!

Waking up Guards - To wake up a guard, just spray coolant on his face.

Zooming in on Cut Scenes - To do this, press R1.