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Metal Saga cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Fast leveling in the early game
Early on you have little money, and only a buggy and perhaps a mosquito.... so how can you make a good amout of money, and xp, without getting your head blown off.

For this I highly recommend you are at least lvl 14 and deck out your 2 vehicles with the best engine, c-unit, and as much armor as you can possibly carry. you will also need 2500g.

Take the train from east zero and then head directly east to dowan. Run like a rabbit from any encounters, unless its a single enemy, in which case dont hold back the firepower. Rent both tanks at Dowan, then go out in your rented tanks and circle the forest just outside. The enemies here are tough for your level, and the rentals will cost you money, but you will end up reaching lvl 45 very quickly and getting about 1000g a battle, while at the same time you wont need to worry much on repairs, as the tanks at dowan have very high def. When you get enough money, buy a full set of equipment from the dowan equipment shop and then go out on foot to kill enemies. I found that they couldnt hurt me so equipped.

Another way to get easy XP is to head into the desart south of dowan, where you will find Sonic flowers and Duds! Duds are dangerous, but they tend to kill all the enemies they are with as well as heavy damage to you... you will still earn plenty of money to cover the damages to your tanks, provided you have a decent C unit equipped.

Easter eggs

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How to get tank S?
In the building,north of Lorelei Bay,in the first flour there is no way yuo go into that building.At the roof is a door,and there is the way you can go into the building.There are two ways:1.use an airplane or 2.use the ladder of fire-truck{only when you are before the damaget gate in the roof}.