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Metal Slug 7 Action Replay Codes

Invincible Code (DS) North America

Invincible Cheat Code
220f7c78 0000005f

Infinite Lives (DS) North America

Infinite Lives
220f7ef7 000000ff
220f7ef8 000000ff

Infinite Primary Ammo (DS) North America

Infinite Primary Ammo
120f7cb4 0000ffff

Infinite Secondary Ammo (DS) North America

Infinite Secondary Ammo
220f7cb1 000000ff
220f7cb2 000000ff

Max Multiplier (DS) North America

Max Multiplier
220f7cc9 00000040
220f7cca 00000072

All Levels Unlocked (DS) North America

All Levels Unlocked
220f4ae8 00000006

100% POW's Rescued (DS) North America

100% POW's Rescued
d5000000 000000ff
c0000000 0000000c
d8000000 020f5620
d2000000 00000000

Always Have Grenades (DS) North America

Always Have Grenades
220f7cb0 00000001

Always Have Fire Bombs (DS) North America

Always Have Fire Bombs
220f7cb0 00000002