Metal Warriors Cheats

Metal Warriors cheats, Tips, and Codes for SNES.


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Secret platform
When in the Ice stage in two player mode, use the Spider and get the upside-down item. Go to the far end and go to the lift. Move back a bit and use the upside-down item to reach the highest point of the level. You should see a few dots. Land on top of it and you will be standing on them. This will not work with any more warriors.
Special Head-to-Head mode.
Successfully complete the game, then return to the main menu. A ???? option will be unlocked. This is a special head-to-head mode where play one is in a nitro. Player two is a ballistic, but shaped like a basketball, with what appears to be a programmers head inside.
The Tower Bonus Level
Successfully complete level 7 without using any continues up to that point.


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More damage
Press A when close to an opponent.