Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty HD Edition Cheats

Fun in the tanker holds
There are lots easter eggs/cheats in the tanker holds:

* Take a photo of the right screen in Hold 2 when it is off - it's Hideo!

* In hold 2, press triangle near the projector to change screens. Do it enough and a movie with a Japanese model will start. Do it again and it'll appear on both screens. But eventually, after pressing it one too many times, it'll change back into Scott Dolph, and you will be caught. (unavoidable)

* Upload various pictures to Otacon for funny responses - try taking a picture of: a girly poster, the Raven doll, several pictures of Scott Dolph (the guy giving the long speech), the Eyewire poster, the Mooch couple in one photo, a Marine in his underwear and Revolver Ocelot (see below). There are many others, just try a few.

* If you look carefully from the platform/catwalk you climb up to, after crawling through all the vents into Hold 3 (where there is a pole you can slide down), unequip your weapon and look over the edge in first person mode. You can see Ocelot. Take a picture and send it to Otacon. And no, you can't shoot Ocelot.

* Not really an easter egg or cheat, but stil fun: if you have stealth, stand in the corner of the marines and face them, and perform a spinning kick. Watch every single marine in the room go flying and fall over as they all fall into each other. Also take a look at the now multi-color radar! You can also only kick and knock out specific rows of guards, so you can drag away a guard for their dog tag, instead of tranquilizing each and every guard.

* On the second play-through, all the marines in hold 3 will be in boxers.

* Getting caught in different rooms give you different endings.