METAL SLUG 3 review
Wow, This Has Been Hyped-Up

The good:

The Good-
Classic 2D Gaming at it's best
Wide range of power-ups and vehicles
Challenging, to say the least
"Heavy Machinegun!"

The bad:

The Bad-
Too short
Patience needed
Unfair situations (i.e. You with a pistol vs 20 000 men with rocket launchers and tanks)
"RockET Lowncher!"


The Ugly-
Graphics. Though not really important, and to be fair, the series has to keep it's look, but they aren't great. Especially for current generation consoles.

This game is good. But it's short and hard to be considered as great as people are making it out to be.

The thing is; I read some of the other user reviews and they said this game was freaking awesome. It's not that good. It's fun, and a quick blast. But no game that is this short can be a brilliant game. I love it, but I have to bring down the hype so that people don't go under the impression that it's the best game ever.

About the game:
You chose 1 of 4 characters (2 players allowed). Then your game begins with your selected character (either Marco, Fio, Eri or Tarma) lands in the sea. You run onto the beach and see you first enemy; a giant crab. This is where the carnage begins. As you blast through the side-scrolling mess of dead enemies you find new guns and vehicles to kill things with. From the basic power-up of the "Heavy Machinegun!" to the Metal Slug tank itself. The game is one giant bullet-dodging, zombie-shooting soldier-stabbing action packed race form start to finish. Which can't be a bad thing.

The truth is that this is a good game, but if you're not into 2D gaming or the Metal Slug series, chances are you're not going to enjoy it as much as some people would.

I bought my copy for £8, and I enjoy the Metal Slug series. I suppose I was a bit lucky. If you find a copy for cheap, buy it. I doubt you'll regret it, just don't go expecting the world from it.

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