Metal Gear Solid: The Essential Collection Cheats

Metal Gear Solid: The Essential Collection cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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alternate title screen.
To get a different title screen, beat the game once.
MGS1 stealth camo
submit to ocelots torture and complete the game with the ending scene with otacon. in the next game you should have stealth camo in your inventory.
MGS2 dogtags for tanker chapter(Snake only)
30%, or 46 tags gets you the bandanna
50%, or 78 tags gets you stealth camo
MGS2: ligtning in title
press L2 in the title screen to have a ligtning effect.
MGS3 - Boy was he wrong...
After meeting with Granin, call Sigint a few times. Eventually, Metal Gear REX will be brought up in one of their conversations. Sigint will say that a robot with legs is impossible and a ridiculous idea. (If you've played Metal Gears 1 and 2 or look at the series title, you'll know that this idea isn't as ridiculous as he thought.) Sigint then goes on to say that he remembers someone with the same idea but he forgot his name. The person who he mentions is Otacon's father.
Also, if you press R1 the cut scene with Granin, one of the pictures shows him with Otacon.
Stranger calls from The Colonel
Call while you're fighting the Metal Gears and he will have new things to say.
Sucker punch(shoot) Vamp
In the beginning when Vamp is bowing, equip your Stinger missile launcher and shoot at Vamp. If timed just right you can go till he dies.
USP silencer and thermal goggles in Tanker Chapter
After beating Olga, climb the center tower on the middle level, there should be the silencer. Bbove that there should be thermal goggles.

Easter eggs

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Bubble bath girl MGS2
In the Plant mission, go to the blood filled hall in Strut B, and punch one of the panels near the pipes untill it drops, behind it you will see a poster of a girl in a bubble bath.
This is an easter egg in MGS2 Substance
Sometime after you get a box put it on on then call Rose. She will ridicule you about wearing a box calling you an idiot etc. Note this might take several attempts of calling her on the codec, though this usually works in the parcel room after the Fatman fight.


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All Character Versions in VR
Enter "uuddlrlrba" as your name and all character looks will be unlocked at 0.0%
dogtags for the plant chapter(Raiden only)
30%, or 73 tags gets you the spc. wig (brown wig for infinate ammo)
50%, or 121 tags gets you the stealth (invisibility)
70%, or 170 tags gets you Wig B (infinate grip)
90%, or 218 tags gets you Wig A (infinate O2)
MGS1 bandana
To obtain the bandana for metal gear solid 1, survive Ocelot's torture and the game should end with Meryl.

The bandana gives you infinite bullets.
MGS3 -- Time Paradox
In the beginning of the game, after the first cutscene with Ocelot, shoot and kill Ocelot with a non-tranquilizer gun. (Note: I did this on my second time through, so I had one this early.) When Ocelot dies, the game over screen will appear saying "Ocelot is Dead" and you'll hear Roy Campbell saying that you've altered the future and created a time paradox. If you wait long enough, the words "Ocelot is Dead" will eventually change to "Time Paradox."
MGS3: obtain camo from enemy bosses
Beat a boss by depleting his stamina to gain his camo, except to get The End's you must sneak up on him (if you deplete his stamina you can obtain his rifle, mosin nagant)

ocelot--animal pattern
the pain--hornet camo
the fear--spider camo
the fury--fire camo
the end--moss camo
Volgin--cold war camo
The boss--snake camo

Also to get the sorrow's camo you must walk all the way to the end and it should appear in your backpack.
MGS3: Infinity face paint
Beat the game in under 5 hours, less than
25 saves, no coninutes, no alerts, no kills, less than 20 injuries, no life
medicine and no special items.
MGS3: xtra camo's
Upon beating the game once you should get:
brown face paint
flags face paint
Desert Tiger camo
Auscam camo
Flecktarn camo
Tuxedo camo