Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty HD Edition Cheats

A little help beating Fatman and Vamp
It is helpful when in the boss battle with Fatman to lay down a few claymore mines in various spots. That way, while you are running around difusing his bombs, and he is skating around taunting you and planting more bombs, the mines can do some of the job of killling him. That is to say, instead of relying solely on cathcing up to him and shooting him, you can also get part of the job of killing him done this way while you are busy defusing bombs, and time spent difusing bombs is not time spent 100% without inflicting any damage on him. Now, he won't run into every mine you lay, he may only run into one or two, but it helped me kille him. It also helped me conserve gun amo because I did not have to always rely on shooting him to get him to fall in order to get a shot or two blasted in his big bald head. The bombs would lay him out in one felled swoop and all I had to do was run over and shoot his head before he got up. Now, you have to be sure not to run into the field of view of the mines yourself but I did not have trouble avoiding them. Hope this helps you. Also, when fighting Vamp, you can shoot him with stinger missles even when he is under water. Also, if you launch a grenades into the water, they will inflict damage on him when he swims into them. I submitted these tips because I did not see them anywhere else.