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Sleek and shiny even after 25 years


One of the biggest crimes in gaming is that Metal Storm never got as big as it had every right to get. I guess being featured on the cover of an issue of Nintendo Power can only do so much. But really, Metal Storm is a game where you gun down all sorts of enemy robots, come face to face with many different bigger robots with all sorts of different weaponry and go through many well designed rooms each with their own sort of gimmick that takes full advantage of what you have to utilize like gravity reversal and continuous scrolling if there’s no solid ground underneath. Really, each level pla...


Gravity manipulation was never this good


Metal Storm is one of those games that was very well designed and didn't really have anything wrong with it. Hell, I consider it to be perfect! The only problem was lack of advertising. I don't know about you, but I don't remember seeing any adverts for Metal Storm on Youtube or anything. The only bit of advertising I remember was the cover of an issue of Nintendo Power (issue number escapes me atm), but I guess it could only do so much; as in get a few people to buy it and play it, but then not care about later on, and I'm bloody spewing! After buying this game off Ebay and playing through...


Quite possibly the most fun game for the NES, wish it wasn't so underrated!

The good:

Fun and unique gameplay; visuals look stunning especially for their time; even with great visuals, the game hardly ever lags, and when it does, it's not that bad of a moment anyway; fair difficulty (albeit some frustrating parts); never a dull moment; keeps you coming back; bosses are quite challenging and forces you to use your brain to come up with a strategy; hell a lot of things are good about this game!

The bad:

Can get frustrating at parts; casual gamers may not like the high difficulty in the later levels.


Detailed Summary:
As an M-308 gunner, your mission is to go through some factory and blow crap up to save the earth. Well, what you have to blow up are hostile robots hellbent on destroying the world. Okay, not an elaborate story, but hey, it was 1990 when this game was made, give it a break. The story is still a good story, maybe a bit cliched by today's standards, but cut it some slack.

When I heard of this game from the Happy Video Game Nerd (Youtube user), I decided to try it out, and to be perfectly honest, it's as good as he says it is, maybe better. What sucks is that it's an obscure g...

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