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The nuclear weapons disposal facility on Shadow Moses island in Alaska's Fox Archipelago is attacked and captured by Next Generation Special Forces led by members of FOX-HOUND.

The terrorists have secured hundreds of nuclear warheads and they're demanding that the government turn over the remains of Big Boss. They warn that is their demands are not met within 24 hours, they'll launch a nuclear weapon.

Solid Snake is once again called back to duty in a top-secret mission to deal with the greatest terrorists threat the world has ever seen.

First, he must single-handedly infiltrate the nuclear weapons disposal site and rescue two hostages, DARPA Chief Donald Anderson and the President of ArmsTech, Kenneth Baker, and then eliminate the terrorists threat and prevent a nuclear launch. The clock is ticking. Once again, Snake heads into battle...alone.

High Points:
-Enemy AI
-Good graphics
-Many items
-Multiple endings
-Great sounds
-Some nice music
-VR training missions
-Great voice acting

Low Points:
-Weapons are useless in much of the game
-Action slow at times
-Enemy AI (not a typo)
-Bad camera angle
-No reusable weapon for silent kills
-No freedom of aiming
-Cone of vision
-Enviroment interactivity
-Item using

Metal Gear Solid was considered to many as one of the greatest Playstation games of all time. Introducing a new genre of game into the world of action games, Metal Gear Solid was an instant hit the moment it was released in 1998. Good game? Yes. Greatest game of all time? Not quite...

Storyline- 8

The storyline in this game is very cliché. You play the super-hero ''Solid Snake'' who is to defeat the odds and save the world from the terrorists' and nuclear warfare. He is forced out of retirement after the last war to complete this mission. There is a bit of government conspiracy involved and the leader of the terrosts is none other than your evil twin brother. Are you excited yet? They added some background information somewhere for you to read and get a better understanding of the characters, but I think you would have to have played the previous games to completely understand the story. The story takes many twists and turns, but you still never get into the story like in Final Fantasy. The storyline and character development is extremely good considering that it's an action/adventure game.

Game play- 7

In this game you are started out without any weapons. Not even a knife for silent kills. You are supposed to make it past many obstacles without being seen by the guards or cameras. If you do get seen, guards will come out of nowhere and swarm you like killer bees. That's where stealth comes into play.
The enemy AI is both a plus and a minus to this game. The enemy soldiers do some pretty smart things such as flushing you out from under objects with a grenade and follow your footprints in the snow. But they are really dumb too. For some reason they become suspicious when they hear you make a sound. They seem to only respond to you knocking on the wall and walking through puddles. They don't even notice you when you're walking up stairs or standing right above them. They are supposed to be these super-intelligent ''Geneome Soldiers'' that have keen eyesight, excellent sense of sound, and are great fighters. They're almost the opposite. They can only see about ten feet in front of them! You can be walking almost in front of one and he won't see you. Plus they can only see straight ahead of them. They can't look up or down. There could be a guard standing at the top walkway of a room and you could be on a shooting spree at the bottom and he wouldn't know! Snake will find a whole arsenal of weapons during his mission. One problem though, he can't use them most of the time. Only one weapon is suppressed, so if you shoot with any other, it will alert the guards and that's never good. Plus you can't use your Nikita Missiles in most places because they conveniently jammed your radar or something like that.
The cameral angle is my biggest complaint. It's a 3rd person look-down perspective, which limits your view to the little area around you. I would have much rather had a first person view so that I could see much farther. Sometimes a higher balcony covers up your view of Snake and there might be a guard patrolling right under that balcony. You get the picture. Guard sees you, he kills you--and you didn't even see it coming. Very disappointing. Moreover, there is no gun sight or way to aim. You just kinda have to point Snake in the general direction and shoot. It does auto aim with some weapons if you hold the fire button when you're near a guard, but you don't have the freedom to shoot anything that you want to. You can use two things at once--one is your weapon and one is your item. You can only use one item at once, which I think is really weird because lets say that you want to open a door in a poison gas area and you need a key for that door. Well, Snake has the key but he's going to have to take off his gas mask to use it. Why can't he just whip out the key and leave his gas mask on? Well, I think I've made my point.
If you read everything I said that was bad about this game, you would think it's a bad game. That's not true at all. There are many good points to Metal Gear Solid's game play. First of all, the whole stealth business is a very good idea but could have been improved. Every time there is a boss, your whole stealth business is ruined. Sneaking around the guards and watching their actions is very fun. There is nothing more fun than sneaking up and choking a guy while he is going to the bathroom. The atmosphere created by the sound of your footsteps and water dripping in the hallways is great. Even though the most of the weapons can't be used most of the time, when you do use them, they are really fun to use. Sneaking up behind guards and letting three quick, silent, shots go from your pistol is much more fun than blasting them in the face with a high powered assault rifle. Or is it...?

Graphics - 9

The graphics are very good although somewhat pixilated. You can see every detail in the characters, guards, and bosses. There are no FMVs like in Final Fantasy or any other RPGs. Instead they just use cut scenes at points in the game using the same in-game graphics. In fact, Metal Gear is consistent with the graphics throughout the game unlike Final Fantasy VII where there were the ''regular'' graphics, then the FMV graphics and then even a couple different FMV graphic levels. Everything looks good in Metal Gear from explosions, to--more explosions! The pixilation isn't very noticeable either unless you look at things up close. Metal Gear is defiantly one of the best-looking games for Playstation, right up there with Ehrgeiz and Final Fantasy VIII.

Sound - 10

There really isn't much music in the game. Some during cut-scenes and when you get caught or die. What music there is though fits the moment perfectly. The sound FX are also extremely good. You can knock on walls and walk through water puddles. Your footsteps even make different sounds on different terrain! All of the guns sound really great when used too. Even though Metal Gear has great sound and music, it also has something else--voice acting! The voice acting is great! Snake can carry on actual conversations with people and you can hear every word! This is great for you lazy people that don't know how to, or are too lazy to, read all the dialogue. Everyone has their own voices and expressions during their conversations too. It's a wonder how they fit all that on those two discs! I'm giving a perfect score here.

Control - 5

Metal Gear Solid uses every button on the controller, and to master the game you have to learn how to efficiently use all of them. Because of the look-down camera angle though, actually controlling Snake and aiming your shots is rather difficult and hurts the games in this aspect. After a while of playing, you will probably get used to it.

Replayability/Length - 7

Metal Gear Solid is a rather short game compared to many other games I've played recently such as Final Fantasy 7. You really have to take into consideration that this is an action game though, most action games aren't this long. If you take your time, it may take you around 13 hours to beat it the first time through. My personal record is about 4 hours for beating it. When thinking about the length you must also look at the quality of the game play. The voice acting, great graphics, and more take up CD space, but add to the quality of the game. Metal Gear has rather good replayability too due to the fact that when you beat it once, you get a new difficulty level and when you beat it again you can get other secrets as well. And to add to that there are two endings to it. The first time you play it is very fun and addictive, but then from there it just doesn't keep you interested.

Final Thoughts:

There is no doubt that this is a good game, but I do think that is was way over-hyped. All of the interfaces are extremely well done, and you will notice that the minute that you turn it on. Despite the downs, it still makes for a very great game. I don't think it will ever reach the greatness of Final Fantasy VII, but you have to remember that this is by Konami here. If you are even vaguely into action games, then buy this game. If not, rent it first and decide for yourself. Just don't judge it by its looks because it looks great! Contrary to the beliefs of others, this is not the greatest game for Playstation, but you should defiantly try it no matter who you are.

Metal Gear Solid score - 8

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