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Metal Gear Solid FAQ/Walkthrough Final

by jestercolony   Updated on
This walkthrough was originally written for Metal Gear Solid on the PSX, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PC version of the game.
                   Metal Gear Solid - Walkthrough
Console: Playstation|Players: 1|Memory Card: 1 Block|Dual Shock: Yes|by. Konami
(-Table of Contents-)     Guide written by. Ryan "jestercolony" Nicholson
c Introduction MGSW-A1000        |Updates -
c Legal Stuff  MGSW-A2000        |
C The Story    MGSW-A3000        |7/17/10 Version: Final
c The Cast     MGSW-A4000        |      Walkthrough Finished
c  - Walkthrough -               |7/17/10 Version: Final
c Dock          (MGS-W001)       |Tactical Guide can now be comprehended ^^;
C Heliport      (MGS-W002)       |_____________________________________________
C Tank Hanger   (MGS-W003)       |A Necrotic Guides special.
C Canyon        (MGS-W004)       |_____________________________________________
c Nuke Building (MGS-W005)       |Hosted Sites - 
c Cave          (MGS-W006)       |
c Underground P.(MGS-W007)       |GameFAQs:
c Tank Hanger   (MGS-W008)       |_____________________________________________
c Comm Tower A  (MGS-W009)       
C Comm Tower B  (MGS-W010)       
C Snowfield     (MGS-W011)
c Blast Furnace (MGS-W012)        _____________________________________________
c Underground H.(MGS-W013)       |Important Notice - Nevigating the Guide
C  - The Boss Guide -            |
C Revolver Ocelot (MGSWB-1)      |Search function is in effect: CTRL - F 
C M1 Tank         (MGSWB-2)      |Use the Bracket area numbers (MGSW-A1000)
C Cyborg Ninja    (MGSWB-3)      |to scroll down to a particular chapter within
C Psycho Mantis   (MGSWB-4)      |this guide.
C Sniper Wolf     (MGSWB-5)      |
C Hind D          (MGSWB-6)      |Host Notice - Updated versions of this guide
C Sniper Wolf 2   (MGSWB-7)      |can be found on
C Vulcan Raven    (MGSWB-8)
C Metal Gear Rex  (MGSWB-9)
c Equipment    MGSW-E1000
C Items        MGSW-I1000
C Ghost        MGSW-G1000
C Secrets      MGSW-S1000
C How to Play  MGSW-P2000
C FAQs         MGSW-F1000
C Contact      MGSW-C1000
C About Me     MGSW-C2000

 Introudction (MGSW-A1000)
Very few games stand the test of time within today's market. A few have had the
plessure of being remade for the consoles of today. But there is one game that
still stands out even to this day. Back in 1998 Metal Gear Solid was released
to the public on the Sony Playstation console and it was here that most of the
world had discovered the man we know today as the ultimate bad ass and that man
is known as Solid Snake. Being an inflitration expert and able to keep cool in
the most tightest of situations - he is known as a legend. 

He is a man who single handedly brought down two Metal Gear machines. One in Ou
-ter Heaven and the other in a place known as Zanzibar Land. Even it is to be
said that this person was able to kill who was known as the legendary soldier o
-f the 21st century, Big Boss.

Metal Gear Solid is a stealth/action based game. You, the player are to inflitr
-ate a secret military base known as Shadow Moses on an island somewhere near
Alaska. The objective of the game is stay out of enemy sight while equipining
yourself with weapons that you find a long your path. 

Remember to stay quiet and hidden, this will help Solid Snake survive while avo
-iding as much conflictation as much as possible. If you have never played this
game before then I will tell you this: You in for one heck of a ride. Back in
1998 - this game was considered something very fresh, something new. You shall
experience a story unlike any others that had been told back then.

Thank you for choosing my guide for this title. My name is Ryan Nicholson and I
have selectively wrote a guide for this classic, as a way to carry it on to the
future generations of gamers out there. Many times has this game moved to diffe
-rent ports, which include: PC and the GameCube and has one stand-alone expansi
-on pack known as VR Missions (US) Integral (Japan) for the Sony Playstation &
PC. The expansion allowed the player to sharpen and harness the skills of our
main protagonist - Solid Snake.

Enjoy the game and of course this guide!

                         *READ THIS BEFORE USE!*
                           |       |      |
                           |       |      |
                           V       V      V

                      *** HOW TO USE THIS GUIDE! ***

If you look to the left side you will see tactical layout with some strange
letters and numbers, kinda like this one -

 _______________________________                            IE*( Ground     )
[Tactical Information]          | Area: ???                     |___________|
|GP#9  T#9  C#9  AV*9    D* E/M | **********                    |N/A        |
|_______________________________| Reference: ???                |___________|

Now if you notice the stange letters I will explain this in a very easy fashi

GP# = Guard Patrol Number (the example shows there are 9 guards on patrol
      in this area.

T# = This will tell you how many traps there are within this area. This can
     symoblize trap floors and I.R. laser beams and or mines.

AV* = Audio/Visual is pretty much what this sums up. This can be anything
      from a water puddle which can make noise or leave foot prints, to
      recording/gun cameras to snow. 

Area = The area you are in
Reference = The number used in the CTRL + F feature in your web browser.

IE* = This is found on the right side. This means Items/Equipment within
      that given said area. Ground = Main floor, then of course you will
      have your sub levels listed below that.

 Legal Stuff  (MGSW-A2000) 

This guide is a copyright of Necrotic Guides (aka Ryan Nicholson) as of 2010.

^--- See about me to learn more.

This guide is freely distrubuted amongst the public for non-profit gain and may
be downloaded on your computer and or printed. But may not be sold for your own
profit. Any risk in doing so will result in a lawsuit. 

You have been warned.

Metal Gear Solid - its music, characters...etc. are a copyrighted trade mark
of Konami 1987 - 2010, all rights have been reserved. 

I am in no way affiliated with Konami of America or Japan.
 - Hosting Notice

If you wish to host this guide on your website please contact me with
the subject line: MGS GUIDE HOST. Please review the contact information
section of this guide.

  The Story    MGSW-A3000
Note: This was taken from the Game's Manual 
Credited to Konami and Kojima Productions

The nuclear weapons disposal facility on Shadows Moses ISland in Alaska's Fox
Archipelago is attacked and captured by Next Geration Special Forces led by
members of FOXHOUND. 

The terrorist have seccured hundreds of nuclear warheads and they're demanding
that the goverment turn over the remains of  Big Boss. They warn that if their
demands are not met within 24 hours, they'll launch a nuclear weapon.

Solid Snake is once again called back to duty in a top-secret mission to deal
with the greatest terrorist threat the world has ever seen. 

First, he must single-handedly inflitrate the nculear weapons disposal site and
rescue two hostages, DARPA Chief Donald Anderson and the President of ArmsTech,
Kenneth Baker, and then eliminate the terrorist threat and prevent a nuclear
laucnh. The clock is ticking. Once again, Snake heads into battle...alone.

 The Cast     MGSW-A4000
Note: Taken from the Game's Manual
Credited to Konami and Kojima Productions

The Good Guys - 

Solid Snake: Former member of FOXHOUND and an expert at infiltration. He can 
accomplish his mission under any circumstances, in any location.

Meryl Silverburgh: Campbell's niece, she was caught in the middle of FOXHOUND's
revolt. She has excellent training as a soldier, but no actual battle 

Roy Campbell: Former Comamdner of FOXHOUND. Although retired, he was called
back to active duty as operation commander for this mission.

Naomi Hunter: Chief of FOXHOUNDS medical staff, she's in change of
gene therapy. She works along with Campbell to provide support for

Mei Ling: Operator in charge of communication data processing for this 
operation. She invented the Codec communicator that Snake uses.

Hal Emmerich: An employee of ArmsTech Inc. His nickanme, Ocatcon stands for
Otaku Convention. A Japanese animation festival. 

Nastasha Romanenko: A freelance military analyst. She provides support to Snake
as a specialist in nuclear technology.

Master Miller: FOXHOUND's former survival teacher. He provides Snake support by

Donald Anderson: Director of the Defense Advanced Reseach Projects (DARPA).
He's been taken hostage by the terrorist.

Jim Houseman: Secretary of Defense. He commands the counter-terrorist operation
from AWACS (Airbourne Warning And Control System) plane.

Kenneth Baker: President of a huge arms conglomerate ArmTech Inc.) He's been
taken hostage by the terrorist along with the DARPA Chief.

The Bad Guys - 

Liquid Snake - A man with the same face as SNake. As FoxHOUND's Squadleader,
he's the mastermind behind the terrorist attack.

Revolver Ocelot - An expert with handguns and a sadist with a penchant for

Vulcan Raven - HE's a giant shaman with strong spirtual powers, blessed
with a powerful body which is resistant to extreme cold.

Sniper Wolf - A brilliant sniper, she can wait in sniping position
for hours, days or even weeks without moving a muscle.

Psycho Mantis - A former member of KGB's PSychic Intelligence Unit.
He has powerful telekinetic and mind-reading abilities. 

Decoy Octopus - Very little is known about him/her.

The Unknown Guys -

Ninja: Little is known about this Cyborg Ninja. He uses stealth camoflage
and wields a Japanese katana that can cut through steel like butter and even
deflect bullets.

Big Boss: Former commander of FOXHOUND, once known as the "Legendary Soldier".
His remains have been preserved by the military.


The Walkthrough 


 _______________________________                            IE*( Ground     )
[Tactical Information]          | Area: Dock                    |___________|
|GP#3  T#0  C#0  AV*     D* E/M | **********                    |Ration     |
|_______________________________| Reference: MGS-W001           |___________|

After being launched from a torpedo tube, Snake will swim his way inside an und
-erground cargo dock in order to bring his mission: to find access in to Shadow
Moses and inflitrate it. Once he has surfaced from the water, our protagonist,
Solid Snake, will recieve his first CODOC transmission. Here you will meet two
supporting characters: Roy Campbell and Naomi Hunter who will tell Snake his
mission objectives. 

Once the conversation is over and oen with, we will need to find a way to gain
access to the ground level by using the cargo elevator in the back. This will
take us to the surface of the enemey's base of operation. To reach this elevato
-r, you will need to know that is directly north of you from Snake's starting
position. But before we do that, you will want to descend back down in to the
water to find a Ration. These items are used for life recovery, so if you find
yourself low on health - use it. It will also auto-heal you if you have it equi
-ped in your inventory and since we do not have any real weapons as of yet, you
will need to understand that contact with the enemy is prohibbited and will be
a form of suicide on Solid Snake if you dare try. So...

- I suggest you avoid the enemy at all cost! -

Tip 1: Save often; there is NEVER enough!
Tip 2: Always watch yourself and stay alert
Tip 3: Take frequent breaks.

The first thing to observe is that there are some area's in the game that will
leave behind foot prints, these are a bad thing on you (the player) because it
can make a guard very suspesious. You will notice this upon coming out of the
water. In some sections there are some small water patches. These are to be
avoided and crawled over if possible. Also when you actually "step" on them
they will create noise. To see the type of obsticle threats, you will want to
check with the tactical panel located above these paragraphs.

Another thing that you will want to take advantage of are the shadows and objec
-ts that you can easily use for stealth purposes. These objects can be crates,
walls, even door ways. Remember to think about your actions and always watch
your surrondings, especially when enemies are near by. The better chances of
Solid Snake's survival is stealth until he is able to get a propper weapon in
order to defend himself!

Our next objective, pay attention to the guard's patrol routes; for now there
are at least two. The first guard you can visually see, who will patrol the wes
-tern and mid portion of the area. The second guard to the north will patrol
the Eastern section of the dock, it is up to you to find the best route so that
you may advance with Snake's mission.

After you feel that it is time to move on, duck under the obsticle in your way
and crawl underneath it. Courch up against the wall that is on the right within
the shadows, to the east of you, you should see a small puddle of water - this
is one of the AV* that I warned you of. To by pass it: you will want to crawl
on top of it so that you can avoid making any real noise or leaving any foot
prints behind for a guard to trail.

The next ration can be found on the Eastern portion behind what I assume is a
heat venting box. Just becareful, because the eastern sentry does like to have
some fun in that area. To the north-eastern part, you should come across a Fork
-lift, this, I suggest is the best place to hide until the Cargo Elvator comes
down. Also, the third ration (if you need it) is located right near forklift.
Here wait for the final guard, who will come out of the elevator and will begin
to patrol only the north section, but do not woryr he is easy to evade, just
quickly get on the cargo lift to watch a cool scene ofthe snake shedding his


 _______________________________                                IE*( Ground   )
[Tactical Information]          | Area: Heliport                    |_________|
|GP3   T#0  C#3  AV*2    D*E/M  | **********                        |Ration   |
|_______________________________| Reference: MGS-W002               |Stun G.  |
                                                                    |Chaff G. |
                                                                    |SOCOM    |
Once Snake reaches the top via the cargo elevator, he will find himself in a
pretty chilly place known as the Heilport. A scene will take place and you will
be introduced to a new character by the name of Mei-Ling, she will be in charge
of your "Mission Data", which means in-game talk: she will be the one you will
want to contact via CODEC in order to save your progress. She will also explain
to you on how to use the Soliton Radar. After the conversation has ended you
should save your game before we continue.

This area can be pretty annoying at first, but do not worry. As long as you are
able to get a feel for the surrondings in the area then, you shouldn't really
have any issues nevigating it. There are three guard stationed that you will
want to take note of. The first guard, which is located to the North-Western
section of the area is stationary until you have triggered the -ALERT PHASE- 
or will just automatically wake up after a certain period time. Right above the
sleeping beauty is a security camera and an air duct below him. I suggest you
not mess with this guard, this will also make the duct opening at his feet
off limits. If he does in fact wake up he will got on a set patrol route, which
is the left portion of the truck. The only difference is that he will glance in
it, so if you are inside the truck, IF he is awake you will want to remember to
hide behind the crate inside.

The second guard can be found escorting on the North-Eastern section, which I
would assume are a bunch of power generators (on the snowy side) You can easily
avoid him using the terrain that is currently presented to you. Crawling will
cause Solid Snake not leave any foot prints, which could be manifested on the
ground if had ran across the snow. He will patrol along in that area and around
the right portion of the cargo truck. If you need to, there is a Ration you can
pick up from there (i.e the snowy side.)

The final guard is at the North top section where search lights can be seen fro
-m a distance. He mainly is just patrolling this balcony and can be very quite
easy to avoid when you are up there.

Another thing that you will want to notice is that there are three surveillance
camera's in the area. two of them that move and one is stationar (i.e the guard
on the western section air duct), the others are located in the room of the
wastern duct (which inside should have Stun Grenades) the other ca be found at
the stairway which will lead you up to the Balcony where the search lights are

Tip: You can avoid Camera's by finding their blind spot, which can normally be
     found right underneath of it or its sides that it isn't watching. You can
     also use boxes, crates or something a long the lines via terrain in order
     to prevent from being seen. You can also use a Chaff Grenade to disable
     and fool its eletronics for a short period of time.

The final two things that I need to mention are: The search lights and the snow
field. The search lights are more obvious as they have as set and fixed route.
Only time that the search lights will not have a set route is when they have
spotted Snake.

The other two final things I need to mention are is the snow field and the  sea
-rch lights. The search lights should be a bit more obvious as they have a set
movement and will not change unless they see Snake. In the middle of Heliport 
in which they are watching is a box of Chaff Grenades. So you will need to time
it just right in order to pick them up. The snowyfield will obviously leave foo
-t prints so you will want to remember to crawl if there are guards posted 
around the area.

Now once you have obtained the Chaff Grenades you can find the Stun Grenades in
the Western portion where there is a  room with one single sureillance camera.
Just evade it by finding its blind spot or using a Chaff Grenade to disable its
electronics. It should be obvious on how to hide from it with the obsticles in
the room. 

The final piece of equipment that is a real-must-have for any covert-ops is the
Socom Pistol. This can be found in the -Cargo Truck- which can be found just no
-rth of the starting position. Hop inside of it and look behind the crate to 
pick up. But do not use it just yet. Reasons to this is that it will alert the 
guards to your location and trigger the alert phase. Remember this is a stealth
mission, not a go all in guns blazing mission.

Note: Cargo Trucks are useful for later in the game due
      to being able to transfer you to a different area
      in the game. We can't do this just yet. This wont
      happen until much later.

After you have done all of this, take the north eastern set of stairs to advanc
-e on to a balcony. Here you will want to evade the single guard and find the
air duct that you will need to enter in order to proceed in to the next area.
You can easily see it on the radar but if you are in a slight form of confusion
do not worry. Campbell will contact you via codec if you are close to it and 
will tell you what you must do next.

_______________________________                            IE* ( Ground     )
[Tactical Information]          | Area: Tank Hanger             |___________|
|GP#6  T#3  C#8  AV*1    D* M   | **********                    |Chaff G.   |
|_______________________________| Reference: MGS-W003           |Socom Ammo |
                                                                |Thermal G. |
Note: This area has two other sub levels. All items in each of  |Supressor  |
      the levels will be listed in the tactical information on  |___________|
      the grid to the side.                                     (Sublevel 2 )
You will need to nevigate through an air vent in order to actual|SOCOM Ammo |
-y gain access through the area. It may appear dark on your TV  |Ration     |
so nevigation may somewhat difficult. After a few paces you will|___________|
get a contact VIA CODEC from a new character by the name of McDo(Sublevel 3 )
-nell Miller. You will eventually come to an opening with a ladd|___________|
-er that you can drop down from. Now that we are in the actual  |___________|
hanger, Solid Snake will find himself on a high metal walkway.  |FAMAS      |
Currently up here there are no guards present. But you will need|NIKITA     |
to be fully aware of the security cameras in this region. Also  |PSG-1      |
becareful, the sounds you make by your footing can make one of  |C4         |
guards down below suspicious. Be sure that you are fully aware  |Grenade    |
of the enemies position at all times.                           |Chaff G.   |
                                                                |Stun G.    |
Now behind the crate (near the ladder) are some CHaff Grenades  |FAMAS Ammo |
so that you can make your life easier getting past the cameras  |SOCOM Ammo |
Go east then south on a platform and you should come and see an |PSG-1 Ammo |
open door (if you miss this item you will need a higher security|NIKITA Ammo|
clearence to enter; so go in here now while you still can) In th|___________|
-is room is a lone camera that you will want to evade because it is watching
an item known as the Thermal Goggles. Get under it's blind spot or use a Chaf
-f to evade it and grab the item. These goggles will make things easier to ne
-vigate dark vent shafts and tunneling if your TV is dark. What is also cool
is that it has the ability to detect traps that either kill Snake or alert
soldiers. It will light enemies up like flies for easier view.

Leave the room and continue south down the platform and then west and then nort
-h. You will come to another camera which will be monitoring the stairwell that
we need to go down. Just throw a Chaff to disable it for a few seconds and high
tail it down them steps. Also there is a box of SOCOM Ammo to the right and beh
-ind the stairs if you need it. 

Now the guards will patrol this entire area, so it is up to you on how to deal
with them. Our main objective is getting to that Elevator to the north wall.
which allow us to go down to one of the two sublevels in this sector. But you
will need to use it with caution due to the patroling guards as when activating
it, it sometimes can leave you in the open and will force you to run and hide.
Since the Elevator takes time to reach its destination either due you using it
or a random feature of the game's A.I. so remember, never stay out in the open
for too long. 

Once you have access to the Elevator, press the action button on the left botto
-m wall of it so that you can view the panel. Select B1 to go down to the first
basement floor.

Sub Level 1 - Cell  

This area is pretty much dead. So...there really isn't a whole lot we can do at
this point. Continue heading south and then head east and you will eventually
come upon a ladder, which is located on the north wall. Climb up the ladder and
you will be in the vent shafts. Nevigate through it and take your time as there
are some interesting scenes here...

1. Johnny! A typical known Soldier who is adored and hated by all MGS fans!
2. Meryl in her underwear; you can easily view Meryl in her patnies if  you
   find the vent opening in the cell she is in. The first time she will have
   her pants on, head back down and go back up the ladder from the start and
   she will be pantless.

In order to view these scenes you will need to go in to FPV mode and gaze down
at the vent covers below. Eventually you will stumble upon the DARPA Chief whic
-h will trigger a long scene. After the scene you will be broken out by what
appears to be a very odd guard. A gun fight will take place and requires the
SOCOM pistol. Because the hallway you two are in now will be rushed with heavil
-y armed guards who carry automatic weaponry. After a point in time in this 
fight three grenades will be thrown into  the room. One direct blast will kill
Solid Snake instantly if you do not have a ration equipped (take heed of that)

After the battle head back in to the room with the cells to grab any extras tha
-t you missed. Now head back to the Elevator and head down to B2.

Sub Level 2 - Armory

This area is empty for now and if you had paid any attention to that cut scene
with the DARPA Chief you will really have no issues on what to do next. If not
I will explain it when we are ready. You will want to tread lightly here due
to some of the flooring that are death-traps to Mr. Solid. Use the Thermal Gogg
-les to find out their location. Now in order to avoid them just run over them
without stuttering in movement as soon as they open.

There are total of nine rooms in this area Some of which are off limits due to
our current security clearence. You can find some Socom Ammo, C4 (which I will
explain in just a minute) and some Grenades for now. Once you have obtained the
C4 you will want to start demolitioning walls. But not just any ways, oh no...
In order to find these walls you can either go in to FPV mode and take notice
to the blue tinted hues of the "unpainted walls" or knock at them to hear a
"hollowed" out sound. They are located to the North-East and North-Western part
-s and inside of these rooms are a few extra items. Our real destination is a
South-Western wall. Blow up this wall and go inside, there is another fake wall
here, so blow it up. In this last room there are two fake walls. The one that
is obvious leads us to the ArmsTech President and the other is just a secret
room with some doors we don't have access to due to our clearence and of course
what I would like to call "Gun-Sentries" which are like the camera type we have
encountered before, but instead of alerting the enemy, it will just shoot you
on sight until you are dead. Just use a chaff to disable it. Now head insdie
the room with the ArmsTech President which will trigger a scene...

Oh yeah... By the way: Prepare yourself for your first real boss encounter!

                      (BOSS FIGHT: Revolver Ocelot)
                          (Reference: MGSWB-1)

The first and most import rule applies to this fight: Do  NOT cross the yellow
painted lines or you will kill yourself and the ArmsTech President which will
give you an instant GAME OVER screen with Ocelot screaming "You idiot!", yeah
talk about embarassing. Anyways - you can find at least three Socom Ammo boxes
during this encounter. But I suggest not picking one up until your bullets are
at least of 13 or 12 to conserve ammo (and not obtain more than what you really
need.) The other box I assume merely a gimmick to get you to kill yourself, but
hey if you can grab it, you can take! 

Now take a look at the right top of your screen and you will see Ocelot's Life
and Ammo gauges. You will notice he has six shots so keep an eye on it. When he
runs out he will have to stop fighting and reload his gun, which will provide
you the most excellent time to make your shots. Also keep in mind this fight
is a psyche out fight because you will consistently be moving around the C4
in a square. 

Another thing... Don't bother shimmying up against a wall, crouching or even
attempt to hide. Why? Well some how Ocelot has the ability to ricochet the
bullets he fires and will hit you. Just keep moving him and shooting. If
things seem a bit difficult just drop a Stun Grenade to stun him for a minute
which will leave him in the opening for a shot or two (or three if lucky.)

Once the battle is over you will be treated with a scene, once that is over
you will have your health and ammo carrying level increased. Oh, you also get
a clearence of Level 2! (wewt?) Leave the room we came in. Just beacareful now,
as heavily armed GENOME Soldiers patrol the halls down here. Don't forget to pi
-ck up the FAMAS machine gun; caution: the room with it has an IR sensor set up
within it, so use the Thermal Goggles to see it. Just crawl under and loot it.

Now before we head back to the ground floor, you will want to contact Meryl.

Alas... Some reason we cannot doe that... Why? Well apparently Campbell says 
to look on the back of the box. What box? Oh yes... Your MGS box which will sho
-w you it. This was due to fear of this game being pirated (cool idea Konami!)
Or simply just put in: 140.15 and talk to her and after that use the Elevator
and head up to the ground level. Once up here, she will open up the cargo door
that will take you to the next area. But before we do that, we will need to gra
-b some goodies!

The Surpressor can be found in the room to the east (from the Elevator) within
this room ia sleeping guard. You can either by-pass him or snap his neck. Equip
the Socom and Surpressor to activate it and lo-'n-behold: its trigger happy tim
-e! Leave this room and head up stairs to the metal walkway. There are two room
-s that have Level 2 clearence. One room has the Cardboard Box the other has a
Mine Detector (wewt!) and a Ration (wewt?)

The Cardboard Box is a useful tool in sneaking around, but it also has another
one. I will explain why when the time comes. For now it is time for us to leave
this hole nadh ead to the next area. Head back down the stairs and in to the ro
-om which Meryl opened. Take note this area is empty, but don't move yet. This
room is set with IR sensoring that move and you will either need to smoke a cig
-errete or equip the Thermal Goggles to view the beams. Watch them carefully an
-d and evade them as you advance to the Canyon.

Note: If you trigger the beams the door behind you will lock and the room will
      flood with gas. You cannot get out of this room so it is an instant game
      over; if this happens just reset your system or hit CONTINUE on the game
      over screen.

Now it is time for us to leave this place. Head in to the room that Meryl just
opened up but you will need to becareful as there are IR beams set in place.
In order to counter them you can equip the Thermal Goggles or let SOlid Snake
smoke a cigarette. Now the beams are in motion and will move up and down. You
will want to time the movement just right in order to avoid them so you can get
to the door and head out to the Canyon.

______________________________                                IE* ( Ground    )
[Tactical Information]          | Area: Canyon                    |___________|
|GP#5  T#3  C#8  AV*1    D* M   | **********                      |Chaff G.   |
|_______________________________| Reference: MGS-W004             |Grenade    |
                                                                  |Clamore M. |
Once you are outside of the Tank Hanger, Snake will now be inside |Ration     |
a Canyon. You will begin to take a few paces and will be contacted|___________|
via CODEC by unknown personal. After the conversation takes place I would highl
-y suggest equip the Mine Detector and start picking up the Claymore Mines by
crawling on the ground. Doing so will allow you to crawl over them and pick
them up without having to risk being hurt by them. Once you have obtained all
five mines, make your way out in the open to trigger a scene. You will meet a
new character by the name of Valcun Raven. After it is over and done with, you
may continue with a new boss.

                      (BOSS FIGHT:   M1 Tank      )
                          (Reference: MGSWB-2)

Before fighting this new encounter I suggest contacting Campbell to get a new
CODEC frequency of a woman named Nastasha Romanenko. Anyways this fight is
rather easy if you know what to do.

The M1-Tank uses an electronic tracking system which allows it to fire it's mai
-n gun from a distance and will have a GENOME Soldier using it's main turrent
gun on top which happens to be a machine gun. Now the first rule of engagement
in this encounter is to not stand or be in the open. It's main gun will basical
-ly shoot you back and will purge Snake's existence. So in order to destroy the
damn thing you will need the following items -

1. Chaff Grenades
2. Grenades

These two items will help destroy the boss. The first thing you will want to do
is start the fight using a Chaff Grenade, upon it's explosion you will need to
run out to the tank. Mean while there will be a GENOME Solider manning the turr
-ent. This will really pose no threat you so, just makes sure to stay from the
tank as it moves or you will get ran over.

Once the Chaff wears out you will want to throw another one. After that just 
try and throw a grenade inside the cockpit of the tank which will blow up. That
is how you win this fight... Just Chaff's and Grenades. Also if the tank moves
too fast for you can walk up to it and lay down claymores or use C4 on it's
treading to slow it down. :) Should take 2-3 grenades to bring her down!

After the fight you will gain an increase to both health and ammo! Now we can e
-asily move to the North door to gain access to the new area.

Note: This area will be filled with guards and gun-motion cameras. You can find
      this information in the tactiacal information HUB above the paragraphs.

 _______________________________                            IE* ( Ground    )
[Tactical Information]          | Area: Nuke Bldg 1             |___________|
|GP#5  T#3  C#8  AV*1    D* M   | **********                    |Ration     |
|_______________________________| Reference: MGS-W005           |SOCOM Ammo |
Upon entering the Nuclear weapons storage bulding, go up the pla|FAMAS Ammo |
-form which is located directly left of you and head north. You |Chaff G.   |
should come in front of a Ration and a small window that you can|___________|
peak out of to get an idea of the new area's layout. Head back d(Sublevel 2 )
-own and continue north to find a partialy opened garage door.  |___________|
Crawl underneath it to enter the new area and you will recieve a|___________|
CODED transmission. Apparently we are not allwoed to use weapons|SOCOM Ammo |
in this area.                                                   |FAMAS Ammo |
                                                                |Ration     |
Sad, I know. But, at least, we have a few other things we could |Carboard B |
use. Our main objective is to get to the Elevator. There are thr|Dizapam    |
-ee guards stationed on this level. The first guard can be seen |NVG        |
coming towards the garage door we entered the room in. He will  |Cold M.    |
circle around  some of the nuclear weapons and will repeat this |___________|
rotation. The second one can be found around the cargo truck who(Sublevel 3 )
will mainly circle around it. The last guard can be seen around |___________|
the stair platform, where the Elevator is located.              |___________|
                                                                |Ration     |
I really wouldn't worry about obtaining some of the items on thi|Gas Mask   |
-s floor. Reasons? It can be a bit riskyand all that really is  |C4         |
here is a ration, and some ammo crates. What you really should  |Grenade    |
doing is focusing on the circling guard. Watch is movements and |Chaff G.   |
and progress up the western stairs. You will need to becareful  |Stun G.    |
though, because the guard on the top can be a tad bit tricky    |FAMAS Ammo |
at times.                                                       |Nakita Ammo|
Note: If you do get caught the room will flood with gas and guards will shoot
      you on sight. Since we do not have the Gas Mask yet, this can pose as a
      very serious problem.

Once you are within the Elevator, use it's control panel and head to B1.

Sub Level 2 - Nuke Bldg B1/Comder Room

we will only be in here for a short while. Quickly, head in to the bathroom on
the west (which is the Men's room) and inside you will find a lone guard taking
a quick leak. Snap his neck and proceed back out to the main room. Next enter
the office room on the East. In here will be another lone guard which you can
easily ignore (he will sometimes use the rest room.) And in one of the small
eastern office spaces you will find the NAKITA remote-controlled missle launche
-r with some ammo. Once you have it back track to the Elevator and head to B2.

Sub Level 3 - Nuke Bdlg B2/Lab

Upon entering creep up against the eastern wall and you will see Hal Emmerich,
the man in who which we need to get to. The only issue is upon going in to the
room that we need get in to is that the room is flooded with gas and the floor
seems to have a high case of the volts. The only way past it is a remote-contro
-lled missle. Go back out in to the main room and go into FPV mode and look in
to the glass on the left of you. You see that huge window that says "High Volta
-ge"? Inside is a transformer that we will need to blow up. Head back in to the
room with the eletric flooring and fire the missle. 

Note: If you having issues controling the missle in it's isometrical view, try
      going in to FPV mode, since it really is one of the three only weapons
      that allows us to do this.

Nevigate the remote control missle South then east in to a room with sentry gun
cameras. Make sure not to let them shoot at it or it will explode. Just let it
flow and burst past them. You will find yourself going North and in to a room
at the northern corner, inside here is the transformer, blow it up so that we
may continue.

There are three doors down this main hallway. Two of them which we can go in to
and one of them has a Gas Mask in it, so grab it to make your life a bit easier
here. After that, you can head up in to the gun-sentry  room to find a few extr
-as, but I wouldn't worry about them as much. Continue heading south and then
east into a Level 3 door (guarded by a Sentry gun) which will take you much
deeper in to the lab. A scene will take place (of strange noises) enter the
next room to be shown another. Continue down the corridor and you will see
that Cyborg Ninja that showed up from earlier appear, who happens to go inside
Emmerich's office.

Yep, you guessed it. Chase the whacky psycho robot down via going in to the
office to trigger a scene between Snake, Hal and that Ninja.  It's time for
another boss battle.

                      (BOSS FIGHT:Cyborg Ninja    )
                          (Reference: MGSWB-3)
Upon this fight starting you will probably notice that regular weapons will not
do you any good due to his high frequency blade will reflect any bullet away
from him. The real trick is to use CQC (Close-Quarters-Combat) on him. If you
don't know what that is, it is just simply going up to him and using your fist
to break his face. 

The first portion of this fight he will do his whacky ninja moves which are eas
-ily avoidable if you pay attention. The only real threat is when he jumps up
in the air and stomps on the ground. When he lands an energy shockwave (circle)
will appear, which shows you his radius from that attack is a 360 degree one.
So just stay away from it and continue bashing his face in.

The second phase will begin when he jumps up and begins to use his cloak techno
-logy. There are a few tricks to figure this out but it makes your life a lot
easier if you have the Thermal Goggles (which I told you to get earlier if you
had been paying attention to this guide) to find him. If you don't, then you 
will need to pay attention to any distortion in the game's graphics. Once you
find him, just keep bashing his face in.

The third phase is where he will trick you in to hitting him, he will cloak
and appear (more than likely behind you) Just throw one punch at him until he
disappears and when he reappears, just move out of his way and let him throw hi
-s punch. Continue this until he has zero life.

The Final phase to this fight is where he starts to have a psychoatic breakdown
and will begin channeling huge voltage of energy through him. At this point he
is no longer immune to weapons. Fire your FAMAS at him for a quick take down.

Tip: You can also use Chaff Grenades on him to stun him for a short period of
     time which will allow you to get in 2-3 shots in with your SOCOM or FAMAS.
     But do not realy heavily on this unless you want to hear a lot of insults
     from that Ninja (this does not affect your game, I personally hate being
     insulted by a computer A.I.)

When the fight is over a CODEC and cutscene will take place. Pay attention to 
it as it is very important. Hal Emmerich will then give you his CODEC frequency
which is 141.12 <- I suggest you contact him right as soon as the scene is over
so you can have it saved to your list. 

Now head back to the Elevator and head to back to B1.

Sublevel 2 - Nuke Bldg B1/Comder Room

Note: You can find Cardboard Box B here.

Now we need to track down Meryl. But first go back in to Men's room to kill the
leaking guard. After that wait for last guard to come out and enter the same
room. Kill him and enter the main room and you should see a lone guard. If you
can get a look at the guard's behind you will automaticly know that soldier is
Meryl (via the cute sound it makes and the way she shakes that ass.) Wait for 
her to leave and chase her down in to the Women's room which will trigger anoth
-er scene. After the scene she will take point, follow her out and go back in 
to the main room. You can pick up the NVG (Night Vision Goggles) at the south-
western office and few other goodies. Once you are stocked up on rations and 
equipment you will want to go in to the hallway (where the Elevator is) and go
down the carridor just a and head North right in to the Commander's room. This
will trigger another scene... And...another boss.

                      (BOSS FIGHT:Psycho Mantis   )
                          (Reference: MGSWB-4)

Psycho Mantis is able to read the mind of Snake which will really prevent him
from really doing any harm to guy. So the real trick is to quickly change your
controller to Port 2 (2nd player) on the Playstation console to avoid this.

Phase 1: He will begin controling Meryl, knock her out using CQC

Phase 2: He will begin the real battle. Mantis has the ability to fire a stran
-ge yet telekentic orb (which is unseen to the naked eye) and will sometimes
cloak. Just use the Thermal Goggles to see better. Just dodge the items he will
throw at you easily via crawling.

During a portion of the fight he will mind control Meryl two times, just keep
her knocked out. At this point Mantis will become furious and his attacks will
now be faster. Just equip the FAMAS and maybe use a Stun Grenade or two and he
will come down. Just remember to restore your health when you need to.

After the fight a scene will take place, after that head in to the door that he
opened up for you earlier. Head down the stairs (to the right of the stairs
are some ammo crates and a Ration) and head inside the door to get to the next

 _______________________________                             IE*( Ground    )
[Tactical Information]          | Area: Cave                    |___________|
|GP#3  T#0  C#0  AV*     D* E/M | **********                    |Ration     |
|_______________________________| Reference: MGS-W006           |Diazepam   |
Once you find yourself in the Cave, Meryl will make Snake follow|SOCOOM Ammo|
her. She will quickly run off leaving us with no idea on how to |FAMAS Ammo |
proceed. Keep in midn that this place is dark, so I highly recom|___________|
-end that you use either the Night Vision Goggles and or Thermal goggles in
order to make your viewing a tad bit easier on your eyes.

There are also Wolf-Dogs in this cave, so you really have no worries about any
guards. The only issue is that they will attack Snake and are quite frankly
very tough to kill. So your best bet is just to beat them back which will put
them on the floor and stun them for a few seconds allowing you time to run away
from them. There are some goodies around here (mainly some rations and crates
of ammo.) 

The first thing you're going to want to do is go North and crawl under the rock
formation in front of you. Next continue going north and then east and then you
will want to go south. Here you can find two holes. The south hole will lead 
you to some items the other hole located on the eastern wall will take you to
Meryl. Upon finding her, a funny scene will take place (she is refering to the
dogs that that have attacked you.)

After the scene collect whatever items that are in the way and head through the
door which will take you to the Communications Tower.

 _______________________________                           IE* ( Ground     )
[Tactical Information]          | Area: Underground Passage     |___________|
|GP#0  T#0  C#1  AV*0    D* E   | **********                    |PSG1 Ammo  |
|_______________________________| Reference: MGSW-007           |Socom Amm  |
                                                                |FAMAS Ammo |
Once here, a scene will take place of Snake, Meryl and well...  |Ration     |
Sniper Wolf. Sadly, you don't have the weapon required to fight |___________|
back. What you will need to do is back track all the way to the Tank Hanger's
Armory (B2) to find the PSG-1 Sniper rifle.

The quickest way to do this is heading back up to the ground level of the Nuke
building we had previously been. Up there is a Cargo Truck that, if you enter,
you will be able to equip Cardboard Box A and you will be transfered back to
the Heliport (the area where we started the mission.) With it equiped, wait a
few seconds and a minor cut scene will take place and you will be taken for a
quick joy ride. From here you can take the lower air duct (where the guard was
sleeping, who is now patrolling the area) in order to get back in to the Tank
Hanger. Don't worry about the camera that was originally in front of the duct e
-ntrance, due to it no longer being there.

Take the Elevator here down to the B2 level and you can easily find the PSG-1
room easily. You will need to becareful though before entering and entering the
room that holds it. A guard will be guarding the door that you will need to tak
-e out or lure away. Once inside the room will have barrels in it and of course
the room will also be protected by I.R. sensoring, which you will need to evade
at all cost.

Note: You are also given a chance at this point in time to pick up the Camera,
      which can be found  in the room before the battle with Ocelot (where the
      ArmsTech president was being held.) 
      The item is located behind a fake wall that I told you earlier to blow up
      and if you didn't or have forgotten to do so at that time you can find it
      on the Eastern wall (you can switch to FPV mode in order to see the false
      wall and blow it up with C4)

Head back up to the ground level, we have two choices to advance back to where
we need to go.

1. You can take the Cargo Truck in the Heliport back to the Nuke Building (if
   you have Cardboard Box B.)
      ^--- Fatest route in my option

2. You can go through the back cargo garage (where thesensor beams had been)
   to head back outside to the Canyon. THe only problem with this route is
   that the Canyon is now loaded with Claymore Mines and four long ranged gun
   cameras. This route is a little bit more riskier. 

Make your way back to the Cave and head back to the Underground Passage to figh

                      (BOSS FIGHT:  Sniper Wolf   )
                          (Reference: MGSWB-5)

You can find Sniper Wolf to the North on the second story of the tower. She wi
-ll be firing at you from a distance using her sniper rifle. The objective is
to fight but, but you cannot do unless you got the PSG-1 Sniper Rifle from the
Tank Hanger's armory. Equip it and you will automatically go in to a crawling
position and in to FPV mode. 

The thing you need to notice is that Snake will naturally shake and aiming the
weapon will be quite hard. In order to stop this you can use two things. One
use a Diapezam and then equip the Thermal Goggles., both of them together will
give Snake the ultimate accuracy and sight.

Note: I have heard rumors the Gas Mask helps too, but I have tested this and
      noticed nothing special.

Just aim and fire at her and she will die.


After the scene is over make your way to the tower heading North, feel free to
go up the stairs to pick up the goodies and then head to the door located on
the right side. You will trigger a scene and will be taken in to custody by
the Fox Hound member and the Genome Soldiers.

 _______________________________                           IE* ( Ground     )
[Tactical Information]          | Area: Tank Hanger             |___________|
|GP#6  T#3  C#8  AV*1    D* M   | **********                    |Chaff G.   |
|_______________________________| Reference: MGS-W008           |Socom Ammo |
                                                                |CardboardA |
This part tends to be pose a threat to some players, since we ar|Thermal G. |
-e now being tortured by Revolver Ocelot. You will need to press|Supressor  |
*Circle* Button in order to regain Snake's health which, will be|___________|
-gin to decrease at a very fast rate once you hear the *BEEP*.  (Sublevel 2 )
We are given two choices here: Deal with it or submit by pressin|___________|
-g the *Select* button. Either outcome that you choose will have|SOCOM Ammo |
an affect on the overall outcome of the game's main ending. This|Ration     |
will explained at the end of this walkthrough.                  |Bomb       |
                                                                |Ketchup    |
IF you choose to continue you will have to go through four shock|___________|
treaments. After, you will be taken back to your holding cell.  (Sublevel 3 )
During this portion you will be helpless (no weapons/equipment) |___________|
and of course you will need to deal with Johnny the guard who   |___________|
now has a cold and a very base case of diarrhea. So now we have |FAMAS      |
two choices -                                                   |NIKITA     |
                                                                |PSG-1      |
                                                                |C4         |
                                                                |Grenade    |
1. If you sumbit - you must find some way out of the cell.      |Chaff G.   |
                                                                |Stun G.    |
2. If you continue - You will go through one more scene.        |FAMAS Ammo |
                                                                |SOCOM Ammo |
                                                                |PSG-1 Ammo |
Note: Be sure to save your game while you are in the cell, this |NIKITA Ammo|
      is just incase you make a mistake and die while being in  |___________|
      the electric chair.

Now in order to get out of the holding cell you do either of these three things
listed below -

A. Wait for the Guard to use the bathroom. When this happens you can...
1. Hide under the bed until the guard comes out.

2. Contact Otacon who will bring you some Ketchup, some Rations and a Level Six
keycard. To use the ketchup, equip it and go into crawling position and press a
-nd press the action button. This will fool the guard in to thinking that Snake
is dead.

                              ^              ^
                              |              |
                              |              |
            | Either of these actions will cause the Guard to enter|
            | the cell.                                            |

3. Wait for the Cyborg Ninja to bust you out of the cell while the guard is
   on a short leave. (Note: You still need to contact Otacon for the card.)

With either choice made if the guard enters the cell or if Snake is found you w
-ill trigger the Alarm. Quickly bust out Johnny and he will stay out for the re
-st of the game. After you have escaped the cell you will want to head to the
room with the electric bed. To the right of it will be  crate that holds all of
Snake's equipment. Before we go on though, you should check your item menu to f
-ind an item called Bomb T. 

You will want to get rid of this by equiping it and pressing the action button
to the throw it out. If the timer runs out while it still is in your item menu
it will blow up and hurt Snake. Talk about a save from an embarassment in the

There is a gun sentry camera located to the North where the exit is (level 6 do
-or.) And since we have the key, by passing it shouldn't be too much of a probl

Tip: If Snake has a cold (you tell if he is sneezing) you can find the Cold
     Medicine in the 1st floor basement of the Nuke Building. You will want
     to get rid of this right away. Sneezing will allow a guard to find
     Snake and will trigger the alert phase.

Just leave the area. Feel free to go down to B2 (the Armory) to restock up on
some ammo if you need any. If not just backtrack through the Canyon to get to
the Cave. If you equip the Handkerchief that Otacon gave you the wollf-dogs wil
-l not attack you! 

Note: You can get the Body Armor item from the 2nd floor basement of the Nuke
      building as there is a door in the Gas Chamber that is security level 6!

_______________________________                             IE*( Ground     )
[Tactical Information]          | Area: Comm Twr A              |___________|
|GP#0  T#1  C#1  AV*     D* E/M | **********                    |Ration     |
|_______________________________| Reference: MGS-W009           |Rope       |
This area will pose a threat if you don't know any of the advanc|SOCOM Ammo |
-ed techniques. The minute you enter the area you will find your|FAMAS Ammo |
-self going down a dark carridor. Eventually you will come to a |___________|
door, but do not go inside of it just yet, quickly lay down a Claymore Mine so
that you can get a head start. The reason is because the momment you enter that
room, a security camera will spot you and there is no way to avoid this; even
if you use a Chaff Grenade. Once inside the room and the Alert Phase is in its
effect, you will need to pick up the Rope item (which you'll need for later.)

At this point you have heavily armed Genome Soldiers chasing after you and you
will need to out run them because they will not stop coming. So a few items I
highly recomend are: Body Armor, Stun Grenades and FAMAS  Rifle. Just use the
Stun Grenades to stun them for a minor period of time so that they will have so
-me trouble catching up with you. Upon your travel you may come to a door that
requires a clearence of level 6 security. Sadly, the door doesn't seem to open
and it blocks out escape route. The reason to this is that its so damn cold out
-side that the door is frozen shut and you will need to blast it with some C4
on the outside. You will need to make it all the way to the top and head up the

Once outside you will be greeted by Liquid Snake who happens to be inside the
Hind D, we don't have the weapons to fight him at this point so you will need
to equip the rope and run to a railing to the north, here you will need to repe
-l down while dodging the helicopter's fire. The other issue is that we need to
becareful dodging the steam that will shot out from the pipes, which can hurt

Just time your movement just right and you should be good. This is a typical ol
-d school cliche from Konami, platforming and timing is a must for a majority
of their games. Once you are at the bottom, the Hind D will cease its attack
for now...

- Walkway -

You should now see the door we can use C4 to blast opne. Feel free to do it if
you wish. The only real thing we need to do is  get across the bridge. The only
issue is that if you equip the bionoculars you will see three guards. You will
need to take them out either using the Nakita or PSG-1 rifle, it will take a fe
-w times to kill them all because they do respawn but when the fire fight is
over with run across the bridge and out run the Hind and enter the door to get
inside the next tower. Also you can find the Stinger launcher here. You will ne
-ed it to bring down the Hind. Continue on in to the tower.

 _______________________________                             IE*( Ground    )
[Tactical Information]          | Area: Comm Tower B            |___________|
|GP#0 T#0  C#0  AV*10     D* E  | **********                    |Stinger    |
|_______________________________| Reference: MGS-W010           |STING Ammo |
Unlike the other Tower, this place is very straight forward. So |SOCOM Ammo |
this will be a short trip. The first thing you will want to do  |FAMAS Ammo |
is head straight down the stairs until you can't go any futher  |Chaff G.   |
to discover that the stairway below has been blown up and there |Ration     |
no way to get down to where we need to go. So turn around and he|___________|
-ad all the way up until you trigger a scene between Snake and Otacon.

After the scene is over make your way to the top of the tower, also becareful 
of the Gun Sentry camera's while making your progress. When you  are ready head
outside and it will be time to fight the...

                      (BOSS FIGHT: Hind D         )
                          (Reference: MGSWB-6)

This fight is straight forward and very easy once you get a hang of how the Sti
-nger works. Liquid will fly around in the Hind and try to best Snake... 

What you will need to do in order to win the battle is fire direct shots to the
front, sides and back to bring it's life gauge down. Once in awhile it will fly
away and combat will cease for just a momment and the Hind will try to Sneak up
on you. You can easily keep trask of it using the Soliton Radar or the lock on
mechanism of the Stinger. 

The other thing that you will need to worry about is when you hear a Beeping no
-ise, it is time to find some place to cover because he has fired some missiles
at you. Other than that, take it down and have fun! :)

After the battle is over you wil get a CODEC call from Otacon. After that just
head back down to the Elevator which is working now. Once inside you will need
to fight four guards in stealth camo, just equip the Thermal Goggles and use th
-e FAMAS (or snap all their necks) to take 'em out. After that minor balltle is
over, you will be at the bottom of the tower, head outside to reach the Snowfie
-ld which will trigger the second encounter between Snake and...

 _______________________________                            IE* ( Ground    )
[Tactical Information]          | Area: Tank Snowfield          |___________|
|GP#6  T#3  C#8  AV*1    D* M   | **********                    |PSG1 Ammo  |
|_______________________________| Reference: MGS-W011           |NIKI Ammo  |
                                 ***                            |FAMAS Ammo |
                       ___________________________              |SOCOM Ammo |
                      (BOSS FIGHT: Sniper Wolf    )             |Claymore M.|
                       ===========================              |Chaff G.   |
                            (Reference: MGSWB-7)                |Stun G.    |
                                                                |Grenade    |
This is exactly like the previous fight with her, except, you ar|Ration     |
-e in a different area. Sniper Wolf is located to the North of  |Stinger Am.|
yoi and will take cover behind some trees. Just use the Diapezam|Cardboard C|
and PSG-1 Sniper Rifle, plus Thermal Goggles to takke her out.  |___________|
If you aim directly at her head you can get a head shot or two, this will
make the fight very quick and easy.

If you are also very skilled with the Nikita, you can also use this weapon too!
The trick is to stand at the astern portion corner where there is a small hill
you can hide while blasting her away with the remote-controlled missiles!
After the fight, a scene will take place. After that, it is time to continue.

There are many minor cargo rooms in this area you can gain access to to find
any equipment and ammo that you need to stock up on. What we need to do is to
head North and inside a Levle 6 room that has two gun sentry camera's. (the do
-or is marked N-A1) You can easily evade them by crawling underneath one of the
crates, head east and then you should see a set of stairs to head down into the
Blast Furnace.

Note: You will need to change to Disc 2 at this point.

_______________________________                             IE*( Ground     )
[Tactical Information]          | Area: Blast Furnace/Cargo Elev|___________|
|GP#3  T#0  C#0  AV*     D* E/M | ********** & Warehouse        |Ration     |
|_______________________________| Reference:  MGS-W011          |___________|
Head directly down the stairs and open the door using your keyca|Stun G.    |
-rd. Once inside, you will notice that there is a soldier that  |SOCOM Ammo |
will patrol the north area of your position. You will be able to|Ration     |
use the metal boxes in front of you in order to evade his sight.|FAMAS Ammo |
But our real objective, is to head west on the bridge to what   |C4         |
appears to be a moving industrial crane. What you will need to  |Nikita Ammo|
do in order to bypass it, is to shimmy up against the wall and  |Stinger Am.|
duck under the crane when you need to (in order to prevent from |Chaff G.   |
being knocked off to the heated metal below) and reach the north|Body Armor*|
side.                                                           |___________|

Once you are on the other side follow the metal walkway to the steps on the eas
-ern side. Just becareful though because there is another guard on patrol just
down below. Now, at the East of the bottom of them stairs is an Elevator just
in case you need to go all the way back up to the top floor. Other than that, h
-ead down the second set of stairs.

Don't head through the door on the North yet. In case you didn't get the Body
Armor from the second basement of the Nuke building you can easily pick it up h
-ere. If you switch to FPV mode you can easily see a doorway opening on the sou
-th side, a way from the north door. You will need to be careful of this room
though because the steam that comes out can hurt Snake on contact, so timing is
a must. You can find the entrance to it via crawling under a set of pipes on th
-e western wall. Once on the other side you will have to evade some gun cameras.

But if you did get the Body Armor just proceed through the North door!

- Cargo Elevator -

Wait for the Elevator to come up. Feel free to grab some of the goodies around
this area if you need them. Once there Elevator is here, get on it and look for
the console switch to take you down further below. Once activated you will have
to fight some guards (just like the elevator in the towers) But they are not
stealthed, so you can easily see them. Just use the FAMAS or snape their necks
to win the battle quickly.

Once you are the bottom, you will need to understand that we cannot use the Sol
-iton Radar in this area. Luckily, you have me to be your eyes (well text.) You
will need to take out the gun sentry out with a Stinger missle to evade it or j
-ust dodge it for that matter. (I find it easier just taking it out.)

Now, since we can't use the Mine Detector, you will need to equip the Thermal
Goggles so that you can see where the Claymore Mines have been placed. Feel
free to retrive them if you want. Again, feel free to grab the goodies and 
head to the Elevator and activate this console.

Now...we are waiting... During this portion a CODEC scene will take place.

Funny there are a lot of crows around here... Anyways, we are now in a very col
-d place, so you will need to becareful if your rations get frozen. Now, make
your way north to the door (you might want to save your progress at this 
point.) and a scene will take place between you and...

-Ware House -

                      (BOSS FIGHT: Vulcan Raven   )
                          (Reference: MGSWB-8)

This fight is mainly a game of Cat and Mouse. And since he has a long
range of view, you will need to becareful of the gun he uses. You will
need to catch him off guard to even want to damage him. So you will need
to lay traps for him, Either it be C4, Claymore Mines or even using the
Stinger/Nikita Missile launcher. 

Also, when you piss him off, he will start knocking boxes down to block
certain paths and he will eventually begin to move faster and faster.
Just play smart about it and you should have no issues. Also the Body
Armor helps here.

Note: If you  do use the Claymores, make sure you use Thermal Goggles
      or the Mine Detector so you don't get yourself killed by your
      own weapon. If you need to recover them out of emergency, do so
      via crawling over them. Never let equipment go to waste!


Feel free to grab whatever goodies are left over from the fight. Also
take note that this area will be flooded with guards later on. Anyways,
continue through the Level 7 door. In this area, you will need to becareful
as there are two floors that are death traps, just run over them. Once out
in the open there will be a huge amount of gun camera's. Just take them out
or evade them to reach the door on the north side to reach Metal Gear Rex's

 _______________________________                             IE*( Ground    )
[Tactical Information]          | Area: Underground Hanger      |___________|
|GP#3  T#0  C#0  AV*     D* E/M | **********                    |Chaff G.   |
|_______________________________| Reference:                    |FAMAS Ammo |
Floor 1 -                                                       |SOCOM Ammo |
                                                                |Ration     |
Head north down the carridor and you wil ltrigger a cutscene, in|Stinger Am.|
us, is that walking nightmare that has been talked about through|___________|
outth entire game. Now head east and north again until you come to a ladder,
head up to the second floor.

Floor 2 -

Head up the next ladder to hit the third floor.

Floor 3 -
Just go up the ladder and we will be on top of Metal Gear Rex, just cross it an
-d head down the next ladder. And continue heading west, up here there is at le
-ast one loan guard that you can easily take out with the Socom. Eventaully you
should come the the main control room. Head near the door to trigger a scene be
-tween Ocelot, Liquid and Snake.

After the scene you will trigger an auto-matic alert which cannot be aovided. 
Out run the guard and head back down to the first floor so that we can retrieve
the input-override key.

*If you are fast enough getting back down to the first floor*

You can easily find the card in the nuclear infested waters. Just be sure to 
equip the gas mask so you won't take as much damage as you normally would with

*If you are not fast enough getting to the first floor*

Look around the infested waters (make sure to wear the gas mask) and you will
not be able to find the key. Contact one of your mission supportors to find out
what is going on. 

It appears that a rat has swollowed up the key and you will need to trap and ki
-ll it with a Claymore Mine. This might take some time, but you will be able to
get the key back. 

Once you have the key the key you will need to back track to the main control r
-oom three times. But becareful, there are two cameras in the room and if you
are spotted the room will flood with gas, when that happens there is nothing yo
-u can do...

Anyways here is what you need to do -

Note: Now is the time to stock up on any last minute ammo and equipment to 
      prepare for the final encounter. 

Normal Tempature - This is what it is at default, insert the key on what has 
                   the symbol of the room tempature.
Cold Tempature - You will need to head to the Warehouse where you fought Vulcan
                 Raven. You will need to wait a few minutes before the key will
                 change. Once the change happens hurry back up to Metal Gear's
                 main control room and insert the key in the middle terminal.

Note: Once you have inserted the Cold Room key, the room where you fought
      Valcun Raven is now flooded with patrolling guards. Takem them out or
      evade them to get back to the Blast Furnace.

Hot Tempature - You will need to go the Blast Furance and repeat the same thing
                as earlier. Once it is heated up, quickly hurry back to the 
                control room and insert on the far left laptop.

After that you will activate the NUclear Warhead and the room will flood with
gas. Equip the gas mask and call Otacon to open the door. After that head outsi
-ide to trigger a scene between Snake and Liquid... After that, its time to tak
-e on...

                      (BOSS FIGHT: Metal Gear Rex )
                          (Reference: MGSWB-9)

Phase 1 - 

Metal Gear has a few attacks that you need to be aware of. The tank has the
abilities to fire a laser cutter at you and step on you when you get close to
it. THe others are the ability to use tracking missiles, which you will need
to run away from (do not stop) to evade them.) and of course a michine gun.

You can also stand close to him so he won't fire his missiles, but you need to
becareful of his melee attacks (he will step on you you, use a machine gun and
of course the laser cutter I mentioned earlier.)

You will need to throw Chaff Grenades to disrupt its systems and fire a Stinger
Misslile at it's radome. Continue doing this until you his health is at zero.

- Cut scene -

Phase 2 -

In this phase you will need to understand that Chaff Grenades no longer work.
If you need a ration you can find one at the top left corner of the garage. Now
in order to defeat the machine you will need to fire a stinger missile in to
its cockpit. The safest bet is to get close to avoid any missiles, also you can
get under him and behind him to piss Liquid off. 

After you destroy the beast you will be give a cut scene and you will face the
last terrorist... Liquid Snake in hand-to-hand combat on top of that once walki
-ng nightmare. The fight is easy so I shouldn't really have to explain it. The
only issue is that you have a set period of time to defeat him before the bomb
goes off.


Before continuing return inside the room where you fought Rex to find a ration
you can also find a few more in this area but you should only need one or two
for the last part of the game.

After the fight, either (depending on if you gave in to the torture earlier wit
-h Ocelot) Meryl/Otacon will escort you to a car, either one will trigger a cam
-era and guards will flood the room. You will need to take out the guards until
either of the two start the jeep.

Every action game/movie is complete with that awesome car chase at the end. You
will need to fight back using the gun mounted on the jeep. Don't bother fightin
-g in third-person, instead you will want to go into FPV mode, aiming will be
easier that way. Just take out the choke points and eventually Liquid will chas
-e you. Just fire back until you get to the end, after that enjoy the ending.

Congratulations, you have just beat Metal Gear Solid. 
 Equipment MGSW-E1000

This is a list of all the equipment (weapons) used in the game. 

Socom - This is the one of the first weapons you will obtain and has 
        a unique thing about it. It is the only weapon you can use
        that can help you avoid being heard and seen by the enemy.
        Though it wont become useful until you obtain the Surpressor.

Famas - This a Machine gun, which can be used to penetrate the armor
        of well-armed Genome Soldiers, the only issue is thats ammo
        will burn out really fast and I highly recomend not using it
        unless in given situations (boss fights..etc.)

Nikita - This is a remote-controled missile launcher which only really
         serves one purpose in the game. You can either control it in
         an isometric fashion or in first person view. 

Stinger - This is you're basic rocket laucnher, comes equiped with
          an auto-detecting aiming feature and is used for many
          things (taking down the Hind D or Security cameras)

Stun Grenade - This is used to give yourself time to escape.
               It will give off a huge flash on the screen
               thus knocking out the guards for a few seconds
               allow you to run and hide

Chaff Grenade - This grenade allows you to disrupt electronic
                equipment (Security Camera's...etc.)

Grenade - Do I really ned to explain this? It's good to use
          when there are enemies in clusters.

PSG-1 - This is your sniper rifle. Used to attack enemies
        from a distance and in stealth.

C4 - This item can be used to set traps for the enemy and
     is also used to blow up false wars or non-working doors.
Claymore - Another trap an enemy type of weapon. Not really
           useful unless you want to set up ambushes on an
           enemy guard.

 Items MGSW-I1000

This is a list of all the items that can be found in game.

Ration - This is used to restore Snake's Health.

Scope - Bionoculars, can be used to scout out an area from
        a distance. Excellent in learning patrol routes
        and spotting unseen things.

Surpressor - Used for the Socom Psitol, silences the weapon.

N.V.G. - Night Vision Goggles, allows you to see in the dark.

Thermal Goggles - Allows you to see Infra Red (also good for
                  dark areas and spotting enemies that may
                  be hard to see.)

Rope - This item is used for the repel event during the Hind
       D encounter.

Cardboard Box - A, B, C: These items will allow to Snake to
                use to hide himself from the enemy. They
                also can be used as a form of faster transporation.

                Heliport <--> Nuke Building <---> Snowfield

Cigarettes - Can reduce shaking with the PGS-1 and of course its
             what Snake does to be cool.

Medicine - Used to cure the common cold (i.e when Snake Sneezes)

Diazepam - Used to stop trembling with the sniper rifle

PAL Card - Used to over ride the Nuclear Weapon

Data Disc - A disc containing Metal Gear Rex's VR data

Card Key - Levels 1 - 7; used to open the security doors.

Camera - Allows one to take pictures (Also has a further
         distance than the Scope)

Bomb - A trap set by Ocelot, I suggest getting rid of it
       before you blow up.

Ammo Crates - These are all over the place, used to replenish

Hankerchief - A cloth that Sniper Wolf once had, used to surpress
              sneezes and of course make the wolf-dogs in the cave
              not attack Snake!

Ketchup - This item is used to fool a guard during the torture event.

 Ghost MGSW-G1000

This is something fun to do in the game after you are bored with it.
Located in certain areas are ghost of the people who worked on the
game. Which easily be seen using the Camera (note: you need to take
a picture of the area first before you can see it.)

(Note this was taken from volvox's Ghost guide from 

1.     Kojima - Otacon lab (the picture frame to the right)

       After defeating the ninja, take a picture of the Policenaughts poster on
       the right.  Zooming in helps.

       Looks like:  A very clear, full body picture of a short haired guy 
                    bearing his teeth. Can't tell if he has fangs or not.

2.     Matsuhana - Hallway of corpses (outside Otacon's lab)

       Go around the corner of the hall and stand by the body in the corner
       across from the lab door.  Looks across so that the moving body is in
       the lower half of the screen.  Take the picture.

       Looks like:  A small head and a really big arm

3.     Sato - Comm Tower A (roof destroyed by Hind D missiles)

       Just before you go over the side on the rope, mosey down to the lower
       corner of the roof and look back at the wreckage.  Take a picture.

       Looks like:  A wavy face above a long white collar(?)

4.     Nakamura - In Meryl's blood pool

       Stand south of the main blood pool and face north (toward Wolf's 
       position).  Center the pool in the middle and take the picture.

       Looks like:  A floating head and shoulders looking downwards.

5.     Sinkawa - Deep in Sniper Wolf's hallway behind the second pillar

       After beating Sniper Wolf the first time, go up the stairs outside the
       comm tower to the level where she was shooting from.  Stand directly 
       behind the middle pillar and face left away from the stairs.  Take the

       Looks like:  An very clear upper body shot of a guy with short hair
                    looking at you.

6.     Uehara - Edge of elevator (the one where the ravens are)

       On the cargo elevator with the ravens, stand in the little nub on the
       front of the elevator.  Turn around and center the middle of the back
       railing in the picture.  You should have both elevator tracks in the
       picture too.  Take the picture.  It does not matter if the elevator is
       moving or not.

       Looks like:  A large face in the right half. A bit blurry

7.     Negishi - Sewage waterfall

       After tossing a chaff grenade, stand in the middle of the bridge over
       the flowing sewage.  Stand against the railing closest to the waterfall
       and aim straight at the opening where the falls come out.  Take the 

8.     Mizutani - When fighting Metal Gear
       This can be a tough one since Metal Gear will be shooting at you in
       the process.  To make it easier, run around until Metal Gear starts
       coming after you, then run between its legs to confuse it. While it
       looks for you, sneak around the left side of the hangar and down to the
       lower left corner.  Stand directly behind the second set of danger
       barrels and aim at the center of the last set in the lower corner. 
       Center the barrels in the photo and take it.

       Looks like:  A group of three to four heads.  The far left one has
                    some soft of quarter ring over it

9.     Korekado - Men's restroom

       In first basement of the nuclear storage building, go into the men's
       restroom (you can kill the guard or not).  Position yourself on the
       right wall so you can look across and see all three urinals.  Take
       the picture.

       Looks like:  The backside of a guy taking a leak clasped between two

10.    Sasaki - Picture frames in the Commanders room

       After beating Mantis, stand in front of the desk so that all six of the
       picture frames are in your view.  Take the picture.

       Looks like:  A freaky, ghostly close-up of a guy with glasses.

11.    Sonoyama - Torture machine

       Go behind the torture machine and take a picture straight on.  It doesn't
       matter if you aim high or low.

       Looks like:  A very clear half body shot of a guy with both fists in the
                    air looking like he's cheering.

12.    Toyota - Container in the middle of Raven's warehouse

       While fighting Vulcan Raven, run to the container in the middle.  Just 
       once side of it, get kind of close, and take the picture.  I don't think
       the angle matters.

       Looks like:  A bizarre neon blue floating arm

13.    Kozyou - Behind the watertank-like structure in the Canyon

       Stand in the corner by the watertank and aim across the snowfield
       parallel with the rock wall. You should have the watertank in the
       left half. Take the picture.

14.    Shimizu - Wolf dog caves (first crawling point)

       Go through the crawling point into the snow covered area.  Stand by
       the cave wall directly across from the crawling point and look back
       to it.  Aim up a little and take the picture.

       Looks like:  A head shot of a guy with long hair.

15.    Kaneda - The mirror located in the women's restroom

       After Meryl leaves the restroom, face the mirror closest to the stalls 
       and take the picture.  Don't stand too close.

       Looks like:  The upper body of a naked buy wearing a lion mask.  Pretty
                    darn freaky (yet cool) if you ask me.

16.    Fukushima - Heliport, looking out to sea from cliff

       At the heliport at the beginning of the game, go to the little jut of
       cliffs to the right of the helicopter pad.  It is south of the line of
       boxes.  Face the ocean and take the picture.

       Looks like:  A full body picture of a pointy headed guy with one hand
                    back, one out front like he's ready to take you on.

17.    Takade - Ninja room, glass at edge

       After defeating the ninja in Otacon's lab, stand behind the first pane
       of glass over by the supercomputers (around where the ration was).  Look
       through the glass at the leftmost Policenaughts poster.  Take the

       Looks like:  A guy crouching and looking back.

18.    Fujimura - Elevator in the Comm Tower B complex

19.    Shikama - Electric floor

       This is easy.  Simply take a picture down the hall from the start of
       the electric floor while it is still electrified.

       Looks like:  Full body of a guy holding binoculars(?)

20.    Kimura - MG underground base, tip of Metal Gear's railgun

       On the third level of the underground base (across from the control
       room), stand by the ladder into Metal Gear's cockpit.  Look up and
       over at the tip of the railgun.  Take the picture.

       Looks like:  A distorted face with one hand on the cheek.

21.    Kobayashi - Rock in canyon

22.    Okajima - Maggots of the real DARPA chief in cell

       Stand at the chief's right foot and aim down at the maggots on his knee.
       Take the picture.  You can also aim at the maggots on the floor, but the
       shot is not as clear.

       Looks like:  A distorted, screaming face.  Looks like kind of like an
                    evil clown in a way.

23.    Nishimura - Next to Baker's corpse

       Stand back from Baker a bit and aim so he is in the middle to lower part
       of the picture. Now aim left or right (doesn't matter which) so he is 
       near the edge of the picture. Take the picture.

       Looks like:  A slumped over body 

24.    Mukaide - Reflection in wolfdog cave puddle

       This one is REALLY hard to get.  Stand at the bottom edge of the puddle
       aligned with the tip of the ice on the wall.  When you look through the
       camera, you should see the ice on the left side with the tip about half
       way up.  There should also be a circular reflection of the light in the
       water almost in the center of the picture.  Take a shot.  If you can't
       get it, try a slightly different position at the bottom of the puddle.
       As far as I can tell you need to be in just the right place to see this

       Looks like:  Yet another guy with glasses.  Pretty generic for being such
                    a pain to find.

25.    Onoda - Where Baker is tied up

       While fighting Revolver Ocelot, take a quick picture above Baker's head.

       Looks like:  A guy with glasses doing peace signs with both hands

26.    Kitao - Decoy Octopus (fake DARPA chief) corpse

       Stand on the side of Octopus so his body is straight across the screen
       and his head faces the right. Center him as much as possible and take
       the picture. Doesn't seem to work from behind.

       Looks like:  Frontal view with shoulders and a cat(?)

27.    Yoshimura - Dead end of air duct

28.    Hirano - Elevator (Comm Tower B) deep in the shaft of top level

29.    Murakoa - Water in cargo dock

       At the beginning of the game, go to the right side of the cargo dock by
       the ration.  Go into the little niche by the pipe and aim at the two thin
       pipes running up the wall.

30.    Ishiyama - Heliport top of building

31.    Ito - Elevator to tank hangar

       Stand in the right corner nearest the door. Aim diagonally across at the
       upper left corner. Take a picture at eye level.

       Looks like:  Full body of a female with hands clasped

32.    Jeremey Blaustein - Sniper Wolf's corpse

33.    Yoshioka - Bridge on the third floor of the blast furnace

       On the very top level of the blast furnace, go to the dead end bridge 
       (the one where the guard was).  Stand at the end a little back from the
       railing and aim straight across at the wall.  Take the picture.  It does
       not matter if the crane is there or not.

       Looks like:  A full body with outstretched arms, but the body is
       distorted so the head is REALLY big.

34.    Mori - Lowest point of elevator (Comm Tower B)

35.    Kinbara - Dark area of stairs

36.    Tougo - End of boiler room (in blast furnace where the steam is)

       Go into the steam room in the bottom of the blast furnace and go to the
       far dead end.  Aim the camera toward the missiles, but aim a little to
       the right and down in the corner.

       Looks like:  A hand with a face in it. 

37.    Makimura - Hidden armory store room behind the weakened wall

38.    Kutome - Observation room

       The observation room is the bullet proof one looking out to an inactive 
       Metal Gear Rex. After tossing a chaff grenade, face the earth map in the
       back and center yourself with it. Center it in the picture and take it.

       Looks like:  An upper body shot of a guy with his hand crossed under his

39.    Tanaka - Heliport, sleeping soldier

       There is a sleeping soldier in front of the air vent on the bottom left
       level of the heliport.  There is a camera above him.  Aim above his head
       and take the picture.

       Looks like:  A thoughtful looking guy with a halo over his head.

40.    Shigeno - Heliport, security area by staircase

       By the stairs on the right side of the heliport, stand at a 45 degree 
       angle from the camera at the base.  You may need to use a chaff grenade.
       Aim toward the camera so the stairs are in the right half of the picture.

41.    Yamashita - Tip of nuke warhead in nuke storage room

       In the nuke storage room, stand at the tip of the middle nuke and aim to
       over to the left at the tip of the nuke closest to the stairs.

       Looks like:  Head and shoulders of a guy with what looks like a large
                    nose or Hershey's kiss on top of his head.

42.    Kobayashi - Johnny Sasaki holding cell, near DARPA chief

       Stand outside the DARPA chief's cell and aim over above the naked guy
       that Meryl beat up.  

       Looks like:  I have no idea.  I see tubes and two hands.

43.    Scott Dolf - Way down in the dark from the walkway between Comm Tower A
       and B

       On the commtower walkway outside the frozen door, stand about halfway to
       the railing and halfway between the other railing and the wall.  Look 
       through the railing in front of you and aim way down in the darkness.
       The railing should look real huge in the camera.

       Looks like:  A very clear picture of a bearded guy doing a funky sign
                    with his hand.

 Secrets  MGSW-S1000

Camera - Already covered in this guide; can be found in the room before
         the battle with Ocelot (blow up the eastern wall.) Look through
         the rooms (if you have the Level 5-7 keys)

Tuxedo - Beat the game once and on the 2nd playthrough Snake will wear

Red Ninja - Beat the game once; the only thing is that the Ninja will
            change colors; not his difficulty.

Banadana - Infinite Ammo; Save Meryl by not submitting to Ocelot's

Stealth Camo - Submit through the torture and otacon will give you
               this at the end of the game

 How to Play MGSW-P2000

Game Play Mechanics

This portion of the guide is designed to help you get familiar with how MGS pla
-ys and works. There are many elements that one must understand before taking a
part in such a wonderful game. So in this guide I will explain in very much det
-ail (and plain english) on how this game is setup.

THE PS1 Controller - Basic Operations

L2 Button.....Equip Items
L1 Button.....Item Equip/Unequip Items
R2 Button.....Equip Weapon
R1 Nittpm.....Equip/Unequip Weapon
Directional...Normal: Run

Select Button.....Activates Codec
Start Button......Pause

Triangle Button.....FPV (First Person View)

Square Button.......Weapon button (push to fire)
Circle Button.......CQC Operation; Punch, Punch Kick, choke & Throw
X Button............Crawl Crouch/Crawl button

The Main Menu - For Dummies!

New Game - Once selected you can choose the difficulty setting of
           Easy, Normal or Hard. Extreme is only unlocked after 
           the first game is finished (on any difficulty setting)

Option   - Change game settings to your liking.

Briefing - View the mission briefing log videos.

Load Game - Load your game and read progress on Snake's current progress.

Special - Read information and the story of Snake's previous missions.

special Operational Controls - How to work stuff...

Elevator - First off to get inside you will need to go up to the panel and
           press the action button. Sometimes you will need to wait for it
           to come up. So if there are sentries around, make sure you find
           a place to hide. Now once it is open go inside and look for a 2nd
           panel which is near the door on the left side. Press the action 
           button (circle) to view a list of floors. Select the floor you 
           wish to visit and press the button again.

Climbing Up/Down Ladders - Press the Action Button (circle)

Entering Airducts or other small places - You must get in to crawling position
                                          and go inside. You will automaticly
                                          enter in FPV mode which you can use
                                          to control Snake in that view.

Card Board Boxes - Just equip it and move normally. 
                   Your vision slightly suffers. 
                   But do not worry. Also make sure
                   you stand still when a guard is 

Note: There are other special controls but I do not want to spoil the game 
      for you.

The HUD - How it works.

There are many aspects in this game that you must be fully aware of in order
to survive the long and harsh trip. And that is MGS's HUD. So get ready to
understand it very quickly.

The Life Gauge - This is very important to keep a watch for as it's Snake's
remaining life. If it drops to 0 the game is over. Your life also increases
after each boss fighting. Depending on how much life you obtain depends on
the difficutly level. There are also other ways for Snake to lose his health
in game besides fire fights. This appears in the upper left corner of the 

One would be smoking his cigarettes. He slowly decreases his life, if not by
much. Other examples would be getting shocked by an eletrified floor or being
ran over. Shot, stabbed (no stabbing in this game) punched or thrown can also
cause damage. There is also the O2 (Oxygen) Gauge.

O2 (Oxygen) Gauge - This is rarely shown but only in certain areas with Water
and Gas filled places. It will quickly decrease if you do not have the Diving
suit (which Snake will take off and will never use again) and the Gas Mask 
(which will be found later in the game) Once you have the Gas Mask on it will
very slowly decrease. But once the O2 gauge wears off your life will be taken
out by Small or Huge chunks depending on the difficulty. This too appears in
the upper left corner of the screen.

Boss Life Gauge - Shows the health/remaining Health of a boss appears 
Under Snake's gauge.

Hostage Guage - This only appears once in game. It applies to all other
health bars.

Bullet Gauge - This only applies during a certain boss battle. Once the
bullets run out, he will have to reload. This is only used once.

The Radar - How it works (In the HUD)

This is very important peace of equipment (if you need it) and it is always
up except on the Hard/Extreme modes as the player can shut off. It will show
you obstacles in the area (boxes, walls, stairs, doors...etc.) and the patrol
points of any moving units (and animals.)

Infiltration Mode - This is the basic concept of when the radar is up

Dot in Center.....Is always you, don't forget this.
Green Cone............Snake's field of vision in FPV.
Red Dot(s)............Enemy Soldiers
Blue Cone.............Enemy Soldier's normal field of view.
Red Cone..............Enemy Soldier's field of vision when
                      in "Noise Mode" or "Footprint Mode"

Mode Explainations - 

Noise Mode - This only happens when Snake makes a certain sound. Such as
walking in water, noisy catwalks/floors and tapping on the wall to lure
his enemy away from certain positions.

Footprint Mode - This only happens if Snake has been in Snow or water. In
the Snow snake will leave his foot tracks for a guard to follow, so make 
sure you get to solid clean ground quickly before he finds you.

This also happens when you have just got out of the water or stepped in to
a puddle. Snake will leave wet footprints behind. The same concept goes as
snow but it instead can be used on solid ground. So make sure you either
lure them in circles to where you can dry off or just wait to dry off before
moving on.

Radar Jamming - There are 3 types of jaming in MGS. Please read below.

Alert Mode - This only happens when you are discovered by an enemy sentry.
In this phase he will call for reinforcements to help take Snake down. Now
during this mode there will be a count down from 99.99 to 00.00. It will
stay at 99.99 if Snake continues to be in their view. It will decrease 
when Snake runs or hides. 

Note: This mode is very dangerous. As you can be easily surronded by sentries
      in a matter of mere seconds.

Evasion Mode - This only happens when the enemy has lost Snake when in Alert 
Mode the count down reaches 00.00. In this phase the soldiers are looking for
him. Now in this mode you can move around very carefully and tap on walls to
lure guards away or use the Cardboard Box or surroundings. If spotted by a
guard you will be back in Alert Mode.

Note: When both Alert and Evasion Mode reach 00.00 the game will return to
      Infiltration mode and all guards summoned will go back to where they
      came and current stationed guards will return to their post and routes.

Jamming - This only happens from eletronic jamming. During this period electron
-ic weapons and equipment such as surveillance cameras, remote control missles
and gun turrents do not work. This can either be due to a certain room or can 
be triggered with a Chaff Grenade.

Camera Views - Five types...

Top View - self explained.

Over-shoulder Top View - Self explained.

First Person View - FPV mode.

Intrusion Mode - This only happens when Snake enters a narrow space. Such as an
airduct or under a vechicle/table. You can control Snake using the analog stick
or dictional pad like an FPS.

Behind Mode - This only happens when snake creeps up against certain walls.

That's pretty much it on the HUD. 

The Enemy - For Dummies; How they operate.

Infiltration Mode Movement - The enemy operate a certain way like normal
guards would at a stationed  military base. Except you're playing against
an A.I. Each Guard will have a particular patrol pattern. An example of t
-his is a guard moving around, lets say a very large cargo container.

He will move around it carefully stopping and searching around to find any
intruder. Sometimes he will turn around in a very surprised motion to trick
you. Sometimes he will move on (depending on where you are at in the game.)
Perhaps he will move around the large crate and then you will notice on the
radar another card is vastly approuching. He will then stop and the approuc
-hing guard turns around.

Evasion Mode - They are off their patrol points. Backup and Guards are search
-ing for Snake. use extreme caution while moving around and avoid them.

Get the point? Good... Moving on.

Inflitration Mode - This mode is standard when Snake has not been seen. Which
basically means the guards are not alerted to him at all. He can move quietly
around the enemy to avoid conflict. But when he gets seen...

Alert Mode - A Red Explanation Point* Will appear over the guards head and he
will studder really quickly. He will then call for backup and the Alert Mode
jamming takes place. This means reinforcements are making way. In this concept
it means a firefight. The only thing Snake can do is run and hide. Wait until
the  counter reaches 00.00 to trigger...

Evasion Mode - In this mode the guards and backup are no longer on patrol. They
are now hunting Snake down. You can use this to your advantage if you are an ad
-vanced player. (I also find this the most exciting part in game because it pum
-ps your adrenline.) You can sneak around guards and avoid them. Or you can you
can just hide until the counter hits 00.00 to return to Inflitration Mode.

Enemy Symbols - There a few things here which most people don't understand. 

Red Explaination Point - The Guard has spotted Snake.

Blue Question Mark - Noise Mode/Footprint Mode/Suspicion

Sneezing - The Guard has a cold, avoid him at all cost. If Snake obtains the
cold, he will start to sneeze/cough and will alert guards to his presence.

ZzZz's/Snoring - The Guard is sleeping use this to your symbol and sound to
Snake's advantage.

Note: Some Guards are light sleepers, so be on watch for that.

Yawning - Some guards yawn to (only for a second) to interupt their point.
Use this as an advantage to move or be cautious.  

The Codec - For Dummies

The Codec is a reciever that allows Snake to communicate with his support team
via radio waves. No one but him (you) will be able to hear it. This is how it

You can use it by pressing the SELECT button.

In Coming Calls (2 Types) a beeping sound will take place and -CALL- will flash
on screen.

Red Flash - Automatic. You will be forced in to this conversation.

Green Flash - Manual. You can chose whether or not to accept this call or not.

Frequency - Use the left or right directional pad arrows to change freqs.

Transmitting a call - Press the Up button on the directional pad.

Memory Feature - Anyone you contact via codec will be stores in your log. You
can press down and select anyone you wish to call via Codec. Once selected pres
-s the Up button to contact them.

Saving Your Game - Contact Mei Ling to save. I shouldn't have to get more detai
-led than this.

Advanced Movements - Make the Snake dangerous!

Strangle - To do this move you need to be close to the enemy without a weapon.
Press the weapon button without touching the pad and snake will grab on the ene
-my. Two things can happen. You can either choke/break his neck. Or you can mov
-e the directional pad in any direction to move him. If you let him go he will
be in Alert Mode, so make sure you take him out quickly.

Quick Change (Tactical Reload) - Press the R1 or R2 buttons (double tap) to qui
-ckly change items/weapons. You can also reload your carts (for guns) faster by
doing this. Reloading a magizine is very dangerous in a fire fight. So if this
accidently happens make sure you got a good place to stray from incoming fire.

Quick Peak - When behind a wall, Snake can go in to FPV mode (via you) and if 
you press the R1 or R2 buttons he can peak around corners.

Shoot While Running - When holding the weapon Button hold the Crouch button to
run while firing.

Luring/Noise Mode - Creep up against the wall and press the Action Button. Doin
-g this allows Snake to tap on the walls and lure guards near him to get out of
certain situations.

Status Effects - Certain things you need to worry about

Sneezing - It means Snake has a cold, curable with the Medicine
           This can alert guards if you are sneaking up on them
           and or hiding.

FROZEN - When you're out in cold weather sometimes your rations
         can be frozen and you can't use them until they are
         warmed up. Just keep them equiped for a while or go to
         a room that is of normal or hot tempature.

Shaking - This only happens when you use the PSG-1; you can either
          use the Diazapam to stop it or let Snake smoke a cigarette.


That basically covers the game mechanics. 

 FAQs MGSW-F1000

1. Question: Can I play as the Cyborg Ninja
   Answer: No, nor can you play as any other character
           The only time you will be able to play as the
           Ninja is if you have the VR Missions game which
           isn't sold anymore

2. Question: How do I get Infinite Ammo/Stealh Cammo
   Answer: Please look at the secret section above.

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